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File 137211897676.png - (33.82KB , 128x128 , cywydd.png )
124346 No. 124346
#Critique wanted #Discussion #Gallery #OCs

I'd call this a gallery of incomplete work. I figure I should put it somewhere.

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>> No. 124347
File 137211912683.png - (257.53KB , 704x832 , saddypony.png )
This is an early concept for an OC named Bricabrac.
>> No. 124364
File 137218158893.png - (1.69MB , 3456x3620 , bricabrac.png )
This is an newer concept which I scrapped for an older one. It looks creepy.
>> No. 124365
Whatchya doin?
>> No. 124368
File 137218958227.png - (2.77MB , 3072x3136 , sketch.png )
>> No. 124372
File 137220022848.png - (534.76KB , 2930x3219 , dragonskull-nolines.png )
I started coloring like this, avoiding the middle of lines, so it looks like something out of the last two episodes of NGE when I remove the lines.

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>> No. 124418
File 137230295736.png - (1.26MB , 2589x3164 , dragonskull.png )
In some places, dragons and ponies live in harmony. However, ponies in these societies still generally revere dragons; the greatest honor in the life of one of these Dragonsfriend Ponies is to ensure an elderly dragon's comfortable passing. A pony who does this (and survives the dangerous trials associated) is gifted with whatever remains of the dragon after it self-immolates from the inside, which tends to cause a violent, firey explosion. These remains are used and worn to honor the departed dragon's greatness and beauty.

Some dragons, however, never become elderly. A dragon's life can be prolonged indefinitely, especially if the dragon spends most of its time sleeping atop a huge collection of treasure. Because it's so hard to accumulate a large enough hoard and to eat enough of it for long periods of hibernation, this almost never happens. Dragons who achieve this grow to incredible sizes depending on the size of their lair.

Dragonsfriend Ponies tend to be pegasus ponies, probably since most dragons are winged. However, there are also wingless dragons, and a roughly equal proportion of earth and unicorn ponies. All of these ponies usually live in a tribalistic or feudal society, with the exception of a few extremely modern and high-tech city states.

Yes, I just did a bunch of worldbuilding to justify this image. Don't judge me, I bet you eat your own boogers.
>> No. 124419
File 137230356118.png - (43.50KB , 168x200 , 104Cubone.png )
Reminds me of dis guy:

Not that its a bad thing, my tanks were inspired by post-Soviet Era vehicles.

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>> No. 124422
I actually read up a little bit on Cubone in the middle of drawing.
>> No. 124487
File 137254589251.png - (1.13MB , 3718x5478 , unnamed.png )
I tried a different method this time, magic wand selecting the lines and erasing them post illustration. It doesn't have the same feel to it and it makes the proportions look kinda weird, but it looks kinda pop art.
>> No. 124655
File 137325490920.png - (49.64KB , 528x844 , unnamed_pony_making_medicine_by_cywydd-d6cgvau.png )
She's using her hoof to grind up some herbs in that bowl.

I thought I'd try reducing the resolution greatly with this new brush to see how it turned out. This is that medicine pony without her satchel or dragon skull.

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>> No. 124657
File 137325863536.png - (218.47KB , 623x539 , 132617590593.png )
Maybe it's because she looks cute as fuck in that dragon skull, but i like this pony.
>> No. 124675
I don't have any name for her yet. Got any bright ideas?

Her name is Lichen.

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>> No. 124676
Agent Skully. parasprite face.jpeg

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>> No. 124678
File 137335429100.png - (126.95KB , 439x439 , <_<.png )
>> No. 124679
File 137335729608.jpg - (17.62KB , 480x297 , Brick-Anchorman.jpg )
>> No. 124706
File 137342930473.png - (254.83KB , 1152x1269 , dizzypegasus.png )
Here's a blank flank mare in the middle of a fainting spell.

EDIT: I just had an OC idea. What if two or three ponies ended up with the exact same cutie mark?

