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File 137220412773.png - (361.45KB , 1600x850 , accordingtome.png )
124374 No. 124374
What do you think about my body types guide, /art/?
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>> No. 124377
I think your rib cages are a teensy bit wide
>> No. 124378
File 137220826603.jpg - (141.62KB , 646x700 , aliens won't recognize us because we'll all be so fat.jpg )
You set the navel unusually low, just something that jumped out at me. Generally the navel sits just below the crimp in the waist which would define the "hourglass" figure. That may not be the best measuring stick but it's a good ballpark average.

'Part from that and your pointy chins, which may just be a style choice, it's just the hips down that look disproportioned. I'm still not sure if I get mine right sometimes, fun times. Applejack seems to have the most normal pelvis-to-shoulder ratio of them all. She also seems exempt from the fused leg misconception you have going on for the rest of them where the inner legs come to a point at the groin. Must be painful. What ever you used for reference on Applejack, keep using it.

Picture related because of space aliens and M. Night Shyamalan or whatever. I'm too tired to translate my thoughts into nicey-nicey speak. I'd advise bathing in reference material. Start collecting a folder if you don't have one already. Knowing how things tick really helps you draw them. I always tell people that drawing is an extension of understanding rather than an arrangement of lines into a vision. I say that because you can always tell when an artist knows something about what they're drawing.
>> No. 124475
File 137251456765.png - (256.48KB , 740x497 , 238bfa5f1b251b32189bce0cc54cbbd9.png )
That's weird, I got this response.
>> No. 124485
Well it was this picture, nothing you haven't seen before probably.
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