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File 137420150770.jpg - (68.56KB , 994x768 , tiltroto1_1.jpg )
124939 No. 124939
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Old thread:

Whelp it finally happened, My old concept art thread I started in April autosaged and now I am starting a new thread, I'm going to re-post a lot of the old stuff but to be fair I will spoiler the old stuff but add some interesting new facts as well to shake things up.

To my loyal followers: As much as I love you all, lets keep the chatter related to the subject at hand, granted I am just as guilty for "deviating" in my old thread... :S

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>> No. 124944

This is a prototype "tilt-roto" aircraft designed by Morning Star Manufactorums LTD. and nicknamed the "Fortunate Son" by its creator is the first of its kind to be seen in the skies above Equestria. It's innovate design allows prompt vertical takeoffs in which its engines can later rotate to provide forward thrust. This aircraft seats seven, (even though Rainbow Dash prefers her own wings) and features 8 .30 cal machine guns, 6 .50 cal wing mounted machine guns, and two 40mm cannons in addition to evasive countermeasures and several other "devices" to be used in a pinch.

Sov's notes: This vehicles design was based heavily off of Second World War aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang and the P-38 Lightning and incorporates features of the modern V-22 Osprey. Its namesake is derived from the Creedance Clearwater Revival song "Fortunate Son", made popular during the Vietnam war. And if you look carefully its tail number reads "2D-2R", which is obviously "RD-D2" backwards which is a reference to the similar "C-3PO" airplane tail number reference in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Its a chain of references! Also there is a pair of dice on a roll of seven painted on the fuselage, this is meant to symbolize the new "mane character" (The handsome unicorn colt in the upper right corner) and his new friends. (The mane-six)

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>> No. 124953
File 137421006072.jpg - (43.89KB , 776x600 , spoiler.jpg )

Field Marshal Serj is one of few magic users of his nationality and the only Drakovian citizen with a cutie mark. He was selected many years beforehand to be the personal student of his country's mysterious leader, much like Twilight Sparkle. His magical prowess is on par if not exceeds that of Twilight, however unlike his Equestrian counterpart his magic skill sets tend to be electric based. He has also shown to be quite adept at Pashabi marshal arts which combines the use of magic and and lethal hand-to-hand (hoof -to-hoof) combat techniques that involves rapid teleportation and brutal physical/kinetic attacks.

Years beforehand Serj oversaw the senseless liquidation of a rebel held town in which thousands were slaughtered by his order which included mostly innocent civilians, an event that will haunt him for the rest of his life. But until recently he was given total control of the Drakovian invasion forces, and with his new given responsibilities he only hopes he will never have to give the same gruesome order again.

Sov's notes: Ok there are several inspirations behind this particular character one of which is Col. Sauffenberg of the German Army during the Second World War, the other would be his namesake, the lead singer of System of a Down "Serj Tankian" who often wrote songs that deal with relative themes to this character such as war, chaos, and authoritative brutality.

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>> No. 124955
File 137421162990.jpg - (52.45KB , 776x600 , spoiler.jpg )
The Lancehead tank represents the hammer of the Drakovian invaders, it features a heavy Particle Cannon on its right side and two phased Ion Colliders on its left side which provides the tank with anti-infantry/short range anti-air support, and a topside ultra-light particle repeater that can be controlled remotely from within the vehicle. Like most of its Drakovian vehicular counterparts it features a unique wedge shaped turret and ceramic composite armor. Quite often this vehicle can be seen almost "flying" across the battlefield performing acrobatic jumping stunts at speeds exceeding 45 MPH (72 KM) which is made possible by its powerful fusion drive cores that power the vehicle.

Sov's notes: I can easily say modern Russian tanks have played a large part in the design for this vehicle in addition to the Urutu viper providing the shape of its turret. You will find a lot of my vehicles are named after/inspired by venomous reptiles.
>> No. 124973
File 137422121847.jpg - (43.33KB , 776x600 , spoiler.jpg )
Yes I know RE-POST
The Gaboon ballistic missile platforms are usually deployed outside the front lines and acts primarily as a support weapon by lobbing Longfang missiles from great distances. Longfang missile capabilities vary per warhead, some warheads carry sarin and mustard gas modules that explode mid air to cause significant carnage to biological targets. But more often than not they are equipped with conventional high explosive and incendiary warheads.

Sov's notes: Again inspired by soviet vehicles, especially the SA-4 Ganef which fires high altitude anti-aircraft missiles. Not one of my favorites of the bad guys but I still kinda like it.
>> No. 124976
File 137422254010.jpg - (88.94KB , 994x768 , spoiler.jpg )
Grr... RE-POST... Sorry about this...
The Drakovians needed a multipurpose vehicle to fulfill many combat roles and the Deathadder is what they got. The standard variant features a single phased ion collider and primarily used as a rapid armored transport. The AD2 variant sacrifices its transport capabilities and utilizes a medium density particle cannon used to clear out garrisoned structures and light anti-tank duties, the AD3 variant is equipped with XSAM missiles designed to lock on to aerial targets such as gunships and even pegasi. CADC Variant is highly uncommon for only one is issued per battalion and fits the primary role as a command vehicle that establishes wireless communication hubs and processes masses of combat data and redistributes it to all friendly units. After the Equestrian invasion the Deathadder crews love to utilize the mine plough to scare and intimidate the conquered citizens into submission during urban patrols.

Sov's notes: As I said two specific plot functions. And where are bad guy ponies getting this kind of technology and building such mean things? There are very profound reasons as to why which I refuse to disclose at this time.

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>> No. 124987
File 137427620070.jpg - (93.73KB , 994x768 , spoiler.jpg )
The Boomslang Anti-air vehicle is considered one of the deadliest vehicles in the Drakovian arsenal because of its prevalent use as an anti-infantry weapon in addition to its primary anti-air role. It features four ultra efficient "particle repeaters", a toned down version of the standard particle cannon. Each particle repeater has a firing rate of 20,000 particle exposures per-minute and may fire continuously for as long as two minutes at a time without overheating. The particle repeaters also have the ability to pivot in order to fire upon close range targets. Its crews have given it the nickname the "Organ Grinder" because of its involvement in a massacre several years beforehand that killed thousands and the sheer carnage that was left over as a result of its use at the time. This character and his actions are related to said massacre:

Sov's notes: This will probably be the last of the tracked vehicles of the Drakovians and serves as the most malicious one of all. The name of this vehicle is derived from the venomous South African Colubridae the Boomslang which is Afrikaans for Boom - "Tree" Slang "Snake". Boomslangs are known to hunt lizards, chameleons, and birds and I figured such a name would be appropriate for a vehicle that is designed to shoot down aircraft.

