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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Alterations #OCs #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

'Ello. I've been into pony art for nearly a year now and I thought I'd let the users of ponychan check out my work and see if anyone would like to order any commissions.

Here's a link to my tumblr for anyone interested in checking out my work.

When it comes to pricing, I'm fairly cheap as my commission guide is on the tumblr page.
(However prices are still up for reconsideration if you'd like to talk.)

For any more details, email me at [email protected]

BTW, I am not restricted to pony art. I also do .GIF editing and basically anything that can be done when it comes to digital artwork.
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File 136866904522.png - (118.65KB , 745x1053 , 9th 6.png )
You've got a very nice style, and I like your way of shading.

If I may make a sketch request, I'd like to request Pony!9thDoctor.
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