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124431 No. 124431
#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Alterations #Comics #OCs #Event

A friend of mine told me I should have a little competition, so I decided to give it a try.

All you need to do is to draw my 2 OC's sharing a romantic moment together. When you are finished, simply post your drawing on this thread or on my Tumblr.

After 5 days, I will pick the 3 drawings I liked the best, and number one will be paid 6$ through PayPal, while number 2 will be paid 2$ through PayPal. And number 3 will be paid 1$ through PayPal.

Isn't 6$ a very small amount?
- It's not enough to buy a store no, but again, you don't have to draw a masterpiece. Even a little sketch will do.

How will you pick the winner?
- After the 5 days have passed, I will carefully look through all the submissions and pick my 3 favorites. It's not necessarily the one with the best art that wins, it could also be the most creative one. After I've chosen the top 3, I will contact the winners, and ask them for their mail, so I can send the money through PayPal. (So make sure you have a PayPal account before entering)

Can the drawings be NSFW?
- Yes. It doesn't matter if it's NSFW or not. Everything will do.

Can I see some pictures of your OC's, so I know what they look like?
- Certainly. I've linked to 4 different pictures of the OC's I would like for you to draw in the bottom.

Hold on. Are both the ponies girls?
- Yes.

So they are lesbians?
- Yes.

The colors on the black and red pony looks horrible?
- I know. But I created her a while back, and I've grown to love her.

How will you contact me if I win?
I will either reply to you on this thread, or you can link me to your Tumblr, Deviantart, E-mail or Skype. That way I can easily contact you. I will publish the 3 winners on this thread.

What if I don't win?
- I will still reply to your work, and your drawing will be posted on my Tumblr. You just don't get the money.

Do the drawing need colors?
- That's up to you. Of course, colors often look better.

How should I draw them?
- The only thing it requries is that it haves some "romance" over it. As I said "It needs to show my 2 OC's sharing a romantic moment together"

I got more questions?
- Ask away. Reply to this thread, or ask on Tumblr or on my Deviantart. You can ask for my Skype as well.

Can I get some links then?
- No worries. Here are all the links.

The pictures of my 2 OC's that I would like for you to draw:

My Tumblr:

My Deviantart:

1st prize: 6$
2nd prize: 2$
3th prize: 1$

The event will end the 03-07-2013.

Let the competition begin!

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>> No. 124433
File 137236633627.jpg - (62.64KB , 625x265 , 3r59lk.jpg )
You're on.
>> No. 124441
So the competition is going well so far. I know it doesn't look like much here on Ponychan, but I've also created this "event" on Tumblr, Deviantart and Facebook. So there are a small amount of competitors. But I wouldn't mind some more :)
But keep going for it! (Best of luck Al)
>> No. 124442
Tenk you. You will not be disappointed. (Or you might if you are expecting heavy Rule 34/NSFW, I don't really do that.)
>> No. 124443
Haha, I'm not expecting that at all. I don't think anyone plans on doing that yet. I just said it was ok to do NSFW if you wanted. Dosen't really matter to me ^^
>> No. 124451
Ohh this is gonna be good.

Btw I didn't know you are Danish, I freaking love you guys. LEGO RULES!
>> No. 124453
Haha, yeah. That's what we mostly get remembered for xD
I will let the question of how you find out I'm danish, hang in the air. Also, it isn't too hard guessing where you're from ^^
>> No. 124454
Of course, I'm from Los Angeles. I think I posted a pic of my hometown once. Also, I found out because of your Deviantart profile :P
>> No. 124555
Alright, since we're getting close to the end, I thought I'd mention the competition ends the 03-07 at late evening. So there is around... 1 1/8 days left.. I think..

So if you're finished with your drawing, feel free to post them now. Or wait, if you want.

After the competition has ended, I will pick 3 winners, and contact them here on this thread (so look out) or contact them privatly if they entered on Tumblr, Deviantart or Facebook. Then I will post the 3 winning drawings here, on this thread. Then I'll ask the winners for their Paypal mail and such, and they'll get their prize. Yay :D
>> No. 124570
Probablt worth mentioning: Since the payment will be done this friday, you could get a little more time to work on your submission. The competition officially ends today, at late evening, but if you need it, I can throw you a bone, and you can get an extra day to finish up :)

But if you are finished, now would be a good time to submit it. Thank you.
>> No. 124571
I might need an extra day, mine is kinda elaborate.
>> No. 124572
No problem, take your time. Just make sure it's ready to be posted thursday, or early friday.

Best of luck :)
>> No. 124573
Thanks a bunch, its been on the backburner for a few days now because I have been busy coming up with new toys for my bad guys.
>> No. 124596
File 137291952022.png - (1.32MB , 994x768 , LoverydoveyHS&CC.png )
Here ya go, I think it came out ok:
>> No. 124599
Oh wow. Looks really great. The colors looks very good. Thank you. When everyone else has submitted theirs, I will reveal the winner. It will probably be around friday noon. Thank you once again for participating :)
>> No. 124600
Yeah I kinda wanted to do a portrait of them. I had a hard time though because I have never done ponies kissing before and I had to use some shipping material as references. My expertise lies in doodads, thingmajigs, and mechanicaljibber :S
>> No. 124603
I mean no disrespect when I say this, but this is called working on spec. see the video linked bellow to learn more about it before going forward with something like this again.
>> No. 124604
First things first. I'm not a designer, I am a mechanical draftsman and I specialize in oil refineries. I don't get many opportunities to actually design something of my own. The subject at hand doesn't necessarily apply to that situation in the video because those "designers" are trying to do their jobs to pay bills and put food on the table. This isn't my job and the money being offered here (with all due respect to CC&HS) is insignificant to me.

