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File 137342787879.png - (63.80KB , 403x403 , 12572_421853321214653_36678630_n.png )
124704 No. 124704
HI there fellow bronies!! I really need your help with something. ok so I really need somepony to draw my oc for me.. I kinda suck at drawing on the computer lol i don't really have a picture of her but she's yellow, has wavey and curly brown hair and tale and she has freckles across the nose, her cutiemark is a kremlin!!
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>> No. 124705
and she has blue eyes
>> No. 124750
File 137348156039.jpg - (3.25MB , 1200x1798 , Mailbag-Kremlin.jpg )
> her cutiemark is a kremlin

Like this?
>> No. 124765
yes! just the blue one though lol thanks
>> No. 124766
yes! just the blue one though lol thanks
>> No. 124767
File 137351286547.jpg - (11.91KB , 197x198 , rad.jpg )
here's a picture i drew of her
>> No. 124772
What's her name, and what's she like?
>> No. 124787
i named her Irena not sure about last names yet but she's like a mix of pinkie and fluttershy. she's very shy but very hyper and random and she lives in russia lol. she isn't very social and loves to study russian
>> No. 124793
File 137360194494.jpg - (12.32KB , 202x171 , irena.jpg )
sorry my drawings are derpish but here's another picture of her

Last edited at Thu, Jul 11th, 2013 21:22

>> No. 124902
if anyone is willing to draw her I would love that
>> No. 124911
Nitpicking time:

That's not the Kremlin, that is St. Basil's Cathedral. This is the kremlin:
>> No. 124914
Well, the onion shaped buildings. I've always heard them called kremlins so I'm sorry.
>> No. 124915
Well, the onion shaped buildings. I've always heard them called kremlins so I'm sorry.
>> No. 124916
No dont be sorry. Its a common mistake because many people think St. Basil's cathedral as being part of the actual Kremlin governance because of its close proximity to the Kremlin. But technically a "Kremlin" is a general term for fortified Russian citadels. Also there is no specific name for Russian Onion Dome structures. They are simply referred to as "Lukovichnaya Glava" which just translates to "Onion Dome".

Your're not the only brony interested in Russian Culture. ;) I have great respect for the Russian people because of all the years of suffering they endured under the Soviet Regime.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 17th, 2013 18:48

>> No. 124923
Well thanks for telling me. I've always been so interested in Russia and I've always wanted to go I love the cold and I also love Russia's history and language. I plan to grow up and be a translator for Russian and many other languages and I know I'm living there one day! :)
>> No. 124924
Woah there Tex... Russia is kinda neat and all but sometimes it seems like the the grass is greener on the other side. In fact you will find that living and working is just as hard if not harder anywhere else in the world. I know this because for many years I wanted to live in Japan but I looked more into it and it kinda sucks. And a while back my Aunt and her family wanted to relocate to London and they had the means and a legit reason for doing it but later decided it was stupid because in the end, life is hard no matter where you go. The only people that can live anywhere they want just for the novelty without reprecussions are the rich.

Aside from that Immigration is the most difficult thing to get past because some countries dont even want you unless you have a bachelors degree or a legitament reason such as a job transfer, or if you are really desperate and you are coming from a war zone of some sort, political asylum and even that is hard to get. And even then, if you somehow to manage to become a citizen you will always be considered an outsider, no matter where you go.

I'm not trying to kill your dreams but I am saying keep your dreams within reason and research before you set any long term goals. Besides I'm sure there is a Russian embassy in your country that could use interpreters. Or get a job with a Russian company or a company that needs Russian interpreters as well that would be kinda neat too.
>> No. 124925
Besides its much easier to live in your home country where you have a culture and people around you can easily relate to and you wont feel like such a fish out of water all the time.
>> No. 124940
I've never fit in with where I am now but I know I'm going to live there one day. I know it isn't the best country but I've always felt this need to be there. I'm tired of America. I really am. I just love everything about Russia and there's obviously a reason I feel so strongly to go there and live even for just a little bit. Everyone's told me exactly what you just said. Perhaps, I'll fit in better in Russia and I love Russia anyway. I know I'm destined to live there.
>> No. 124941
and I have researched plenty (believe me A LOT)
>> No. 124942
Ever think they are saying the same thing I did because they have a valid point?

The best thing you could do is at least visit Russia, either way you will learn and experience so much when you get the chance to visit. Its worth that much.

Other than that I'm telling you LIFE SUCKS no matter where you go. Its not all fun and games and sure we try to make it so with adorable ponies and such but the reality of it is its all the same. I live in southern California and I can say life out here is just as ridiculous anywhere else. Sometimes it can be worse, like North Korea, Syria, or Sudan. Not to sound like a dick but thank God we don't live in those places. And like I said even if you do successfully relocate you will only further ostracize yourself.

