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#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

SO. I need to start doing art more... hopefully making this will encourage me to think and create rather than just wasting my time reblogging random funstuff on Tumblr. >.>

I've mostly been doing sketches lately, so for the time that is what I have open for commission. And by commission, I mean art trade. Because you should embrace your creativity, as well. I don't care how experienced you are with art -- that isn't the point. The point is to improve!

On that note, I appreciate constructive criticism/redlines/whatever.

First up is Octavia... sans instrument because lazy.
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File 137401715426.jpg - (60.99KB , 656x1008 , scaaaans 003.jpg )
Second, I'll post flight attendant pony! She based off of the flight attendants on Korean Air. Because airplanes are boring.
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File 137401724147.jpg - (140.95KB , 1008x1084 , scaaaans 006.jpg )
Here are a few sketches I whipped up at Everfree NW a few weeks ago. Two of my OCs: Flashlight the pegasus, and Truffles the earth pony.
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File 137401729659.jpg - (148.91KB , 960x1280 , IMG1033.jpg )
Pardon the quality -- cell phone pic since I left the original behind at Everfree NW. Another pic of my pudgy OC, Truffles.
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Hey, just gonna bump this up. See if anyone wants a $1 sketch commission... my dog's having surgery and every little bit helps.
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