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File 136937497205.jpg - (140.38KB , 1391x1208 , image.jpg )
123391 No. 123391
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Discussion #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hi everypony! I'm new here to Ponychan, and I came because I heard this was a great place for mlp fan artists to congregate. I'm just starting out, and I'm taking requests/commissions (see my tumblr for pricing).

Also, I love critique on my works! Please take a look and let me know what you think. I'd love to give opinions/advice on anyone else's that cares to post!

One more thing, me being new here, I'd like to get to know what the community is like. Tell me about the etiquette, attitudes, general show opinions, etc. about the board!



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>> No. 123402
File 136942324616.png - (233.01KB , 650x546 , fantastic!.png )
I would like to request a sketch of Pony!9thDoctor if you would be so kind.
>> No. 123404
File 136943272728.jpg - (130.45KB , 1188x1023 , image.jpg )
Here you are, good sir! I hope it is to your liking :)
>> No. 123408
File 136943907538.png - (161.49KB , 617x700 , 2_0_ He's a goddamned pony robot stallion psycho with MORALS.png )
I'd like a sketch of this here robot OC, if you will.

Also, love your work. Keep at it.
>> No. 123411
File 136944673834.gif - (174.11KB , 300x173 , doctor2.gif )

Thank you kindly
>> No. 123417
Ooh. Challenging. This will be fun! Check back with me in about 20 hours (I r genius and decided 2 check b4 bed when I have a state exam tomorrow). It'll probably be up before then, but I'm not sure when I'll be done tomorrow.

(Curse you real life for getting in the way of my pony drawing!)

And thank you for the compliment :)

You are very welcome! Glad you like it.
>> No. 123418
File 136945090787.png - (6.34KB , 77x95 , 7_ I AM A GODDAMN PSYCHO ROBOT WHY AM I DOWN HERE.png )
Till then.
>> No. 123434
File 136952395111.jpg - (335.42KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
This one took me awhile! Very fun to do, though. I ended up inking it part of the way. I can post that layer, too, if you'd like.

The original creator of this was amazing, just FYI.
>> No. 123436
File 136952731525.gif - (435.50KB , 360x240 , LOOKATMEHUMAN oh shit.gif )
Thanks a bunch, I really do like your work.

And do post that inked one please.
>> No. 123440
File 136954375338.jpg - (132.54KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
Here's the pure ink layer. You're very welcome! Thanks funny gif post!

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>> No. 123441
can i get commission of my OC Ticket?
>> No. 123442
File 136954568167.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
>pic is ticket
>> No. 123443
Oh my gosh! I would be honored! I've seen her everywhere.

Let's talk business first. (I don't know if you checked out my tumblr or not, but) I offer two options:

I can draw Ticket in a pose (a portrait, if you will), like the picture I started this thread with, which is $2.

Or I can do a more specific scene with Ticket in it. They take substantially more work, so they're $5. I can do a clean line style, or a painty one, or whatever you prefer. I'm sure you've seen all kinds of her and would like something new!

I'm not trying to run a business, and I've just started out doing commissions (and consequently have the utmost faith in payment), so if you'd prefer to pay afterwords, that's perfectly fine. I do guarantee 100% satisfaction, or I don't require payment, even if I end up scrapping entire works and putting 10 hours or more into it. Again, maybe I'm a little too trusting, but I try to think the best of people.

My Paypal email is [email protected]

Take your time to decide, and then we'll talk art.
>> No. 123448
>> No. 123451
Alright! Art time.

For the portrait:
>Do you have any specific pose?
>Any specific emotion you wish portrayed? I.e. Sad, or curious.

For the scene:
>Any specific scene you wish created?
if not,
>Specific location?
>Color scheme?
>Any specific objects/ponies/other animals?
>Would you prefer clean lines, or paint-esque?

Forgive all the questions, I just want to make sure I get you what you want. You're just as welcome to say, "I don't care," in which case I'll take full artistic liberty with them and most likely try something I haven't before and experiment with brushes and transparencies.

