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File 137130311399.png - (221.00KB , 900x1143 , rainbow_dash___dance__by_bobthelurker-d549jm6.png )
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#Vectors #Alterations #OCs #Discussion

A lot of people use Recolors for their unoriginal OC. This is fine and all, but EVERYONE can tell when you used the paint bucket, ESPECIALLY for those eyes

NOW. This is a Guide for doing recolors! (and a bad one at that, as this is my FIRST guide)

SO. the first thing you will want to do, is have an image manipulation program, for my purposes, i will use GIMP. (paying for Photoshop is for chumps, and pirating it is for... Pirates...)

The next thing you do is you open the image you want to Recolor, for my purposes, i will be recoloring a Vector of your Friendly Neighborhood Rainbow Dash into the OC of my friend, Mystic Bolt.

After you have your Vector open, duplicate the background layer( incase you make a BIG mistake, and can't CTRL Z out of it, this will also help in selecting the areas you are recoloring) and while you're at it, create new layers for each part you are recoloring (separate layer for the body, eyes, cutiemark, and mane, the tail too if the tais is a different color than the mane)

Next, select the duplicated background layer, If you are changing the Cutiemark, go ahead and paint over it with the body color of the CURRENT CHARACTER, not the OC! now, select the duplicated layer, and Desaturate Luminosity

Now that you have a monochrome Rainbow dash, you can begin the actual recoloring, switch to the original background layer, and select the part of the character you wish to recolor (in this case, i will do the body), including the outline of the body (the mane outline is separate) and switch to one of the new layers, un select the original background on viewed layers, (i named this layer "body") and will paint over the whole body (don't be afraid to go outside the lines of the selection)

After you paint over the body, click on the arrow next to Modes, and select the settings you want (i am using Soft light for the body)

Repeat the steps above for the mane (for modes, i used hard light) and for the Eyes ( i used Grain Merge)

The Cutiemark is best done last, as it gets in the way of the coloring process if you try and do it first. into the new layer that you will be doing the cutiemark, copy and past the cutiemark you prefer, and adjust its size, tilt, and position to your liking.

after that, step back, take a sip of your prefered drink, and compliment yourself on the job well done (optional)

Thanks for reading, and post your results! (if you get stuck, try posting a screenshot, somepony will try and help! also, make sure you minimise your por- cupine videos, because nopony wants to see that!)

Note: i'm still kinda new to the Art Scene, but i noticed that there wasn't a Recolor guideline! i hope you enjoy this, and please Rate, comment, subscribe, reblog, follow, #pony i will post Screenshots of each individual step as well
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>> No. 124006
File 137130404326.png - (413.89KB , 1600x1200 , RecolorBase.png )
The base
>> No. 124007
File 137130436069.png - (413.39KB , 1600x1200 , RecolorStep1.png )
the first step
>> No. 124010
File 137130454088.png - (403.91KB , 1600x1200 , RecolorStep2.png )
Step 2
>> No. 124011
File 137130499609.png - (456.48KB , 1600x1200 , RecolorStep3.png )
Step 3
>> No. 124012
File 137130708740.png - (419.73KB , 1600x1200 , RecolorStep4.png )
Step 4
>> No. 124013
File 137130756619.png - (450.92KB , 1600x1200 , RecolorStep5.png )
Step 5
>> No. 124015
File 137130811988.png - (389.04KB , 1600x1200 , RecolorStep6.png )
Step 6
>> No. 124016
File 137130820092.png - (6.28KB , 640x480 , Mystic Color Code.png )
These are the colors i used
>> No. 124017
File 137130827059.png - (168.62KB , 738x1082 , Mystic_Confused_Alt.png )
And the finished Product!
"Wait, Vinyl... this isn't the-"
Shut up Mystic!
>> No. 124033
File 137132719799.png - (164.08KB , 507x454 , oooh.png )
heh, thanks

I usually use
But recolours break down awefully
It doesn't fill up everything, which forces you to manually startsfilling up the gaps.
Reduced accuracy and ill-fitted gradients are a natural consequence. So GIMP should not have that issue?
>> No. 124035
Well, i'll say this, i use the select by color tool, its the tool on the top, right next to the scissors, it selects most of the stuff, i just switch from replace selection mode to Add to selection mode, and then i zoom in, and clean up the edges, after that, what i usually do is i soom out, and i go to the free select tool, and i unselect the stray spots outside where i'm working, so that i don't have an 'Oops' and get little red pixels in the say, eyebrow, or White pixels all up in the eyes or mane

And yes, Gimp does better Gradients for recolors if you follow these general steps that i used here, and it generally is better at accuracy, although you will still have to go in and clean up here and there, if you know what you're doing, you don't have a whole lot to clean up
>> No. 124036
Also, you can get GIMP here
>> No. 124069
Then how am I supposed to explain Tangerine Cookie?
>> No. 124070
What do you mean?
>> No. 124247
Almost all iPad apps have that problem too. Especially the animators!
>> No. 124270
I mean that Tangy is some kind of recolor of Pinkie Pie that is somehow famous on Ponychan. I'm a little suspicious of her, and I KNOW I'm not alone.
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