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124939 No. 124939
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Old thread:

Whelp it finally happened, My old concept art thread I started in April autosaged and now I am starting a new thread, I'm going to re-post a lot of the old stuff but to be fair I will spoiler the old stuff but add some interesting new facts as well to shake things up.

To my loyal followers: As much as I love you all, lets keep the chatter related to the subject at hand, granted I am just as guilty for "deviating" in my old thread... :S

Last edited at Thu, Jul 18th, 2013 19:38

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>> No. 126357
Data Stream, we have gone this far so you might as well call me Al ^_^

Yeah I know what you mean, college can be tough but perseverance is key!
>> No. 126372
File 138081209717.png - (2.51MB , 1680x1020 , Stillfamily.png )
I couldn't decide which of these sets the mood best so pick either one:

Dearly Beloved:

The Unforgotten:

Twilight: "Have you been up here all day? We missed you at Applejacks family reunion.

M.S. "Hm..."

Twilight: "Her family really wanted to meet you in person. Especially after hearing about how you helped avert the foreclosure crisis about a month ago."

M.S.: "I just couldn't do it, the whole thing just brings back too many painful memories..."

Twilight: "You never really saw eye-to-eye with your family did you?"

M.S.: "They were very cold and uncaring, the only one who truly loved me was my sister... Until she got sick..."

Twilight: "And that was when you decided to leave home?"

M.S.: "I never looked back, I couldn't stand the sight of them..."

Twilight: "You couldn't stand the sight of your own parents? But they raised you, and fed you. All they wanted was your unconditional love in return."

M.S.: "Thats the problem Twilight, they are supposed to love you as well but they never showed it or expressed it. To them I might as well have never been born."

Twilight: "That's a terrible thing to say. You should be lucky you had parents period, I don't think you know this but Applejack's parents are...

M.S.: "Yes I heard about what happened to them and it is most unfortunate. It is just the way life works sometimes and you have to accept the hand you're dealt with. Either way she doesn't need them."

Twilight: "Now why would you say something so cruel? How could she NOT need her own mother and father?"

M.S.: "She doesn't need them because she has you. And Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, her wonderful family to love and support her when she is in need, its more than I've ever had..."

Twilight: "I understand..."

M.S.: "...Now if you dont mind Twilight I would like to be left alone..."

Twilight: "Alright... Sorry if I disturbed you..."

M.S.: "Twilight, theres a lot more to family than just flesh and blood. And its unfortunate when they cant always be there for you. Sometimes having good friends whom you can count on to love you is the only family one can ever need."

Twilight: "Hm... Before I go, what you said earlier about myself, and the others being there for Applejack. Does that include you?"

M.S.: "Yes..."
>> No. 126476
File 138114301842.png - (794.78KB , 500x743 , downwithcanterlot.png )
Changeling invasion? That's cute:
(based off an infamous Anti-American North Korean propaganda poster:
>> No. 126501
File 138139962684.jpg - (51.12KB , 768x994 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 126504
File 138145368845.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella adorable face.png )
>> No. 126505
File 138145373260.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , 135986672949.png )
Woops, forgot to change my name lol
>> No. 126506
I recognize the tripcode xP
>> No. 126507
Doesn't matter when you put one of your five total roleplay pictures up next to your non-roleplay post.
>> No. 126509
Bro again, that was unnecessary and as I said, I recognized the tripcode and her O.C. There's no need to be abrasive and frankly I find your conduct to be inappropriate on this board. So at this point I'm not interested in communicating with you any further.

Also I greatly appreciate your assistance outside of this board but unfortunately it will no longer be needed. Thank you very much and good day.

Last edited at Thu, Oct 10th, 2013 19:41

>> No. 126510
File 138147692447.jpg - (89.10KB , 614x960 , no really though, grow a pair.jpg )
>> No. 126511
Bro, cant you take a hint? I no longer wish to communicate with you. I'm asking you nicely, please stay off this thread.

If I have to, I will ask the mods to lock this thread and/or delete it so I don't have to see any of your crap. You have shit on the last thread on this board.
>> No. 126512
File 138147787457.jpg - (24.87KB , 422x428 , spoiler.jpg )
What if I told you that you were over reacting just a tiny bit and that you need to chill out?
>> No. 126513
This isn't the first time you have shat on other peoples threads and pissed my friends off. Again, get off my thread.

Last edited at Fri, Oct 11th, 2013 00:53

>> No. 126526
Holy f*ck! I was away for a week, and I totally forgot about this thread!

I'm sorry D:

Are there any important updates I should check out, or anything I should know? Right now, I don't have time to read the million posts posted throughout my inactivity.

Oh also, how are you all doing?! I- I... dammit...
>> No. 126528
Well, aside from incursions we all were talking about how much we miss you. :3

Also Leo had a brilliant idea of making a skype chatroom so we can have a place to properly communicate and swap ideas.

Last edited at Sat, Oct 12th, 2013 19:19

>> No. 126529
File 138164771557.png - (119.07KB , 817x910 , baggie_pack_.png )
Oh hey, that might be neat! I've had my new computer for more than a week now, and I still haven't stopped by. I feel bad now.
>> No. 126531
File 138165096874.png - (657.42KB , 1280x720 , Cutie_Mark_Crusaders_angels_S1E17.png )
Hey Baggie Pack where U been? I missed you too!

I have been doing a lot of collaborating behind the scenes with Miss Ella and Miss Equine Palette with character development. By the way, Miss Equine Palette is absolutely the sweetest person ever and I just adore her. ^^ Plus Miss Ella is pretty awesome too! Her O.C. "Ella" and Mr. Lusha might have a unique and special relationship within the story!