Either way will end up really awesome. I'm excited :)
>> No. 123452
go nuts
>> No. 123459
You got it.
>> No. 123460
File 136961287249.jpg - (221.13KB , 1900x1300 , image.jpg )
Progress sketch for the portrait. She's gonna be chillin'. Listening to some music. Reading a magazine (turning the page with magic). Very teenager like. First thing that I came up with.
>> No. 123464
File 136962477434.jpg - (222.16KB , 1900x1300 , image.jpg )
Alright! Here's the finished portrait. I'll get started on the scene tomorrow. Still not sure what I'm going to do for it...
>> No. 123470
File 136970212501.jpg - (584.22KB , 2000x1300 , image.jpg )
Here's the scene. I'll post it on my tumblr, too, so you can grab it here or there. Both are still up for editing, however! Let me know what you think!
>> No. 123664
File 137048467270.jpg - (366.04KB , 2048x1024 , image.jpg )
Bumping my thread with something new! My first comic! Yay! I'd love for any critique on it. I've fixed all other critiques besides the layout being disjuncted. I can't resize my canvas, so that can't be fixed.

>> No. 123665
i have a sad
>> No. 123671
Lol. That's the reaction I was hoping for. But, I know, right? I don't know what dark corner of my mind it came from, but someone asked for a dying pony and it just came to me.
>> No. 123702
File 137057299099.png - (374.12KB , 900x799 , sad_pinkie_pie__c_by_mlpwallpapermaker-d4qdzxj.png )
..... ;_;
>> No. 123762
Oooo! Great art. Are you still taking requests? :)
>> No. 123765
I sure am :) I do sketches for free. What'cha want?
>> No. 123767
File 137082093646.jpg - (200.01KB , 749x501 , ASK US copy copy.jpg )
Wonderful. Well, I have 2 things in mind... and there's one I would love to see you do, since your style is amazing. The thing is; It's a short comic with 3 panels. It should be fairly simple since I don't need any backgrounds or anything. As you can see on the picture, I have 2 OC's. Heart String (the white one) and Candy Cane. (Sorry for showing a pony creator pic, but I think it's the best way to show how they look)

My idea is: In the first panel Candy Cane is tickeling Heart String, both laughing.

In the second panel while Heart String is flapping around her hooves, she accidentally kicks Candy Cane in the stomach.

In the third and last panel, Candy Cane is rolling around in pain, while Heart String is freaking out going like "Sorry sorry!"

That's what I had in mind. It would be awesome if you could do it, but if it's too much, then I understand. ^^
>> No. 123769
I don't mind pony creators. When you can't into art but want an OC, often times it's the best option.

I'll run up a sketch for you and see what you think!
>> No. 123770
Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Can't wait to see the sketches! :)
>> No. 123771
File 137082853058.jpg - (146.77KB , 1286x683 , image.jpg )
Here's what I got for a sketch for yah!
>> No. 123772
Wow that was quick. It's adorable! :3
Thank you! Have a nice day friend :)
>> No. 123774
Yeah, I try to be teally quick for people that come through here. I don't get that many!

Thank you for admiring my work!
>> No. 123778
File 137084231304.jpg - (397.27KB , 1286x683 , ticklecoloured.jpg )
I really loved it, so I went ahead and added some colors and shadows. Just thought I'd share it with you. Thanks again for the sketch :)
>> No. 123787
Pretty good job! I would have uploaded a background less png, but I currently can only post from my ipad. Glad you enjoyed it!
>> No. 123831
Forgive me for intruding on your thread Equine Palette, but your character "Shelly Shores", I may have just found something interesting I can do with her because I mentioned she was going to help introduce a new setting I am developing. Also, I developed this contraption:
and it may have a very small link to Miss Shores and I was wondering if we can talk about it in my concept are thread. The reason why I came to you in your primary thread was in case you missed my initial post mentioning all this in my concept art thread.
>> No. 123909
So, in case anyone was lurking and board, I'm streaming my biggest work ever right now!

