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Hello /art/!

I've been sitting with an idea lately. an idea I think could be really fun. Let's make a collaborative comic. So all artists willing to participate can announce it here.

How does it work?
First we allign the artists volunteering in a certain sequence.
Then each after the other contributes a page of 1 to 3 panels to the comic to continue the story in progress.
The story will not have a set storyboard, so there is some freedom of moving it in all sorts of directions. Well, there will be a concept to be decided on (like Pinkie goes to las Pegasus) and obviously we're gonna set it in the atmosphere of ponies and pony-canon.
Note that the story is freestyle, but you have to work with what is given to you. So you must connect to the story in progress. and at the same time, you have to realise your set ahead concepts might change when others take their own spin to it.

At that, it goes in itself that this comic-art project is aimed towards people who mean to make something fun for all (so don't try to break the comic in the progress)
At the same time, I direct this thread on /art/, so do try to add honestly to the comic.

In the end, I would expect a comic that has each person's own styles meshed with others. ad the end product could be a pretty cool /art/ achievement.

So what art ponies are with me in this?
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