Second, yes it is a contest and I don't care if I win or not, I'm doing this because CC&HS is a friend and an overall very nice person and his OC's are going to play a special role in my work. And I don't care about the money I could win, I didn't want to have to say this now but if I do win I would donate the money to charity. Preferably a reputable charity group that aids the victimised children of the Syrian civil war. A lot of my own work is dedicated to all victims of conflict zones around the world. If I could sell my comic and merchandise a lot of the profit would go to those charities.

Of course a lot of this is besides the point. Just doing it all for fun.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 4th, 2013 23:35

>> No. 124605
I see what you mean, and I didn't intend for it to be like that. I just thought it could be something fun to do. And isn't losing a part of a contest though? Hopefully you still had fun drawing it.

And I can probably please you with I got a very low amount of submissions. (Which most of them are friends) But you have a point, but that was not my intetion.

Besides, all the submissions I got, was people I contacted afterwards, and they said it was fun to be a part of this. So hopefully everyones happy.

Also, I have chosen the winners. I will post them very soon.
>> No. 124608
Alright. I AM FINISHED *0*
So... I'll be posting third place first, then second place, and then... First place! Are you ready?
>> No. 124609
File 137303023159.jpg - (215.51KB , 771x474 , 435241234.jpg )
Third place and 1 lousy dollar goes to: Daniel K.
The reason for (only) third place is because this is an edit. I wouldn't actually have accepted that but... hard times you know. And he's a good guy. Thank you Daniel!

Comment: Daniel enjoys walking on the beach and stealing others work. (Jk, the proper credit was given)
>> No. 124610
File 137303096914.jpg - (2.04MB , 2448x3264 , 364786__oc_lesbian_crying_cute_sad_semi-dash-grimdark_heart_love_couple_artist-colon-maxime12.jpg )
Second place and 2$ goes to... maxime12!
He entered a little late, but he just made it. Thank you max! Since we're mostly talking Derpibooru, I will send you a private message.

Comment: He promised he would participate, and he sure did! He spells like a 12-year old though. But that was hinted in his username. (Again, JK max. U now i luv u! <3)
>> No. 124611
File 137303152436.png - (1.32MB , 994x768 , 137291952022.png )
That can only mean one thing... we all knew it: The winner is Al! (Sovereign)

He did a great job on this drawing. Glad to finally see some color. I might as well ask for the mail you want your award sent to now. So whenever you have the time. Thank you Al!

Comment: When Al is not drawing romantic kisses, he prepares for world 3 with vehicle designs that would probably be more fitting in world war 1. (I'm not kidding this time. Your designs would get owned by flying ships with lazer beams. Remember; old is not new)


Old designs are way cooler though.
>> No. 124612
Thanks CC&HS! Not sure what you meant exactly about my vehicles but ok! Iz good!

But speaking of World War 3, War is about to break out in the MLP universe and Equestria is starring down the gun barrel of a monster that cannot be reasoned nor bargained with, that monster is a vicious murdering sociopath with a legion of technologically advanced armies ready to do his bidding.

All too often have we seen the same scenario play out in our world numerous times and the ones that suffer the most are the innocent. I would very much like to see the money go to a charity. One that benifits the victims of conflict zones. Heres a list of some good charities CC&HS that could use the money. Just show me a receipt or proof of payment when you're done ok? ;)
>> No. 124613
Oh, alright. Charity time, yay! :D
>> No. 124614
If any of those charities require a minimum donation that exceeds the $6.00 let me know.
>> No. 124615
File 137303939384.jpg - (98.67KB , 996x578 , Untitled-2.jpg )
Well, they did. But I managed to find one. Hope it's alright it didn't go directly to America. Found out after, that it was directed to Canada. Does that matter? I can make another donation, if you're unhappy. It went to the sick kids.

Sorry for covering some of the text. Don't feel like sharing my personal information with everyone here. I would have made the donation in your name, but you needed a shit-load of information, so I had to give my own.

Thank you once again.

Oh fuck. I just.. re-read your message and you intented for the money to go victims of conflicted zones... I'll try to find something. The site just needed a 10$ limit. I can probably just donate 10$ then.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 09:15

>> No. 124618
Its alright, dont worry about it as long as it went to a worthy cause. And uhh... The $10 limit... If you want I can reimburse you for the $4 difference.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 5th, 2013 21:18

>> No. 124626
No problem. It's for charity, so it's well spend money no matter what. Thank you once again :)
>> No. 124627
No thank you, :) I am very happy that you fulfilled my request.

Like my upcoming character Lusha, I have a soft spot for the downtrodden children of the world and I am glad the money went towards something worthwhile. I would have probably spent the money on photo-etch brass parts for my ships/tanks :S

And CC&HS are just as important to me as they are to you so it was a labor of love. :)

Last edited at Sat, Jul 6th, 2013 16:33

>> No. 124630
D'aww. I am really honored to even have a little part in your comic. So that you actually like my OC's, is really a wonderful thing for me :)
And I love giving to charity, so that I got an awesome drawing out of it, is just a win-win. You're too kind Al! xD
>> No. 124643
Well shucks CC&HS, I'm honored you are part of my project as too. I'm honored with everypony that decided to turn out. Although some will be given bigger parts than others each and everypony is just as essential to the others in the grand scheme of things.

I mean, Morning Star wouldn't have his kicka$$ contraptions without Heart String doing all the wiring and cable splicing. And how do you expect him to think straight without a piece of hot apple pie baked with pride by Candy Cane?

Last edited at Sun, Jul 7th, 2013 01:51

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