Come on by and say hi!
>> No. 123990
File 137127668114.png - (74.84KB , 428x510 , Snow Lee Angel.png )
May I request my oc be drawn?
>> No. 123995
Very pretty! I'll have a sketch up by the end of the day :)
>> No. 123996
OH! And just a note to everyone, I now have a DeviantArt! Yay!
>> No. 124034
File 137133006250.jpg - (587.52KB , 4288x1798 , assrumtogether.jpg )
hello kind sir. (or mrs. what do i know)

i have these 2 very good friends of mine, and they are both bronies and have their own OC. so i thought it would be amazing if you could draw them kissing? it would be greatly appriciated if you could do this. thanks anyhoof :D

(these are the 2 OCs on the picture)
>> No. 124038
I'm very sorry I don't have your sketch up yet, I suddenly got a TON on my plate after making my DA. Should be up soon! At the top of my request list!

I can easily do that! Refer to my above post, I have a lot going on, but I'll try to get the sketch up in a few days!
>> No. 124049
alright. thank you. i understand how you have a lot going on and another request. but it would be perfect if you could just have a quick sketch up anytime tomorrow, since they've been together for a month tomorrow. but its fine if you cant make it. i wanna be fair about it and all. best of wishes :D
>> No. 124083
File 137142260407.jpg - (298.78KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
Here's your sketch!

I'm working on this now.
>> No. 124084
File 137142470890.jpg - (349.91KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
Aaaand here's yours!
>> No. 124109
awww its adorable! thank you very much. he will be happy to see this drawing :)
>> No. 124416
File 137230245063.jpg - (340.64KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
Bumpy bump with my latest finished commission! Got a comic coming soon! AND A PLUSHIE IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!

Wow I haven't been here in a while lol.

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>> No. 124417
Good to see you again Miss Equine Palette. I expect to see great things from you. I'm also interested in seeing your plushies.
>> No. 124420
File 137230438237.jpg - (793.23KB , 2700x1500 , leo(GenesisAmora).jpg )
Would I be able to get a sketch of Leo please?
>> No. 124421
Oh Hai Leo.
>> No. 124423
Hello hello!
>> No. 124482
I can get going on that soon! Got a few things on my plate right now too, but I'll get to it soon!

Hi! Yeah, my time here is now becoming limited to checking every few days. I've got color schemes ready for the Shores family, btw!
>> No. 124484
Spectacular! Cant wait to see them. Still working on their house by the way.
>> No. 124486
File 137254286371.png - (1.25MB , 1000x1850 , Ticket's Folly.png )

Btw eeryone, newest work! A Comic for DaKrager! Week overdue... but still good!
>> No. 124488
File 137254599286.jpg - (92.54KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013062952480.jpg )
Something like this:
>> No. 124489
There's a guest house too in which the mane-6 and my new character stay except my new main character will sleep in a hammock outside lol.
>> No. 124495
File 137255319935.png - (190.67KB , 1366x768 , Derp.png )
Oh wow! That's looking amazing!

And... Why s there a random Derpy chilling on my page? Derping around so cutely?
>> No. 124496
Well I wasnt sure whether to go with spanish colonial or baroque like Hearst Castle, or with a large craftsman style home. I'll keep it up.

Edit: Like I said, I havn't messed with architecture in a while. I'm more of of a mechanical dude.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 17:54

>> No. 124502
File 137256478810.jpg - (114.56KB , 931x768 , Shoresestate1_1.jpg )
You would be surprised as to how much money is in the construction industry:

Edit: Oh yeah... Pfffffffbbbbbb!!!! On the people who design architecture and other stuff for the actual show

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 21:20

>> No. 124514
And when I say that (spoilered text in other post) I suppose its because I come from a mindset/background in which a lack of attention to detail tends to go against my grain and could lead to a series of deadly mistakes and this frustrates me when I watch the show. Which is why I switched out the dinky looking trains in the show for more prototypical designs and why some of my new architecture looks like this. However I'm not going to change the homes of the mane-6 or anything else really, just add cool stuff like this.

Plus one of the goals of this series is to add a touch of reality the primary characters have never experienced, both aesthetically and philosophically, which my new primary character is going to help out with.
>> No. 124538
File 137263264755.jpg - (365.32KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
Hoh wow... That's incredible! And, I kind of agree with you on this >>124514 . Their architecture is very plain. I love your idea of adding more reality!

