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#Comics #Discussion #Critique wanted

…and I'm thinking it's a good idea to let whether I do this project ride on people's opinion of it. If you could tell me if you would read such a Tumblr blog, and which art style choices you prefer, that would help out a ton. I haven't invested much into this other than the attached image and about a page of script, so don't feel bad saying it's stupid.

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>> No. 124128
I'd say completely by hand. I have a thing for hand drawing and lettering, and the style is more unified instead of having some slapped on digital thing on top of an organic illustration.
>> No. 124130
File 137154432244.png - (28.16KB , 158x200 , Lyra_444.png )
Completely by hand, but you could write stuff digitally, just make the speech bubbles by hand, they look better
>> No. 124131
I disagree with both of those lame-o's. Be a pro, like myself.

Do the final outcome digitally.
If you want to start with a pencil, that`s fine. But eventually if you want high quality artwork on your blog, the final should be done digitally.
I like your style by hand but you should mix it up with digital. (kinda seems like you put less and less effort from top to bottom)

You need to work on your face and anatomy/proportions more but that's an eventual process that'll happen overtime.
Don't try to do animu same face. You'll eventually suck more as an artist and you'll depend more on memory than skill. Learn from Loomis/Bridgeman about basically everything drawing related but also learn how to stylize work.

Antro or human? In my preference your antro looks better because it doesn't feel like it's reaching the uncanny valley.
>> No. 124132
There ain't enough analog artists around here, mate.
>> No. 124133
Hello there.
>> No. 124195
File 137161909479.png - (26.13KB , 945x945 , Lyri_679.png )
>I disagree with both of those lame-o's. Be a pro, like myself.
Wow, you sure are modest. Got some skills to back it up or?
>> No. 124211
File 137162623935.jpg - (83.08KB , 561x636 , ZBrush Document.jpg )
I guess I am alright.... but I am more on the line as a 3d artist. This is just a personal project I am currently working on.
I was just trying to be funny.. :(
>> No. 124212
Do Bane nao...

Last edited at Wed, Jun 19th, 2013 00:26

>> No. 124213
File 137163395181.jpg - (77.06KB , 561x636 , Baneman.jpg )
A quick unfinished one I just did cause you asked.
Never going to even touch it...ever.
Going back to work on Bats.
>> No. 124214
Also, you might notice it's just batman but altered.
>> No. 124215
Doesnt matter...

"Basara basara deshi deshi basara... basara deshi deshi basara... BASARA BASARA DESHI DESHI BASARA!!!"

And I apologise for all this btw. To add some constructive input, do both traditional and clean it up with graphic software later.

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>> No. 124216
That's what I said.
>> No. 124217
Yes well great minds think alike.
>> No. 124329
Well, I've decided to go for it. The blog is live at

Despite the objections of the 3D modeler, I've decided to go with completely traditional. More people have preferred that, and, most importantly, it's many orders of magnitude easier for me. I'll probably use digital for some special effects like night shots and epic magic spells, but other than that, not much. I have, however, based on your guys' (sic?) input, decided to ditch the markers, which should make the linework look a little cleaner. With any luck, that makes the traditional artwork look a bit better.

If anyone has any critiques of the comic, feel free to reply to this thread or submit it as a question on the blog.

If not, maybe follow the blog and ask some questions? Anyways, thanks for all of your help, and I'll try to make this comic as good as I can. :p
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