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#Digital #OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

So what do you guys think of my OC? Her names Beat Match (and I know her goggles are the same as vinyls)
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>> No. 124460
You should have presented this OC to me before the 15th. In other words, good.
>> No. 124471
The cutie mark should be more stylized, IMO, but that's just visual style nitpicking; the level of detail in the cutie mark is much higher than the level of detail anywhere else.

I wouldn't be worried about the goggles being similar to Vinyl's goggles -- in the real world, there are product trends among certain cliques.

I can't find anything wrong with the design. It doesn't break ground, but it's still memorable without being garish or crude. You might want to give the tail a slightly more active shape, but I wouldn't change the purely downward curve. This might just be another style nitpick, since what I want to see is the width of the tail base to be more different than the width of the tail's bulk.

That said, any decisions you have made deliberately are yours. As a graphic designer, a lot of the work I do is controversial, and I tend to ignore criticism of deliberate decisions I made because I tend to know why I made those decisions, and if they end up being the wrong decision I'll know for my own reasons.
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