Here you go Leo!
>> No. 124539
The way I figure, Craggy wanted a "house" like this to entertain his clients and showcase what his company can do. Seems like a legit reason to me.
>> No. 124540

I forgot to say a house that big would make for a neat mystery adventure itself because of its sheer size. Something like this offers many unique opportunities.
>> No. 124545
Wow! Thanks very muchly! Just to let you know, if I have some spare cash from saving for a trip, I'll get a commission from you.
>> No. 124553
Haha! You said "mystery". Now I want to play Clue in it XD.

Lovely to hear you enjoy my work!
>> No. 124554
Well actually yes I was thinking more along the lines of something like clue but I dont think murder would necessarily be central to the plot of something like this, the investment company are the bad guys and the primary characters (and Shelly) would scramble to prove they are about to rip off Craggy.
>> No. 124557
Also, Isn't Leo great? ;)
>> No. 124558
B7! You sunk my patrol boat!

>> No. 124559
B7?! I lose!!! :D
>> No. 124560
File 137275145319.jpg - (55.53KB , 510x490 , image.jpg )

Oh you guys, lol.
>> No. 124561
You are great too Miss Equine Palette! :D
>> No. 124563
You are great as well! Don't forget it!
>> No. 124696
File 137342227577.png - (270.92KB , 976x1128 , Equine Palette (Ponysona).png )
Hey guys hey guys hey guys heeeeeeeey!

I finally came up with a ponysona :D
>> No. 124697
Oh wow.
>> No. 124725
File 137344632578.jpg - (402.29KB , 1012x1145 , bruce copy.jpg )
hello equine. are you still doing requests? because i love your work and for a while now i wanted a ponfied version of bruce springsteen. nothing big and it doesnt have to be an amazing piece of art but just a quick sketch or something. would be great if you could do that :)
oh also. hes cutie mark should probably be one of his guitars. like the one on the picture. thank you every so much and keep up the good work!

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 06:31

>> No. 124733
But darn it... I was going to develop a character that looks similar except shes a pegasus gunship pilot and the leader of my good guys. Kinda like a Princess Leia type character. In any case, would you be offended if I used this OC as a reference?

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 08:01

>> No. 124739
Pegasus gunship pilot and a leader. Sounds awesome. Is it the same color scheme like that Leia pony or something?
>> No. 124740
Naa different colors, still writing the character, and there will be a nice sarcastic pun that explains why a pegasi would pilot a gunship.
>> No. 124757
No offense at all! Go right ahead.

I'm a little behind on requests, but I'm most certainly still doing them! I'll whip something up for you soon :)
>> No. 124759
Great! Because I kinda started the comic, there are some pages up in my concept art thread. You were right about getting assistants.
>> No. 124771
thank you very much. best of luck :)
>> No. 124843
File 137385738229.png - (1.39MB , 840x768 , Fotor071445932.png )
>> No. 124848
It is so tiny! ^(*O*)^
>> No. 124852
File 137387870658.jpg - (98.10KB , 904x958 , pinkamena.jpg )
i need that RIGHT NOW!
>> No. 124854
File 137389173682.jpg - (77.85KB , 1024x768 , spoiler.jpg )
Why is it that small stuff are the coolest stuff?!

I so want a tiny fluttershy to go with the rest of my stuffs. But if I could make a suggestion I would like to see some tiny eyes.
>> No. 124904
hiya. how is it going? is my request still on? thank you. best of wishes! :D
>> No. 124917
It certainly is! Again, very behind. Thank you for reminding me!
>> No. 124918
no problem xD
cant wait to see it :)
>> No. 124998
still behind? :o
>> No. 125049
File 137445867861.png - (2.20MB , 1591x2311 , Deadly_Six_ZEENA.png )
I'd like to request a sketch of Zeena from Sonic Lost World as a unicorn pony.
>> No. 125092
I'm working on it right now! I literally had like 15 requests ahead of you! It will be up by the end of the day.

I'll get on it!
>> No. 125094
Excuse me, good sir/madam, do you do humans?
>> No. 125121
File 137454167754.jpg - (204.12KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
May I introduce: Bruce Springstep!

