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#Traditional #Digital #Alterations #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions

Hello /art/. You may not know me so allow me to introduce myself. I'm cottagèchees, also known as CC, cottage, chees, bleu, etc. and I hail from /chat/ and /gala/. I used to lurk this board because I liked drawing so it perked up my interests.

But now the time has come for me to rise up from the lurkpile and contribute my love of art and drawing to this glorious community! I'll be willing to draw almost anything within these tags y'all can throw at me.

Sketches and lineart will be 5$

colored lineart shall be 10$

colored lineart with a background shall be 15$
(payments accepted via paypal only)

contact me via email at [email protected] if you're interested and we can sort it all out.
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File 137134109457.png - (129.37KB , 1011x790 , This Disguise Is Flawless.png )
I have had workings with this individual and she's legit. Also, dat kick.
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File 137134135709.jpg - (54.34KB , 900x605 , baby_mohawk_by_cottagechees-d3jocoi.jpg )
As Someone who has seen her art on both a comic she is working on and who has been to her deviant art channel, she is pretty good!
I recommend her!
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