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File 137136021395.jpg - (100.27KB , 1000x859 , luna2.jpg )
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#Traditional #Digital #Alterations #Gallery

I've been a fan of MLP for a very long time. I never drew much of it until recently. So here's my fanart of Luna. I don't have Paint Tool SAI so everything you done by hand. I almost given up on it to tell you the truth.

All I ask is be nice. follow the rules and all that lovely jazz.

Edit! Reality is making demands and I've turn to you guy's for help. I'm willing to do commissions if anyone is interested!

Here's my DA page.

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File 137158421483.jpg - (586.29KB , 2067x3372 , princesses.jpg )

Here's some more Luna! and Princess Cadence. another one of my favorite ponies!
>> No. 124176
File 137158444605.jpg - (172.68KB , 890x2179 , ponies.jpg )

random OC's of mine.
>> No. 124183
I really like how you draw the jawline in profile.
>> No. 124210
Thank you! I thought about changing it though, I was afraid that I made it to realistic. D:
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