Lol. I felt really bad about taking forever, so I went ahead and made him in full. Sorry again for taking so long! Hope you like him.
>> No. 125122
File 137454189635.jpg - (197.48KB , 1328x1536 , image.jpg )
I'm always up for trying! I'm most certainly not a master at humans, and this is the only real recent example I have of my work with humans. But, I can always do a sketch for you to see if you like!
>> No. 125123
File 137454661430.jpg - (57.70KB , 852x937 , sad_pinkie_pie_by_erisgrim-d51ekn5_png.jpg )
I wish I could hug Fluttershy...
>> No. 125126
File 137456261882.png - (282.36KB , 900x675 , fluttershy_smile_by_ratchetsuperfan-d4w19qn.png )
oh wow. that looks amazing!
thank you very much!
>> No. 125127
File 137456835021.jpg - (104.56KB , 800x600 , 2013-07-21_00002.jpg )
To be honest, that's not half bad.

Could you please try to make an emotion pallet of this guy? I'm thinking about roleplaying him in /rp/, and coincidently, Everyone in New vegas are Kristen Stewart, so I can't rely on game mechanics to get me a face.
>> No. 125138
Haha! Yeah, FONV is a little lacking in the facial animations category! An emoticon palette is a bit of a bigger task, so if you were looking for anything full scale, I would probably have to do that as a commission. But, I'll be happy to start working on making a sketchy one for you! What size images were you looking for? And, would you just like the primary emotions, or more? If more, what would you like?

Glad you like him! Hope he was what you were envisioning!
>> No. 125150
File 137464559378.gif - (31.18KB , 474x332 , All glory to the-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.gif )
I guess the primary emotions are fine, then. I don't really care about the size.

Thank you very much. Once I get actual money in my visa card, I might make a comission.
>> No. 125170
File 137472818590.gif - (12.20KB , 50x50 , Ponysona-(5050).gif )
Tee hee... guess what I made...
>> No. 125171
He he! :D

Can you make me a thing?

Last edited at Thu, Jul 25th, 2013 01:12

>> No. 125206
Sure! Of what pony? (Btw, I SWEAR I will get Craggy and Sandy done soon! I hoped you had other pieces to work on while you waited...)
>> No. 125207
You bet I did, didn't you see that bitch'n jetbike I did? :D And I'm about to release a sketch of a new vehicle. That and I did a portrait of Serj.

Speaking of which I think hes the pony I want.
>> No. 125209

So him:

I know hes a creep, a murderer, and a war criminal but hes mine. (He is also Twilights new arch nemesis is this series)

Last edited at Thu, Jul 25th, 2013 22:33

>> No. 125288
I'll get to work on it when I grab a spare moment! It'll be in the next week and a half (my photoshop trial is about to run out lol.)
>> No. 125289
You running CS5?
>> No. 125290
Also, I think I'm gonna make you a "thing." ;) You'll see. (2 Things, one is more for me because its story related.)
>> No. 125291
File 137508451988.jpg - (144.49KB , 1680x1050 , the thing.jpg )
A VERY NICE story-related thing:
>> No. 125330
File 137515114412.jpg - (131.78KB , 1680x1050 , the thing2.jpg )
Got a bit further:
>> No. 125364
It's Photoshop CC. I don't know if it's CS5 or not lol. It's just what they had the trial for.

And this:>>125330

This is gorgeous. I WISH I could do scenes like this!
>> No. 125365
Well its going to get better once I put our OC's in it, M.S. and Shelly mind you, they wont be having a romantic conversation, remember when I was talking about realistic themes? They will be talking mostly about responsibilities and Shelly's father and why hes doing what hes doing and whatnot, you will see soon.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 30th, 2013 21:46

>> No. 125367
what program is used here?
>> No. 125368
Artrage, its like paint but on crack. Basically its a traditional art simulator :S You can do a whole lot more with photoshop but if you use it right you can make some cool stuff. I made this with artrage and and I think it came out ok:
>> No. 125369
So photoshop is the master race for digital drawing, the best of the best?
>> No. 125370
File 137526116330.jpg - (64.40KB , 500x385 , 1362858755371.jpg )


But I don't use photoshop because I can't afford it and its hard to break into/keep because of the haptic feedback it sends back to Adobe... prolly doing it wrong on my part...

