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File 136995850748.jpg - (413.46KB , 1000x1414 , lunatic4.jpg )
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#Digital #Critique wanted

Ahoy there everyone! I'll be starting a new thread then, though I'm not sure how often I'll get to update it. Still, better now than never!

I've encountered a bit of a wall with a picture I'm starting on, and I think I need your help. Sorry for the messiness, I'm unable to make clean sketches for the life of me...

I've made two different sketches of the moment Luna started to go Nightmare. The moon could either be eclipsing the sun, and Luna could be like "surely ponies will love my night, if the moon is where the sun is!". Or, this could just be during the night, with Luna going "look what I did to the moon, sister! The ponies will love this!".
Which composition do you think works best? If you could get either as a print to your wall, which one would you take?
I'm not too sure about the moon itself either, is the "creepy face" a bit too cheesy? Should it just be colored red(not cheesy at all!), or something along those lines?

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File 136995854730.jpg - (535.71KB , 1414x1000 , lunatic5.jpg )
Here's the second one.
>> No. 123565

Totally not going to get any sleep tonight...

Scary good...

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>> No. 123571
Dang, Nightmare Luna is scary...
Glad you like it so far though. Would that mean you prefer the horizontal composition?
>> No. 123572

Can't think... Too busy trying to think happy thoughts. This is like her "You're gonna die RIGHT NOW!" face.

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>> No. 123583
I would love to see it captioned GO TO BED or the moon
>> No. 123589
... This idea is brilliant. I'll see if I can put this in the picture, though when it comes to text in pictures I'm clueless.
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