Also, I elected Leo as my understudy, he has been granted access to special tactical information regarding this project. Should a sudden and tragic event take hold and I am no longer able to continue my duties, he will take charge. As well as my friend "Edskie" who will take over this thread in conjunction with Leo. You guys dont see much of Edskie but I know him IRL and he is very trustworthy.
>> No. 126539
>> No. 126556
I feel like I'm missing all the good stuff :<
>> No. 126575
File 138215906806.jpg - (124.35KB , 994x768 , Chrystaline Pass1_1.jpg )
More potential stuff:
>> No. 126668
File 138320143927.jpg - (350.17KB , 1181x1536 , baggie_pack_by_phycopancake-d6r3eea.jpg )
You know what sucks? Not having time for anything.
>> No. 126674
Baggeh, Good to see youz again!
>> No. 126744
I really should post in here instead of chatting on skype! Though it would be a great idea to get the group chat going again
>> No. 126760
File 138450908782.jpg - (79.38KB , 994x768 , heavycruiser1_1.jpg )

The Drakovians are not well known for partaking in naval warfare due to the nature of their military structure and tactics. However high command decided if an Equestrian invasion was imminent, they needed a stable weapons platform to subdue Equestrian naval forces at sea. Therefore the Krait class heavy cruiser was devised to fulfill that role. It comes equipped with guided missiles and a particle cannon turret mounted on its bow. The Krait also features six directional fins on the port and starboard side to provide additional thrust in addition to its standard propulsion systems.

Sov's notes - Things have been getting stagnant lately due to a lot of internal and personal problems that have been ravaging my imagination and drive and finishing the concept art before November 23rd is quickly becoming a piped dream. I still hope I havn't lost the attention of my good friends due to this stagnation.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 15th, 2013 02:54

>> No. 126763
File 138465703737.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella adorable face.png )
You got can do it man, you've got this far!
>> No. 126766
Glad to know you're still part of the team Miss Ella and thanks for that note of encouragement.

But things havn't been the same... Essentially I had my heart broken and it feels bad. I'll tell you about it offsite simetime...
>> No. 126770
File 138473986653.png - (371.54KB , 1000x500 , ella trip to end of time.png )
>That feel

Ouch..I'm sorry to hear that man, I know that, but it's just another lesson of life. Only time and support will make it better, but hopefully you can learn something from it. Might not realise it for a few years though..
>> No. 126774
Looks damn good
>> No. 126775
No it wasnt anything to that extreme as to taking a year to get over. I suppose a broken heart was a bit much to describe it. Lets just say I was very very dissappointed.

Why thanks! The Fortunate Son is some of my best work ^__^
>> No. 127177
File 138950758771.jpg - (64.37KB , 768x994 , Serjlightning1_1.jpg )
I'm back
>> No. 127178
>> No. 127180
(Why team fabulous?)

Good to see you again Knight, I have developed excellent ideas for Florid that range from Racketeering, smuggling, drug trafficking and possibly casino skimming. He's going to be the newest crime lord of ponyville.
>> No. 127234
File 139026361211.jpg - (11.06KB , 256x212 , rty5vMM.jpg )
(I thought it was funny)

Oh my dear, that sounds like a fun time!
>> No. 127366
If I could say fu*** I would.... Oh wait, I can!
Fudge! I once again, completely forgot this thread. I just... forget.

But I've seen your updates, and it looks good. Though I've got to ask; how far are you? Like... From the idea to the finished project?

I'll try to remember checking this thread more often. Best of luck! :)
>> No. 127368
Where... Have... You... Been?

I took a break cause of the mess with the holidays and several personal problems with family and distractions with new friends but I'm ok almost done with concept art.

I have been wondering where you have been because I wanted to send you a gift!
>> No. 127383
Sorry D:
I've been staying at a boarding school, and there's close to none connection. So all my internet habbits kinda disappeared, so I forgot about this thread. But I'll write a note to check this thread once in a while :)

A gift?! Uhhh, thank you x3
Let me seee :D
>> No. 127385
It's something very cool and very Danish that isn't made out of Lego bricks or some sort of pastry. I have to order it now to make it :D

Check back in once a week or so because I'm still trying to get things done.
>> No. 127393
File 139179601864.jpg - (41.49KB , 960x663 , 1723715_10151867838030723_936650464_n.jpg )
Sounds interesting x3
I'll be sure to check the thread every now and then. Thank you and best of luck with it all! :)
>> No. 128162
File 140089337359.jpg - (92.92KB , 994x768 , ms1_3_1.jpg )
>> No. 128180
File 140151638803.jpg - (193.55KB , 994x768 , FatherDaughtertime2.jpg )
>> No. 128196
File 140176862711.jpg - (255.72KB , 768x994 , image.jpg )
>> No. 128207
File 140196984067.jpg - (112.46KB , 994x768 , ServitorDrone1_1.jpg )
>> No. 128217
That... is awesome.

Nice update. Keep it up!
>> No. 128218
I'm back, again, I had to put my foot down again to make sure this thing gets done.

Also its good to be back ;)
>> No. 128229
File 140286797103.png - (169.70KB , 300x300 , FloridAvatar300x300.png )
Dont mind me, just here on my month check up of the thread.
>> No. 128259
File 140340490753.jpg - (271.05KB , 994x768 , image.jpg )
>> No. 128281

Half Life 3: Pony Confirmed!
>> No. 128302
File 140429285919.jpg - (97.74KB , 994x768 , Rene-sergei1_1.jpg )
>> No. 128315
File 140477872928.png - (351.44KB , 1280x941 , didney worl.png )
Dude, it's awesome that you're still working on this!
>high fives

You are getting hella good man! :D glad to see you haven't lost hope
>> No. 128573
Sometimes I just go... "Oh.. OH RIGHT! That ponychan thread. Wonder how it's going"
And here I am...
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