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>> No. 125012
File 137437878921.jpg - (51.99KB , 800x600 , spoiler.jpg )

Many cool things be happening soon...
>> No. 125055
Do you know what sucks? Having your computer crash, and not getting it back for several weeks. :(

I was really wanting to check in more on this, perhaps discussing Baggie role, or just simply seeing all the neat stuff, but I wasn't able to :/

What all did I miss the last 2-3 weeks?
>> No. 125056
Sweet galloping gooses its Baggie Pack! :D

How ya doin' little buddy? I missed you! :D
>> No. 125057
Well, doing a bit better now that my computer is finally back, but I was pretty bummed out there for quite a while.

Glad to be back :D

How have things been here?
>> No. 125058
I started the comic! Some of the prototypes are posted in my old thread on the 4th or 5th page I think.

Btw I'm working on a new vehicle and this time its in color! :D

I'm also doing preliminary work on a diesel/electric submarine that believe it or not can house, disembark/embark the Fortunate Son.
>> No. 125060
Oooooooh, I'll definitely have to check out those comic pages.

More machines, and in color? It's like peanut butter and chocolate, only somehow BETTER,

Ah, land and sea is pretty well covered then, what's their ground vehicle of choice?
>> No. 125061
Peanut butter and chocolate... And Banana?

I haven't though of any land vehicles for the mane-6 (Mane-7 now) but I have steam tractors for them. OH The CMC have a motorcycle now with a side car! :D
>> No. 125062
Don't forget bacon.

Ok, motorcycle CMC sounds hilarious.
>> No. 125063
Its there in my old thread, and yes it is hilarious. Check it out :D
>> No. 125064
I hope I haven't lost my spot from not being around much. Not having a computer sucks.
>> No. 125065
No you're still in, it would be a dick of me to go back on my word.

Regardless I haven't heard back from some of the other "caretakers" of the other OC's. But I have heard from Leo and hes pretty sick, he was in the hospital last week. I was really worried... CC&HS is around... I think... He moved his pc to his brothers room and he doesn't get much time to use it I suppose. I have heard from Nerdpony on deviantart hes doing alright.

I wonder if Data stream is around. His OC actually plays a very VERY important role. As does Florid, I may have linked the two for an idea.
>> No. 125066
Yeah, I was reading through the old thread and just recently seen that Leo had that happen to him, like food poisoning or something. That made me feel bad, but at least he's out now, and I'm guessing didn't have to have surgery?

I think anyone who's had to live with a sibling has had a similar problem, but I hope things work out for CC&HS soon. I plan to buy a new computer myself soon, but that's more because this one has really had it and then some. Bringing it in for repairs is worse that letting it limp on its last leg, we're just dragging it by the arms now.

Linking OC storylines sounds really cool, I hope that works out too.

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>> No. 125067
Yours is linked to Four block. The two meet at the train station, Four Block is there to pickup a shipment of arcade machines and Baggie Pack says/does some funny stuff when she signs for the machines. I wont elaborate any further.
>> No. 125068
As with everything else here, I'm looking forward to it! Also, you do the actually good trains, showing your work and whatnot, which makes it even harder to wait. :P

Reading more of the thread, that whole "honorary CMC" makes the motorcycle scene even more hilarious, but holy cow that Boomslang is terrifying.
>> No. 125069
There's a reason why the Boomslang is called "The Organ Grinder" I wrote more about it and included more fluff on some of the other vehicles and characters in this thread as well, one of which is Serj, Twilight's counterpart/nemesis.

How do you like Appleblooms little TF2/Full Metal Jacket reference in the motorcycle scene? ;)

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>> No. 125070
It's good that Serj actually regrets his actions, it's not just "haunted edgy past" junk, and he's not just all evil for the sake of evil.

Yeah, I was going to comment on that when I was first reading through it, but then I kept on reading and forgot :/ I'm guessing Full Metal Jacket references will almost be a usual thing? :P
>> No. 125072
File 137447255524.png - (400.26KB , 420x420 , 6df68502e38367b9b4cadce776696e58.png )
Well like all soldiers Serj does what hes told, his "master" told him to carry out the order so he did and he regrets it. On the outside he expresses his regret because the civilians were more valuable alive as a source of information. But deep down he felt there was no honor in what he did.

Either way he is still faithful to his "master" and if he wants him to go to war with Equestria then so be it. But this doesn't make him a tool, he has his own goals/desires. Once of which is apprehending Twilight and her friends.

Btw he talks like Christian Bale. (pic related)

Also, Appleblooms helmet will probably be the only FMJ reference, although I was thinking of a scene in which the mane-7 are walking cautiously behind a row of tanks during a firefight similar to the scene in the movie when they were playing "Surfing Bird" by the Trashmen:

Last edited at Sun, Jul 21st, 2013 23:08

>> No. 125073
Are Drakovians proud warrior race guys? Or at least the good ones?

I am now imagining Christian Bale as Batman, as a pony, and as a villain. It's weird.

Yeah, it's more just various military movie references in general overall isn't it? I still like that Forrest Gump one.
>> No. 125075
There's one more reference in which a Lancehead tank hastily ascends from a slope and slams into the ground with great force causing whatever characters (Probably the primary characters) below to flee. Kinda like the once scene in Saving Private Ryan with the Tiger tank slamming into the ground. Other than that, that's it for war movie references.

Also the Drakovian nation was founded by its leader after he fled Equestria and his own master, Celestia. Before then it was an impoverished backwater country experiencing a brutal civil war. The "mysterious leader" took the side of the collectivists and lead them to victory. The losing side reorganized into the "Pendulum Contingency". I have an explanation for their technology too and it has to do with their leader but refuse to divulge more.

Also, remember Lusha? My consultant and I decided he will talk like Steve Carell. So the CMC are going to make friends with Gru/Brick from Anchorman.

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>> No. 125079
Glad to see more character development and the like! If you need any more info on Leo just ask! I hope the other OC creators reply soon! (It's summer holidays over Stateside currently am I correct?) So they might be busy.
>> No. 125080
Its good to hear back from you Leo. I was getting worried again.