Last edited at Tue, Jul 9th, 2013 21:21

>> No. 124763
I'm in a bit of a tough spot, so I want to do commissions. What could I expect to charge?
>> No. 124764
I have a habit of adding useless posts to art threads but If I can add constructive information artists tend to charge depending on the complexity of the piece starting from tier 1: B/W Sketches, tier 2: colored sketches, tier 3: colored sketches with shading/backgrounds, and tier 4: Full blown illustrations and renderings. Some charge more if there are more than one ponies per piece. And NSFW/Clopping is totally up to you.
>> No. 124799
I forgot to say, to determine how much you should charge per tier depends on multiple factors. One being which software you use and how effectively you use it. Two would be your proficiency as an artist, and three will consist of how much time you spend on a piece which sort of goes in with your software efficiency but it can go along with the planning stages of a piece and preliminary sketches.

I think the first thing you should do is build some sort of portfolio to showcase your prowess before you get started. Unless you have already done so.

I hope I have provided you with some useful assistance.

>> No. 124819
File 137374805191.png - (65.85KB , 1324x2080 , autumn_gloam_by_cywydd-d6dbbs7.png )
Currently apprentice to a magical security expert. Autumn Gloam specializes in encrypting magical effects to help avoid an enchanted lock being dispelled, but is also interested in pretty much any magical security, from traps to cryptology.

Thanks for the advice.
>> No. 124821
You're welcome. Anytime.
>> No. 124885
File 137395007542.png - (3.29MB , 1792x1664 , Lily.png )
This is the concept drawing of Lily before I drew the one above.
>> No. 124894
File 137397545032.png - (542.89KB , 2070x1711 , lilyandghost.png )
Oh, I guess I never posted Lily here.

Lily can see things from "the other side". Sometimes they're okay, but sometimes they're very frightening. Her full name is Lilith Livera.
>> No. 125903
File 137833268493.png - (1.70MB , 4864x4096 , bricabrac.png )
I guess I never posted this.

Bricabrac collects many things, but her collection of shelves is too small for her other collections. She collects many beautiful things, but secretly she is very sad to throw even garbage away, and she hides newspapers and napkins and other things neatly away behind closed doors.
>> No. 125905
File 137834519686.png - (125.84KB , 2688x3200 , firefly.png )
Nor this. Geez.

Those who find this image familliar would be right. It's a ripoff of a sketch of Firefly by Lauren Faust for a charity auction, and it's not even subtle. The eyes SUCK.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 4th, 2013 18:53

>> No. 126272
File 138039316987.png - (789.93KB , 3520x2560 , gabi.png )
Concept sketch.

Gabi is a former flight school student and has been working odd jobs ever since in a small earth pony town. He isn't sure why he got his cutie mark or what it means and has a hard time dealing with it. His full name is Gabriel.
>> No. 126273
Hows that technical illustration project coming?
>> No. 126276
It's a long way going until I can get my hands on decent precision tools, but right now I'm in the conceptualization process. I'm about ready to nerd it up, so here goes:

I had this idea for a superficially magical girl type story (with magical boys with essentially the same abilities) that deals with themes of success and failure and how to handle being insurmountably weaker than your peers. The "magical" girls/boys are actually skilled practitioners of some kind of esotericism (right now I'm leaning for modern bents on Buddhist themes with inspiration from The Lotus Sutra and Hinduism, but I've considered other kinds of New Age beliefs) with heavy assistance from some sci-fi technology to perfect breathing and control chakra balance and energy flow. Instead of just offering fulfilment and enlightenment, the machines allow people to transcend normal boundaries and fight off the Children of Mara, who are trying to keep mankind from advancing into enlightenment.

(As you can see, my ideas are already dipping heavy into Buddhism.)

Because of the heavy amount of technology to be involved, and because I want drawing on paper to become a less painfully unrewarding process for me, I want to start drawing cross-sections of integrated ventilation and energy pathway suits, ego regulation diagrams, essential monitors for central command and for the suits' augmented reality lenses, and other things. It'll help me understand what's happening to the characters at any given time, and it'll help overwhelm the reader with technobabble and scary images if I need to increase the urgency of a situation.
>> No. 126784
File 138497591992.jpg - (3.61MB , 5000x3305 , autumngloam-concentration.jpg )
Autumn Gloam frustratedly tries to follow unclear and inaccurate assembly instructions.

Drawn with pen and ink, color-corrected lineart in GIMP, colored with MyPaint.
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