I suppose if you really want to live in Russia the two best ways to get your foot in the door for citizenship would be to study abroad or try to settle down with a nice Russian girl. That would make the experience more worthwhile. Either way the Federation can still reject your citizenship at the drop of a hat if they felt like it.

Also from a personal standpoint I used to hate Living in the and hate the U.S. in general and I thought it was a piece of crap place filled with a bunch of jerks who watch stupid TV programs and eat too much junk food. I wanted to live in Japan, the land of Anime, plastic model kits, sushi, and cute Japanese girls. I later realized that Japan is a ridiculous country to live in and adjusting would be damn near impossible. I also realized I can have all that stuff here and more. (Its easier to own property here than most places and pay taxes on it since interests rates are so low now.) Then after looking into it some more, since Japan is a piece of crap and the U.S. is a piece of crap, I would be leaving crap for crap! Then I finally figured: "You know what, the U.S. is MY piece of crap and it may not be perfect but its MINE."

Last edited at Thu, Jul 18th, 2013 20:44

>> No. 124945
i mean thank for the advice but i'm still living there. if all my life i've dreamed of living there why should i not? btw I'm a straight girl lol soo no russian women for me but yeah thanks anyway.
>> No. 124948
Well in your case you would have to marry a Russian Dude, that's my bad, I'm very sorry about that.

If you really want to go don't let me stop you. If I had the disposable income could I would pay for your ticket and visa. All I'm saying is seriously think about it.
>> No. 124949
I have thought about it so thanks
>> No. 124950
File 137420737746.jpg - (344.25KB , 1024x768 , moscow-kremlin.jpg )
Well... There's nothing more for me to tell you other than Moscow awaits... Good luck and Godspeed.
>> No. 124951
File 137420767312.jpg - (51.15KB , 682x400 , hell-main_1158695a.jpg )
...But like any other country, it has its problems...
>> No. 124952
yes thanks
>> No. 124954
... I'm not sure how old you are to have known about this... But by any chance... Was it Don Bluth's animated feature "Anastasia" that got you interested in Russian culture? Because that's what did it for me. :P (That and WWII)
>> No. 124956
nope nope well i've always liked learning it's history but hetalia sorta did it
>> No. 124957
Ah well that was a good movie. Insanely inaccurate but a nice movie, worth checking out. Its kinda like "My Fair Lady". (A movie well behind our times)
>> No. 124961
File 137421552715.jpg - (44.00KB , 536x335 , welcome to russia, here is your gasmask.jpg )
All countries have their problems, but only one country eats bullets and punches bears.
>> No. 124963
File 137421595049.jpg - (19.62KB , 240x180 , george.jpg )
And theres only one country with bitch'n cars, In n Out Burgers, screaming eagles, Chuck Norris, and freedom.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 18th, 2013 23:42

>> No. 124964
>only one country with freedom

There may be no perfect country but it's a fallacy to believe that one is somehow superior simply because you live in it and you look as American as they come. That's, sadly, not a compliment and I'm not sure if it ever was.
>> No. 124965
Oh I'm well aware of the pitfalls of believing in such notions. As I said earlier its a piece of crap. I was just playing with you bro.
>> No. 124966
America should replace the Liberty statue's torch with a burger. And she needs to put on a few pounds and be given a megaphone that speaks in a sassy black accent.
>> No. 124967
xD you know the sad part is there was a point in time in American history where everything you just said would be absolute nonsense.

Although... In every single point in our history there was always some massive subject that incited civil unrest/public debate since this country was founded. Gangs of New York is a great example of that.

Also I hope you're joking because as French as she is I still love that big green "Harvard Chick" just the way it is. As I said earlier, this country is MY piece of crap. ;)
>> No. 125325
Can someone draw her? :c
>> No. 125335
File 137517775929.jpg - (127.74KB , 284x280 , st_ lenin's cathedral.jpg )
We're too caught up in our quasi-nationalistic furor, marinated in a well-aged sarcasm to think in artistic terms.

Clarification though; is her cutie mark actually the Kremlin or is it St. Basil's Cathedral? I know you said "the blue one" and all, but I'm not sure if you chose the Kremlin initially because of what you thought its appearance was or because of its political significance.
>> No. 125351
It's only the one of the onion tops of st. basil's cathedral.. Nevermind. I really don't feel like going through a huge thing just to get her drawn.. Today isn't my day just forget about it
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