And I have a good idea of what makes Leo "Leo" from his profile I carefully studied. Although I'm still stumped as to how hes going to get the PR position whilist being interviewed by M.S. (Morning Star) When the time comes I think during the inverview he will get intimidated/nervous by the questions but he will show something that essentially "Wow"s M.S. into hiring him but I still dont know for sure. I don't plan on getting that far until at least Issue 3.
>> No. 125081
Anyway Leo, still not sure what to do, work with me! :D Two heads are better than one! Although it may be a ways away it will be nice to have some ideas set in stone for Leo in the long run.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013 01:32

>> No. 125082
I was thinking he decides to act like a character from one of his favourite films or something along the lines of.... M.S notices this change of character (I'm assuming that he has been in Equestria for awhile now.) Notices who Leo is portraying and they discuss films and the like.
>> No. 125084
Well M.S. did fall right out of the sky (literally) and theres still a lot for him to understand. In his homeworld there weren't any movies for him to watch (not sure if there were movies at all) but maybe when he arrives he could have watched one that he really liked and Leo just so happened to be acting out and they kinda hit it off and M.S. gave him a chance.

In reality during interviews, a situation like this rarely works out especially if the interviewer changes the subject and goes off tangents. But then again this is a world of magical ponies and its about to get particle cannons and a villian who talks like Christian Bale... So what the hay. :)

Last edited at Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013 02:07

>> No. 125085
That could work. I just wasn't too sure how long MS has been in Equestria up till this point.
>> No. 125088

By the time he starts hiring ponies for his workshop would have been a couple weeks and he would have already starting living in the office quarters.

Still keeping ideas on the table though. One other idea I had would be M.S. was very irritated because he had a very hard time finding a PR pony or there just werent any available at all and while Leo was visiting Ponyville the two run into eachother at a public place and get to talking.
>> No. 125090
Just wondering...anything done with Epiphany yet?
>> No. 125091
Yes. A concept artist like myself. ;)

Bear in mind its a minor role.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013 10:28

>> No. 125097
Well, it's not so much holidays as it is prepping for college. Last year I had to sit out and had to keep myself afloat with a job after they told me there was a "discrepancy" on my tax papers and I couldn't get my scholarship money, and of course they only told me that after it was way too late to change. Thus, I've been double and triple checking all summer to make sure they don't weasel me out of my money again. I've been too paranoid to focus on much else.
>> No. 125098
Hello Data stream, its good to hear back from you.

I have been lacking in the OC department for a while and I have been meaning to ask you something about your OC, I kinda want to make one or two changes to his appearance. First I want to give him somewhat rectangular glasses and a lab coat. For some reason I imagine him as a "Otacon" type character from Metal Gear Solid with all the cool stuff he has.
>> No. 125099
It's just like one of my Japanese animes!

Funny you should mention rectangle glasses actually. I originally planned for him to have those, but they didn't have any in the pony creator, or I didn't like how they looked. After that, I just stuck with his normal ones. I really should commission a ref sheet for him, or at least art of some form.

I think a lab coat could work, especially while he is tinkering away at stuff.

Having him be Otacon styled could be interesting. I'm curious now to what you have in mind for him.
>> No. 125101
File 137452940258.jpg - (333.22KB , 1600x1200 , otacon_metal_gear_solid_guns_patriots_video_game_desktop_1600x1200_hd-wallpaper-75569.jpg )
(pic somewhat related)

Well story wise from what I have he likes to live outside of Ponyville in a hidden bunker, it has a tungsten alloy vault door that emerges from the ground if you enter the key combination right on a false rock underneath a tree. He is very reclusive because of all the contraband he has stashed in his facility. (I mentioned he has particle cannons) When he is out and about its to get the dirt on ponies and profit from it. (Colts gotta make a living somehow right?) But most of the time he just tinkers away with his "toys" he obtained illegally.

The primary characters need information from him and they stop by to pay him a visit after accomplishing a convoluted series of steps to get a hold of him.
>> No. 125102
Yeah, I know Otacon, I was referencing the "Awesome" series of Metal Gear, even if their humor has grown a bit stale after being spammed over everywhere. Granted, as much as I liked Metal Gear Solid, I still have yet to play much of the other games yet. I played a small bit of 3, but despite getting good reviews, I still haven't played the 4th one. I'm waiting for a PS3 to try it. I can't afford too much. But I'm just rambling off topic at this point.

Yeah, I do imagine him to have a very convoluted entrance to his abode. He'll act friendly to many, but he genuinely opens up to pretty much no one. And if someone actually managed to get into his place, he'd act much more like himself, which isn't exactly pleasant. Not specifically mean, mind you, but rather up front.
>> No. 125103
One of the things that will make him very upset will be Pinkie Pie, she mistakenly activates one of his particle cannons and blows a hole through one of his computers.

I was also leaning towards Pinkie shooting herself with a low powered version slamming herself against the wall. You know, good ol' slapstick.
>> No. 125104
And I'm guessing that even a low powered version usually blows a hole through ponies, leading to a moment of panic from him as it heats up, but Pinkie being Pinkie is mostly unharmed?
>> No. 125105
Yeah for the most part she is unharmed aside from being blown against the wall.
>> No. 125106
Hence the "mostly", heh.

Well, sounds good so far. Anything else you need to hammer out?
>> No. 125107
Well other than what I said so far not really, I kinda want to at least withold the plot related reason as to why they needed to pay him a visit. I will say he has sparse but some info on Field Marshal Serj.

I really want to get into OC's again, after I finish this next piece of (color) concept art I'll do just that.
>> No. 125108
Yeah, I saw it was going to be more tech this time around. You churn out some really cool stuff.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013 15:23

>> No. 125110
Thank you I appreciate that. Sometimes I like to think of my my tech stuff can be better than other established Sci-fi tech. (I reference pretty much every sci-fi movie/series from the 1950's-1990's with the exception of Star Wars, I can't top that.) Maybe some modern stuff, still not sure.
>> No. 125111
Good ol' Star Wars. I still play around on the EMU servers of Star Wars Galaxies, I admit. I'm disappointed they still haven't updated to Jump to Lightspeed, though. I miss that.

I have to admit, a lot of your stuff looks like it could really work, which goes a long way on helping establish a universe.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013 15:33

>> No. 125112
Wait until you see that submarine I'm working on, its going to be bitch'n.
>> No. 125113
Is the sub owned by the rebels or Morning Star?
>> No. 125114

Morning Star, it has a docking hangar so it can embark/disembark the Fortunate Son, along with other vehicles, It also has primitive ballistic missile technology (basically on par with the German V-2's)

Edit: Thats not what I'm working on as of this moment, still doing sketches on that.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013 16:05

>> No. 125115
Doing rather well for himself. How does he afford all this tech? Support for the war effort?
>> No. 125116

After arriving in ponyville he establishes a business (with the help of his new friends of course) that becomes very successful developing useful inventions, in his world of origin he obtained professional training in mechanical engineering but didn't get a chance to use it similar events took hold that are about to happen in Equestria in his home world and he got involved.

