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Hey Ponychan!

I've been drawing and painting for quite sometime now, and I know that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life. I really want to sell my artworks, especially my pony themed ones online.
are there legal issues like the copyrights and such that i need to take care of before selling my stuffs?

Here's one of the paintings I wanna sell, I plan on making more of the mane six and probably from other cartoons like adventure time and regular show.
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Naa you cool.

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I think that the vague watchword of copyright infringement is "Would people mistake your work for something of the source's?" Granted it's by no means a solid measure of the law and I certainly wouldn't bet money on it, which is what you would be doing if you decided to sell these paintings. I'd hunt up some friends, ask them if they know someone who works with copyright laws from time to time, maybe get some free advice.

That's just all just me being overly cautious, though. If you're doing something simple like selling these paintings at cons or street corners you shouldn't have to worry about things like that. If you're running a website or a page somewhere more in the public eye you might want to watch your back, though.
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There's not, they're your artworks and if you stay Anonymous/use a nickname until you get paid, you won't have any issues. I sell prints of a lot of content I drew (Digimon and MLP) and never had any issue.
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you're an artist and you have the right to copy or sell existing characters, lots of modern artists does it. the museum over here purchased a few collage by a guy called Erro. i know him, all he does is picking things from google images and shoop them together before sending his "art" to a shitty inkjet plotter, and he doesn't even longer bother to paint over it.

so just sayin', your art has more merit than what this guy does.
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