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#Traditional #Discussion

Hey guys, just gonna post some of my works here.
Hope you like them, and tell me what you think. ^^

My DA is located here.
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File 136984283415.jpg - (479.63KB , 2483x3418 , Fluttershy Sketches.jpg )
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File 136984374932.jpg - (223.85KB , 720x960 , IPC Concept Sketches___.jpg )
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File 136984444979.jpg - (631.79KB , 2550x3228 , Luna And Philomena.jpg )
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Lovely, what tools do you use? Charcoal? I fancy myself Staedtler Lumograph pencils.
>> No. 123549
My tools of the Trade are a .7 Mechanical Pencil, A General No. 2 pencil, a HB Shading pencil, and a Prismacolor black pencil.

For Inking i use a Sharpie Pen. :)
>> No. 123558
Like what I see, and you got a watch. If I made a request how far down the line would it be?
>> No. 123626
I have some guidelines on my front page of my DA.
The only thing i won't draw is CLOP art.
Its really not my thing. :/

But i do draw Ponies in Lingerie and that sort of thing. But i won't have nudity in it. :)

Also right now i ain't taking requests because of my internet being a little slow, and i need to finish a collab piece along with some personal sketches of mine. It takes hours to upload one scanned sketch. :/
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