A lot of his stuff like the Fortunate Son (RD doesn't like it btw) are basically showpieces for his business and that's how he helps nab clients. One of which was Shelly Shore's father who purchased a dozen steam dozers.

As for the friction between the Pendulum Contingency and the Drakovian Republic, a vast majority of that will tend to stay out of Equestria when they do rumble. The primary characters get caught in the middle. Afterwards the bad guys invade Equestria. That's all I am going to divulge for now.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013 16:20

>> No. 125119
Hmm, I guess all that I can do now is sit back and see how things turn out from here, eh? I've been busy looking over my shoulder at college lately, but I'll see if I can stick around more here to help out on any more questions you might have for Data.
>> No. 125120
Thanks, If I have any questions I will be sure to consult you, but after I finish this next round of tech I'll get back to work on OC's, Infernal Daleks OC is long overdue as is CC&HS and Florid.

Also your course of study is very important, that comes first.
>> No. 125151
File 137466067602.png - (1.59MB , 1463x1020 , sabre.png )

The Sabertooth is a fast attack vehicle designed by Contingency engineers and former Drakovian scientists and is equipped with four directional anti-grav fins, and a powerful rear pulse engine. It is armed with two 20mm Gatling cannons and two missile pods mounted on the aft directional fins. This vehicle is designed for fast hit-and-run style attacks against light armored vehicles and given flat sloped profiles and retractable weapons ports to avoid radar detection. Like most vehicles of the Pendulum Contingency it utilizes anti-grav technology and must be armed with conventional projectile weapons to compensate for power consumption and stress applied to its fusion drive core.

Sov's notes:

A good guy vehicle! And its in color! Yay! :D But this will probably be one of the few colored concept art pieces because of time constraints.

Why is it that rebel factions don't believe in paint touch-ups? Because paint is expensive, especially areospace paint. During the Second World War the Imperial Japanese navy often skipped on new paint jobs because it wasn't available.

Twilights "Please don't get us killed" face. xD

Last edited at Wed, Jul 24th, 2013 03:12

>> No. 125153
You bet your a$$ Pinkie is going to drive one of these bad boys. It will be awesome and hilarious. The only pony who wont drive/ride one is RD, shes too fond of going about things with her own wings.

Edit: Am I getting closer to everypony's head-canon now?

Last edited at Wed, Jul 24th, 2013 04:00

>> No. 125173
File 137474810888.png - (2.02MB , 1020x1200 , serj.png )
To my loyal House of Sovereign,

There was a recent facebook post of the HUB page mentioning some sort of official announcement. Needless to say I am a bit shocked with curiosity but at the same time this has lit a fire under my flank. From now on I will even harder try to do something every day and something amazing like paintings again because I need to get this thing off the ground now, believe it or not I am competing against season 4 in terms of story/scope and depth.

And with that here's a portrait of Serj. Christian Bale pony is watching you clop and hes going to electric pawnch you in the face ;)

Naaa he just wants to kill Twilight Sparkle and her friends and invade Equestria. That's all.
>> No. 125208
File 137481546877.jpg - (78.43KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013072551832.jpg )
More of Morning Star's vehicles on the way!

Pinkie Pie on a 40mm BOFOR anti-aircraft gun... So much yes?

Last edited at Thu, Jul 25th, 2013 22:13

>> No. 125223
Wow, this is kind of quiet anymore, maybe it's the whole "keep the chatter related" bit. I'll admit my ramblings were a bit off topic in this thread already, but I still feel it was better than not saying anything :P

I'm getting a pretty big 40k vibe from that bad boy there, like they're riding off to crush a bunch of SPECE MAHRINES or something. Well, at least the red one goes faster.
>> No. 125224
Lol yeah I know things got a little quiet but that's ok, I just hope everypony is still following along and not forgotten about lil' ol me...

And yes the Rebel Rouser was kinda inspired by the Ork Trukk but more along the lines with WWII era halftracks and those beastly 1930's Mercedes troop transports from Raiders of the Lost Ark I liked so much.

Oh and Mcleeches Bitch'n halftrack from "The Rescuers: Down Under".

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 20:01

>> No. 125225
Well, actually I was refering more to the sabertooth, rather than the recent one. The Rebel Rouser certainly is more WWII inspired, though there is a little bit of 40k there.

Dat halftrack was bitch'n. Makes sense for an Australian badass. Sniper had some mean competition back then.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 20:07

>> No. 125226
Ah I see, actually the Sabertooth was more macross/Gundam inspired and its touch-up starved and dirty appearance is more Star Wars inspired.

To quote sniper: "You live in a van!!!!"

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 20:55

>> No. 125227
I thought I saw a set one time where they had hoverbikes like that, but now I can't find anything close to it. Maybe I just didn't see what I thought I saw *shrug*
>> No. 125228
And yeah you will find a lot of M.S.'s vehicles and creations are seemingly on par WWII era technology (Including his upcoming diesel/electric submarine) mainly because his home world was on par with that level of technology after he left and that's about all he knows, (basically 1930's/1920's dieselpunk world) when he gets a chance to see all this crazy tech belonging to the Contingency and Drakovians he is shocked bewildered, as are his new friends.

Also, he tends to keep petroleum powered vehicles to himself because I wrote that Equestria hasn't made oil refinement practical because there aren't enough oil deposits in Equestria to make oil based energy production feasible and still utilizes a lot of coal.(In which that part is canon) Which is why his inventions he puts on the market are still steam driven. So he refines his own petroleum wherever he finds it for his own uses.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 20:41

>> No. 125229
File 137490382686.jpg - (3.01KB , 112x105 , Lusha1_3.jpg )
I forgot to say, I didn't mind your ramblings, I liked ramble too and like Lusha, I enjoy listening to what ponies have to say. :)

(It's just the whole autosage thing)

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 22:47

>> No. 125313
File 137508935518.jpg - (52.80KB , 663x656 , 17.jpg )
How long have you been drawing?

liking your style hehe.
>> No. 125314
Oh Officially since April, pretty much since MMC and before but I didn't start posting then. My old thread has some more stuff the link is right above.