Last edited at Wed, Jul 31st, 2013 01:59

>> No. 125401
File 137540194647.jpg - (278.50KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
Hey Aaaaaal....

May I introduce you to:

Craggy Shores...
>> No. 125404
File 137540438755.jpg - (359.35KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )

...and Sandy Shores!
>> No. 125405
File 137540456698.jpg - (527.93KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

Craggy, as you know, is very gifted with construction, more specifically gifted with the difficult area to build in that is the beach. His structures are famous for having been the only surviving structures after the harsh hurricanes that have ripped through Horseshoe Bay in the past. Because of this renown, ponies came from far and wide paying top dollar for his architectural masterpieces.

His wife Sandy by no means relies on Craggy for money. She, herself, is gifted with the talent of finding the rare Aurora's Veil pearls whose rippling incandescent hues are more sought after than the glittering Fire Ruby.

Their combined talents have allowed them to become the founders of the billion dollar Shores Family legacy.

(But in all seriousness, do you like their designs? I can adjust things as needed.)
>> No. 125406
File 137540480327.jpg - (77.36KB , 1386x1019 , hankhat.jpg )
This is so great, they really do make a lovely family and this is dead-on headcanon as to what they looked like when I envisioned it. Thank you so much, this is so GREAT! :D

Stick around because later on today I'm going to finish that scene. ;)

>> No. 125425
Hello. I am looking for a commission, but I am not sure if you would be willing to take it.

It's for a story I am writing, and though it's not just a gore story, I am looking for a gore cover.

So I'll just ask: Is a pony's head exploding, something you could do?
>> No. 125493

Well, I tell you what, I can sure give it a try! I'm going into medicine, so gore isn't something that really bothers me at all! I'll draw up a sketch for you, but were you thinking more "cartoony" explosion, or realistic? Well... As realistic as MLP can be... Just, can you be a little more specific lol? Like, type of explosion being, like, shotgun to the head, or like, C4 mid-decimation? I hope I make sense... Oh, and whose head?

And, sorry for not getting to you sooner. I hadn't checked my thread until today!

Last edited at Tue, Aug 6th, 2013 23:12

>> No. 125496
File 137586522208.jpg - (133.85KB , 1680x1050 , morebeachnight.jpg )
Another sneak peak as to whats going on here:

I'm going to drop the walkway and the stone work down a bit to show more of the ocean and possibly foreground vegetation. I'm going to stick another lamp post in there as well.
>> No. 125524

This is looking incredible! And, personally, I like the one lamppost. But then again, I'm all about asymmetrical. Who are the to ponies?
>> No. 125531
Two very special some-ponies :3 you will see.

One of them is Shelly
>> No. 125536
File 137615337822.png - (3.94KB , 200x200 , ink blot cutie mark.png )
Hey, are you still taking requests? I've got an interesting request. I would ask for a commission because i like your art style that much, but I'm out of funds atm, so I have to leave it as a request.

I'm looking for basically a filly pinkie pie holding a paint brush in her mouth, and staring at an old building with peeling red paint on the side. It's for my latest fan fiction. The filly is actually pinkie's daughter, but the only physical difference is that she has a strand of black hair in her mane, and her cutie mark is this (>pic)
>> No. 125542
File 137618976192.jpg - (301.03KB , 2048x2048 , image.jpg )
Here's your request! It took so long, that I went ahead and did it in full, too. Hope you're still around to grab it!

Sounds pretty big, so it might take me awhile, but it's interesting! I'll do it completely for you. No sketch. (Well, I'll do a sketch to make sure it's what you want, but I mean I'm going to do a full work for you!)

Question time.

Would you like it show style, or more painty? Or, painty show-style?

Night or day?

Pinkamena filly? Or crazy, fluffed-out hair Pinky Pie?

