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File 137377809618.png - (54.64KB , 1000x1400 , First Rainbow Dash Drawing.png )
124827 No. 124827
#Digital #Discussion #Critique wanted

I got a Pen Tablet as a present and this is actually my first attempt at using it. Unfortunately, I'm not good at drawing, but I gave it a go any.

Not bad, eh?
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>> No. 124829
A little rough around the edges. But keep at it.
>> No. 124849
How do you actually keep the lines smooth?
>> No. 124850
Not entirely sure. I don't mess around too much with tablets. I'm more traditional. But I think if you were to use a vectors you can adjust linework accordingly.
>> No. 124866
If you're using something like Paint it's really hard to make smooth lines. I would suggest obtaining Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop because they have a stabilizer feature that helps you draw smooth lines
>> No. 124879
I'm using GIMP actually.
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