Anyway I'm glad you enjoy my stuff, its for a major comic series. (Again my old thread has prototype pages)

Oh but I do have some professional training in design sketching and mechanical drafting.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 29th, 2013 02:39

>> No. 125344
I had a friend over for Malta, so I couldn't be very active. I tried finding this thread, but I lost the link, so I searched for it, and just found it now.

And wow, there's a lot of text. I'll try to make some time to read it. What have you been talking about? And is there anything I should definitely read? :)
>> No. 125346
Wowie wow wow its CC&HS! I missed you so much buddy! How ya doin'? :D

Well mostly we were talking about my upcoming contraptions, "Serj" Twilights new nemesis that sounds like Christian Bale, and going back to work on OC's soon. Oh! A new good guy vehicle! I made a jetbike! :D
>> No. 125347
Damn, I missed you guys as well. I've been good :)
I've seen some of the designs, and they really really look fantastic. I'm actually going through the reposts as well. It's all really coming along greatly ^^
>> No. 125348
Well with the reposts I thought it would be nice to add some fluff to the vehicles and explain as to why the bad guys have them, mainly for locking horns (No pun intended) with the Pendulum Contingency. The decision for them to "Invade Equestria" kinda comes out of nowhere, but in reality the primary antagonist has been plotting it for years (I still refuse to release any info on him, just Serj)

By the way I have been reading these books recently and all I'm going to say is Twilight and her friends are going to play submarine! :D

Last edited at Tue, Jul 30th, 2013 13:45

>> No. 125350
I used to love submarines! (Still do)
Going to be epic! ^^
>> No. 125352
File 137522129038.png - (174.21KB , 876x912 , pinkie_pie_by_moongazeponies-d3g6mt2.png )
Pinkie Pie is going to be a sonar technician. Dear God imagine the implications of giving her the most boring job on a submarine. Its all for teh Schadenfreude.

I like submarines too, the German VIIC/41 Uboats and the Japanese I-400 class are my favorite.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 30th, 2013 15:02

>> No. 125356
I like the yellow ones! o3o
>> No. 125358
I think we all like "that" particular sub... >_>

Anyway I'm glad you're back CC&HS ;) I was afraid you and your brother were having a blood feud over computer usage. That sort of thing happened with my brother for years. O_o

Last edited at Tue, Jul 30th, 2013 16:45

>> No. 125371
Thank you :)
Well, I am soon heading off to a boarding school, so that problem will probably be solved by then. Which also means I'll be less on the internet all around. They have blocked the connection in the rooms we're staying, so I need to go somewhere special, to find a connection.

But I will hopefully be able to check for updates everday ^^
>> No. 125373
Whelp I think I have two goals, get the first volume before you head off and before God damned November 23rd when the actual show airs in North America. :S

They probably have internetz in the school library you can use, I don't know if you can access ponychan. Nevertheless, I'll miss you buddy! :)

Edit: Third goal, learn the crap out of photoshop and find a way to keep it from expiring.

Edit edit: I suppose the primary reason why I am afraid of the show beating me to the punch are my villians. I have painstakingly developed everything for the past 8 months and they have received a great amount of my attention because I want my readers to really hate them (character wise not quality wise of course). I said I may release more information on "Serj" and as I said before he is very deadly. And his encounter with Twilight and her friends will leave the readers with a feeling of "HO-LY FUCK, WHAT A PSYCHO/BRUTE..." I will release a rendering soon that literally sets the stage for that.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 31st, 2013 04:20

>> No. 125374
I hope I can find connection somewhere, yeah ^^
I've used photoshop for years actually. It's pretty simple to learn the basics. The other stuff will come by itself. So if you need help, feel free to ask :)

And you can probably just download a torrent, so it wont expire. If that's something you woud do, that is.
>> No. 125375
Really oh wow. I sure do appreciate that. I have your deviantart profile I can hit you up there if I have any questions.

And yes I have a torrent of CS5, it works for a while but its the serials that go bad.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 31st, 2013 04:31

>> No. 125376
No problem.
There is a lot of different Photoshop programs. CS, Adobe Elements and such. I currently use Adobe Elements 8.0.

Depends on what you want to use it for ^^
>> No. 125377

Well mainly comic panels :S, I have seen other successful fancomics done with photoshop. I was originally going to use corel draw but I changed my mind.

Another problem I am having is figuring out an "art style" to go with which is why those prototypes are still uncolored. I don't know if I want to use the same exact vectors from the show, cartoony like the official IDW comics, develop my own style which I am at a loss. Everypony has seen my work and my contraptions it would be hard to express the detail I want if I decide to go cartoony.

I'm really open to suggestions on this and the sooner I figure this out the better (And the rest of my ideas will be safe).
>> No. 125379
Well, rather cartoony than show accurate. Finding your own style, would probably be the best, but also hard.

Some Manga kind of style could be an idea, but not sure if it's fitting. Something with thin lines, or a little sketchy style.
>> No. 125380
I'm back, back in the new 'chan groove.

How's that sub coming along?
>> No. 125392
File 137533667241.jpg - (80.73KB , 1024x649 , Sailorhats1_1.jpg )
Pretty good, I have been reading some practical books on the subject and essentially its a combo ballistic missile sub/carrier so it will probably be almost 400 ft long. (Which is huge for a WWII style diesel/electric sub) It will carry about 3 ballistic missiles and have six bow torpedo tubes and two in the stern in addition to a retractable deck gun and various anti-aircraft guns on the conning tower. And like I said, accommodate the Fortunate Son. Something like this is kind of unheard-of and uncommon as far as submarines go. (Morning Star likes to be prepared for anything)

Still, I cant decide which is more adorable. American style sailor hats or Deutschen Uboot mann folded caps for the "crew", you ponies decide:

Edit: I'm also looking into Sterling Engines for propulsion, modern navies have looked into them and I think it would be interesting. I like to be like Tom Clancy with these things, Sci-fi with realism.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 31st, 2013 23:17

>> No. 125396
So yeah applejacks folded cap or pinkies sailor cap. Which is the cutest? (Dont say captain M.S. Because that goes without saying.) :3

I would have edited it but I am on a mobile device.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 1st, 2013 02:34

>> No. 125424
That's.... a really hard choice.
I would have to say, Applejack's hat. I kinda like the design :)
>> No. 125434
Hiya CC&HS!

I'm still not sure myself, but I might lean towards the folded caps because I like u-boats:

I started my new job a couple days ago and the project hasn't been on my mind. Which is bad because I want to get volume 1 before you go to that boarding school. But the good news is I decided on an art style to go with comic wise.