Just want to make sure it's what you want!
>> No. 125543
OooOOOooo... Can't wait :D
>> No. 125563
File 137625144109.png - (305.78KB , 1000x800 , Ink Blot filly.png )
Ooh, questions. I like you.
Let's see, Ink Blot is an artist so... I'd say have fun, but to answer your question, probably a painty show style.

Definitely day.

Originally I had thought fluffed out hair pinkie, but considering the art I made last night, let's go with a pinkamena filly. (here's a pic showing her cutie mark and eye color.)
She doesn't have to look scared like she does here, although she does end up being freaked out by what she finds underneath the peeling paint so... have fun with that. No, seriously, have fun. The art always seems to come out better when the artist is having fun.

A small excerpt, if you're seeking inspiration

As she glanced at the peel of paint again, she noticed that there was part of a mural behind it. She peeled back the paint to reveal more of it. There was definitely something under here. She peeled off piece after piece of old and already peeling paint, until she could almost make out what was on the wall. It looked kind of like... a pony. She followed the body up to where the head ought to be.


Ink Blot let out a shriek as she came upon the head of the painted pony. Its one large eye was staring straight at her, and she could swear one of the legs she’d uncovered had begun to wriggle free. It was a monster! And it was coming to get her. She let out a few anguished cries and looked around frantically for something to subdue her attacker. A bucket of red paint had tumbled out the door after her. She ran to grab it, tearing off the top and grabbing the handle between her teeth, screaming and crying the whole time. She ripped out the brush that came with it and began slathering thick, red paint in a frenzy, all over the pony on the wall.

Any part of that scene will do. And once again, I do hope you have fun.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 13:06

>> No. 125566
Oooo. I see! Okay, so, a couple more questions:

Is she painting the inside, or the outside of the building (paint can tumbled "out" after her)?

And, what is the setting? Urban? Rural? Basically, is she painting a barn, a city building, or an old creepy home?
>> No. 125567
She's painting on the outside of the building.

Well, since it doesn't really spoil much of the plot, it's an old abandoned crazy house, I think. Point is it's so old and abandoned, the paint is peeling. She's out in the middle of a field that extends into the Everfree forest. I think it used to be a secluded part of Ponyville.
>> No. 125575
Alrighty! I think that's all I need to know. I'll get started on it tomorrow!
>> No. 125593
File 137633036304.jpg - (267.83KB , 1200x1800 , image.jpg )
Here's what I came up with! What do I need to fix?
>> No. 125622
In case any of you were curious, Peachie Pie and Sunny Days (two plushies I was working on) are for sale on eBay now!

I also do custom commission plushies too! Just grab me here, or note me on DA here:
>> No. 125623
File 137641659393.jpg - (484.29KB , 1313x1493 , image.jpg )

Blah... Picture lol.
>> No. 125627
It looks brilliant so far. I would definitely make a head for the pony on the wall seem a bit more clear, though.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 19:16

>> No. 125629
Okay! Easy fix. I just wasn't sure how mysterious you wanted it to be. I'm getting ready to head back to college tomorrow, so it might be a few days before I can update it, though.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 19:09

>> No. 125630
That's fine. It turns out the story needs some touch-ups anyway, and I need to learn to write a little better. I may not post the story itself until sometime in September, so there's no rush at all. Good luck in college.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 19:16

>> No. 125631
File 137645165764.jpg - (258.82KB , 1680x1050 , boxcar.jpg )
The way you did the wood reminds me a lot like the way I did mine for this 3000 series boxcar for an earlier project I was doing, wood is funny like that when it comes to expressing the natural wood grain and its aging characteristics.
>> No. 125634
I also wanted to say good luck and take it easy in college. Be cool okey sugarcube? :3
>> No. 126536
just checking on this. It's been two months, and I'm a lot closer to finishing the story now. How goes the art?
>> No. 126537
Please do Big Mac as big as a barn due to poison joke
>> No. 126538
that sounds hilarious, and shockingly similar to the story I'm writing. Shame I can't fit it into the story, but I would never steal an idea anyway.
>> No. 126543
Requesting Sunil Nevla dressed as Big Mac. And I don't mean the burger, so don't get smart with me
>> No. 128085
File 139933903874.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Draw it however style you wish :)
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