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Not really an artist so it's not something I'm really sure on. Figured /art/ might be able to figure it out hm?

Simple question ain't it? What makes the designs of the mane-cast, and even many a background pony pleasing to the eye while many a OC ponies color schemes want to make you shove razor blades through your eyes? Many background ponies have caught peoples eyes with their designs so it's something to consider at least.

I mean there are some obvious things. White goes well with another bolder color, particularly blues and violets, but other wise neon's and such should be avoided. Softer-tones seem to work well over all while bold and darker ones only work in specific circumstances (Which seems to be a big problem with the OC designs, particularly the male ones who like to go darker). Complimentary colors work on occasion, but they can sometimes make the character stick out -too- much. Even just sticking with very similar colors, or very natural tones can work out, though that can end up making things seem a little bland if overdone.

This extends to accessories as well of course! Hats, and neckties, oh my. Seems quite common with earth ponies, while unicorns prefer to dress up in full. Less so for Pegasus. Guess it makes sense:Hats just going to blow off after all.

Basic guidelines of what makes a ponies name or cutie-mark work wouldn't be a bad thing to consider either. It seems having a cutie-mark that is at least a -little- bit vague is a plus.

I'm speaking both generally here, and both on a personal level. What do you think just works with people in general, and what elements do you just like to see personally? Heck out of what I brought up do you think actually applies generally, and isn't just me thinking my personal preference is the norm?
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