The other good news is my new job is part time. For now.
>> No. 125439
Baggie Pack knows hats, where is he or she when you need him or her :S

Last edited at Sat, Aug 3rd, 2013 22:35

>> No. 125457
File 137566269711.jpg - (68.03KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013080412893.jpg )
He likes to paint angry faces on his vehicles, kind of a tradition on his home world:
>> No. 125485
File 137583242262.jpg - (69.03KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013080639272.jpg )
Conning tower with port/starboard hangar bays with helipad:
>> No. 125523
Just don't call me "it".

Sadly had to attend to a few matters for a few days, but I'm back now, though I'm going to be busy during the weekend too.

Another bit of bad news, for me at least, is that after my computer crashed, we had to replace it with an older model that can't run TF2 :/
No more hats for me for a while.

There's going to be some obvious favoritism toward the "Team Captain" style, but only one gets to wear that hat. As for the rest, it's almost a case where different hats suit different ponies better.

The "Little Buddy" style hat fits Pinkie (Pyro) quite well, but I don't see it working as well on Applejack. The somewhat "Pilotka" hat fits her so much better, but doesn't fit Pinkie Pie as much as the hat she has on.
>> No. 125525
Aww, sorry to hear. Nice to have you back though.
Tomorrow (sunday) I am going to a boarding school, so I probably wont be much around as well. But I'll pop in, when I have those "Sleepless nights"... which basically would be every night.
>> No. 125532
"He's not here is she?!" - Scout

Yeah I'm probably going to go with AJ's hat for teh pony crew, I think I will write in a joke as to why Pinkie likes her hat better. Either way, AJ is going to hate how she had to surrender her cowboy hat because she can't fit through the corridors with her cowboy hat and she thinks the folded cap is stupid. :P

Good to have you back Baggie Pack, sorry to hear about the busted PC, be cool okey? :3

Aww dang... I wish I could have released SOMETHING soon, I have been kinda busy with my new job and whatnot. But that's good that you have internetz, I'll try my best to release something, maybe tomorrow I hope...
>> No. 125552
I've been spying from the rafters and I'm happy to see some familiar faces back! If only my computer could handle these things called games and applications.... I'd happily add the visual idea pool
>> No. 125584
File 137629261792.jpg - (67.29KB , 994x768 , Drakus1_1.jpg )
That's alright Leo, its good to know you're still hanging around good buddy ;)

A rendering I'm going to do of the "Bad guy" capital, (Twilight and her friends WILL GO HERE) it doesn't look like much now but once its done it should be ok.
>> No. 125586
File 137629741446.jpg - (165.25KB , 1680x1050 , drakus.jpg )
Heres a better WIP
>> No. 125592
Finally got around to reading some of the Star Wars books, been taking my time with that since I've heard there is generally more misses than hits, but I've always heard that if you're going to read any Star Wars books, read the Grand Admiral Thrawn trilogy. I'll admit, from what I've read so far, the first book is fairly good. If you're into Star Wars, I'd recommend you give "Heir to the Empire" a look, Thrawn seems to have a bit in common with ol' Serj.

Also, as an added bonus Talon Karde I was telling you about makes his debut in these books, so I have a little more inspiration for Data Stream now.
>> No. 125597
File 137633772319.jpg - (46.67KB , 800x600 , IMG_2013072053836.jpg )

As far as Serj goes, like Twilight he is the chosen one to reign over his nation once his master decides the time is right. But for now he is still a student. As a villian, he feels a lot of what he does is for the good of his nation and the principles of industrial collectivism, as Baggie Pack said hes not evil just for the sake of evil, he has his own designs. (some of which conflict with his masters ideals) One of which was his particular interest in Twilight especially after the Chrysalis attacks. (Mainly because his nation had a similar problem with her after her attack on Equestria, the changelings were easily thwarted thanks to their superior anti-aircraft platforms) There is even an instance when Twilight and Serj have met before these events take place, I have written a very clever sub-story as to how Serj managed to infiltrate the Grand Galloping Gala and was the cause of the whole thing to fall apart to cover his escape, it wasn't necessarily the mane-six being stupid as told within the shows canon.

Hes going to be an interesting and complicated villian, but he is also a brute, there will be a time in which he severely physically beats the mane-6 using his Pashabi martial arts techniques. He is also the type to "kick them while they're down" as well. That experience will be very gut-wrenching when the time comes.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 12th, 2013 19:23

>> No. 125612
Well, I haven't seen Thrawn hand out any beatdowns yet, but he keeps an unstable clone of a jedi master on a leash without sweating, so I assume he has at least some training to back up on. Beyond his silver tongue, of course, though instead of a buttering up kind of way, it's more so through logic and reasoning.

Basically, during the events of the old movies, he was out fighting in the outer rim facing off all sorts of nasty things not even heard of by the people of the core worlds, giving him a tactical edge. He comes back after the Emperor is killed and musters up the ragtag forces that are left and poses a serious threat to the now New Republic, even retaking Couresant. Think a little if Emperor Palpitine was Augustus, Thrawn is Caesar back from fighting the barbarians and retaking Rome. Interesting stuff. He also sees himself more in that Caesar role as opposed to some dark side ruler bent on spreading suffering.

Also, rather interesting stuff on Serj there. I think as you can tell, I'm rather fond of villains, and even had Data Stream sort of set up as one himself, but decided against it at least for this story.
>> No. 125615
File 137637324647.jpg - (157.34KB , 1680x1050 , drakus2.jpg )
More WIP:

Thrawn sounds like a badass, I think I'm going to pick up on his series of books.

As for Serj, hes much more "hands on", if there's something he wants he gets it himself, the old "If you want something done right, do it yourself." mentality. He isn't a typical "deskjob" general type, hes always on the field at all times even going as far as to participate in combat, usually by Crewing a Lancehead Tank. Its that kind of mentality that gave him the gumption to crash the Gala and eventually, beat Twilight to a pulp. All because he can as well. However its more complicated than that, with him being Twilight's counterpart, his curiosity of all her accomplishments made him want to confront her in combat, to see if the stories live up to the legend, everything he does is not just blind rage.

I'm glad you already like him as a villain even though he hasn't really done anything yet, that means I'm going my job right. I really wish I could go into details but I don't want to spoil months of developing this character and his plans. But I guarantee you, he is among the most well developed villains in MLP history. When the time comes he will make Sunset Shimmer and Trixie look like worthless sluts.

Btw Datastream always struck me as more on an anti-hero.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 12th, 2013 22:56

>> No. 125621
Well, by the show's standards he might still have been considered one. Still, he needs at least a little work on him, or at least I'd like to, if you don't mind hearing and tossing some ideas back and forth?
>> No. 125624

Your stuff is so brilliant. I don't know how you get clouds/smoke to look like you do!
>> No. 125626
File 137643510995.jpg - (176.68KB , 1680x1050 , drakus3.jpg )
WIP update:
Wouldn't you like to see the mane-6 go somewhere exciting and dangerous like this will be?

Thanks for the compliment, I'll have to show you how its done sugarcube. ;)

I appreciate the offer but I would have to seriously think about that, I have invested months in developing this story and all the elements within it and I am very reluctant on releasing critical information regarding plot specific details and characters. I'll sleep on it.
>> No. 125632
Well, I was meaning on Data Stream himself, if that wouldn't interfere too much with what you have planned. Serj is your character and your business, I wouldn't intrude on that.
>> No. 125633
File 137645927819.jpg - (176.09KB , 1680x1050 , drakus4.jpg )
Because this is Serj's domain, you bet your a$$ I was listening to Toxicity while working on this:

Ahh I see, well if that's the case go ahead and send me a private message on Deviantart if possible and we can talk about that. I could use some more ideas for Data stream as well.

That goes for you other O.C. caretakers, if you feel like discussing role ideas for your O.C.'s feel free to PM me.
>> No. 125641
File 137654279908.jpg - (143.01KB , 1680x1050 , Serj's private train.jpg )
I have delayed finishing this thing since March and I think with my new-found profession in selling railroad and railroad accessories I probably should, idk what do you guys think?:

Its really a German WWII era BR 52. Its supposed to be Serj's private train

Edit: You can tell this is old, my sketch ponies are pretty bad.

Last edited at Wed, Aug 14th, 2013 22:52

>> No. 125644
File 137655469412.png - (229.81KB , 743x418 , applejack.png )
I dont know I'f I'm being self conscious of my work... But somethimes I feel I am wasting my time...

Last edited at Thu, Aug 15th, 2013 08:55

>> No. 125645
File 137656027642.png - (374.12KB , 900x799 , sad_pinkie_pie__c_by_mlpwallpapermaker-d4qdzxj.png )
You sir are not waiting your time. You are working on a large scale project, which I'm proud to call myself (well my OC) a part of. Keep working on it!
>> No. 125660
File 137663783396.jpg - (47.23KB , 600x800 , IMG_2013081613786.jpg )
Thanks Leo thats very reassuring to know. I guess I said that because I have been so damn tired lately...

That and I'm just worried...

Last edited at Fri, Aug 16th, 2013 00:47

>> No. 125669
File 137672024823.jpg - (216.19KB , 1680x1050 , drakus5.jpg )
More WIP:
>> No. 125678
File 137681413903.jpg - (33.80KB , 413x555 , IMG_2013081810589-1.jpg )

'Smore of Serj:
>> No. 125679
Finally... got to the time. I've been really busy, and having almost no internet.

I must say Sovereign, I can really see the scale of your work now, and how you execute it, is amazing. I never imagined that this project would have so much depth and detail in it. The art is simply amazing, and the few bits we got from the story sounds magnificent.

I am more excited to see this project taking off, than the season 4 opening. A lot more.

Sorry for being so absent, but I will for sure never leave this project, and I will do everything I can to help and support you. So just keep up the good work, and don't stress. I know you got this :)
>> No. 125684
Sorry I haven't got back to you on Data Stream yet, first day of college tomorrow. I got to take part in my first Pathfinder tabletop session over the weekend though, that was rather fun.

I'm rather excited for a continuation of this as well, even if I'm not always around to give you the praise you deserve.
>> No. 125692
File 137689869933.jpg - (20.09KB , 387x533 , IMG_2013081916555-1.jpg )
Heres a quick funny:
AJ: "What in the Sam hay are you up to sugarcube?"
MS: "Ohohohooo... I love it when you call me "sugarcube" my little "honeysuckle"... speaking of "suckle"...
MS: "Hey what!?
AJ: "Keep your dirty euphemisms to yourself hoss.


Thats alright Data Stream, your education comes first. But I'm glad you're still sticking around. That goes for you too CC&HS, I'm glad too see you are still around too. But thanks guys that means a lot. I have worked very hard of this project for many months and there are still gaps to fill. I wish I could reveal a lot more of the major plot information but I assure you there are things that are planned out to a tee. For example all of my bad guy vehicles have systems on board that enable them to sense and detect magic usage, the slightest horn twinkle and the vehicles passive AI will temporary seize control of the weapon systems and rapidly neutralize its magic user target in fractions of a second. That way a wise flank unicorn cant just make the treads disappear and turn the tanks into a bouncy super ball for shits and giggles.

I suppose the reason why I am so worried is M.S. is essentially a Gary Stu, and people hate that trope. And theres no avoiding the Gary Stu trope especially with his qualifications as an inventor. And trying to insert him in the inner circle of the mane-6 will be very difficult. And as for the hardest part I'm worried about is getting the readers to like him. So far I have tried my best to exclude any shipping between him and the rest of the mane six. And its hard to make the series not revolve around him even though in the very end he asserts a role of astronomic significance.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 19th, 2013 01:28

>> No. 125694
I'm having more computer problems, I feel so left out >_<
>> No. 125701
File 137698367735.jpg - (30.90KB , 597x503 , IMG_2013082019477-1.jpg )
'Salright Baggie Pack we still love ya. You havn't missed much, I was just expressing my concerns of intoducing a new "mane" character.
>> No. 125726
File 137715352640.jpg - (223.47KB , 1680x1050 , drakus6.jpg )
More WIP of the bad guy capital, still adding lots of pinnacles and towers:
>> No. 125752
File 137733261252.jpg - (35.60KB , 800x600 , IMG_2013082438941.jpg )
You bet your a$$ this is coming soon after some lengthly delays:
>> No. 125755
File 137733511773.jpg - (211.68KB , 1024x768 , spoiler.jpg )
Oh yeah, and the Equestrian narrow gauge rail lines are getting some of these:

(I take credit for snapping this photo personally by the way)

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 02:06

>> No. 125786
File 137749724657.jpg - (33.82KB , 800x600 , IMG_2013082522505.jpg )
Want some moar steampunk?
>> No. 125793
You can never go wrong with moar steampunk
>> No. 125794
You got it! ;)
>> No. 125830
File 137767671626.jpg - (98.82KB , 994x768 , Tree remover1_1.jpg )

The "Samson" is essentially a climax logging locomotive modified with tank treads that enable the vehicle to traverse all types of terrain. It is marketed as a "do anything" vehicle capable of hauling even the heaviest of cargo. The Samson features a unique centered flexible drive shaft that provides power to both sets of tank treads similar to its rail-bound counterpart, in addition to a "power steering" mechanism that can be operated from within the cab.

The "Bear Trap" is a Steam/Electric hybrid tree extraction machine used to replant and relocate trees safely and efficiently. Its namesake was coined by its sinister design although its purposes are generally benevolent. The machine is powered by a coal fired vertical boiler and equipped with a "Franco-Crosti" pre-boiler to optimize fuel efficiency when operating out in the fields. The Vertical boiler in turn powers a steam turbine/electric generator to provide electricity for the powerful extraction machine and its hydraulic systems.

Sov's notes: I'm not making this shit up for giggles, a lot of what I design takes lots of research for these things to make sure I have a practical machine that can actually work, a lot of steam punk literature pisses me off when they design a system that wouldn't really work because they don't know anything about real steam power. Seriously, Google "Franco Crosti boiler" and "Climax locomotive".

BTW Heres some BGM I intend to use for the tree replanting montage:

Last edited at Wed, Aug 28th, 2013 01:15

>> No. 125833
File 137770790488.png - (174.83KB , 909x878 , happy_fluttershy_by_junkiesnewb-d4cnt4x.png )
So Leo u leik dis? Cause there will be moar.
>> No. 125837
I like looking at these. The fact that you actually do research on them too makes them better.
>> No. 125840
File 137775918221.jpg - (44.27KB , 800x600 , IMG_2013082816760.jpg )
Thanks, I appreciate that. I try my best to make sure my designs have some basis on reality. Even the bad guy/good guy vehicles are practical to certain extents. Granted particle collider technology is still in its infacy as are fusion drive cores, and anti-grav technology still remains in the realm of theoretical physics, all of which some of my vehicles utilize.

Still... What I am trying to convey in my work is what if the MLP world got a taste of these kinds of technology? Steampunk and cyberpunk alike. Aside from things like AJ saving her farm with this stuff whilist AC/DC plays. Lol
>> No. 125848
I approve good chap! Now to try and build these in real life....
>> No. 125852
Thanks thanks Leo that means a lot that you like my style of steampunk. I just hope people will enjoy these machines and their uses in the MLP world. I wish I could release more stuff frequently but my drafting table is located in my office room which isn't air conditioned. And it has been unbearable in my neck of the woods. Run a weather report check for Los Angeles and find out, its pretty bad.

Either way I intend on releasing another steam/electric hybrid vehicle soon with six hydraulic legs and dual franco crosti boiler systems. With electric saw blades.

By the way Leo, off topic but I have had customers in my shop from all over the world this week because of a nearby model railway convention and a couple of them were Kiwi's! You guys really are a friendly bunch! Though none of them from the Christchurch area. I just thought I would mention it because it made me think of you.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 30th, 2013 00:56

>> No. 125853
File 137785263118.jpg - (139.34KB , 800x1066 , IMG_2013083034391.jpg )
Also Leo, I dont know if its fate, dumb luck, or Gods will but today this book which the locomotive type the Samson I designed is based on just so happened to find its way to our shop with a man willing to part with his railroad stuff. I paid him $20 for it before the actual store gets its hands on it and mark up the price. And minutes before this book was brought in I was showing my co-workers my drawing and they really got a kick out of. No one until now has ever stuck tank treads under a Climax locomotive.

Also the information in the book suggests quite a few of them served logging railroads in New Zealand.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 30th, 2013 10:48

>> No. 125859
Seen one of those getting restored actually, and good to know that your co-workers are getting a kick out of this epic project of yours. Hopefully they will let you sketch some of it there?

Thanks for that, it made me smile when you mentioned the Kiwifolks. I *must* really get my steampunk stuff sorted for a Steampunk Fayre and Ball that is on next weekend.
>> No. 125885
File 137810678332.jpg - (92.39KB , 800x1066 , spoiler.jpg )
Spoilered due to non-pony content.

Well... That escalated quickly. Remember that model railway convention I was telling you about my dear Leo? Well when I went there I ended up doing more work than have fun because while I was wearing my uniform my clients wouldn't leave me alone. Aaaaand I ended up buying a model logging railway... Yeah... And until that gets situated my drafting table will really be out of commission for another day or two.

But on the other hand it has given me an idea for an episode in which strange disturbances in the Sugar Pine woods have halted operations by the INCOM Lumber and Mining CO. (Owned by the Shores family) therefore they have sought help from Morning Star, Twilight Sparkle, and their friends to investigate. Little do they know a beast in the woods awaits them.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 2nd, 2013 00:40

>> No. 125910
File 137836038635.jpg - (64.49KB , 983x812 , twilight_sparkle___at_the_crystal_empire_library_by_mysteriouskaos-d5kqack_png.jpg )
In in the process of clearing off my drafting table and I'm at another crossroads, I have lots of ideas so open development. I'm still preparing renderings and concept art for EQD which has taken up a good chunk of my time. but I want some more feedback on what you all may want. Even people new to following the project can suggest something, just be cool okey?

And those who have been following with Enlisted OC's, URGENT! Report in!

Last edited at Wed, Sep 4th, 2013 22:56

>> No. 125914
File 137837990753.jpg - (741.60KB , 2100x2100 , steampunkleo(GenesisAmora).jpg )
Reportin' in! Hmm, have you created any more original locations?
>> No. 125915
Good to know you're still around Leo.

As for original locations, I can absolutely confirm three. Two of which I havn't done renderings for yet. Theres the polluted, miserable, and corrupt Drakovian Republic. The lush mountain paradise known as the "Pendulum Valley". And the Pashabi desert wastelands and craggy mountain tops. I didn't want to say this just yet but each of those primary locations was inspired by the three planes of the afterlife based on Christian mythology. With the Republic obviously being Hell, the Pendulum Valley as heaven, and the Pashabi desert kingdom as Limbo. The major locations are essentially covered in that respect.

I can confirm the Shores Costal Estate and nearby Horeshoe Bay. I was going to rename it something Spanish, and base it off Santa Barbara California.

I can confirm another minor location would be the Sugar Pine Woods carefully used for lumber extraction.

I can also confirm additional restaurants in the Ponyville area and other minor places of interest. One of which will become the CMC's favorite hangout.
>> No. 125916
I assembled the team to confirm permanent roles btw. Lets hope everypony can get a chance to check in soon.
>> No. 125919
Wow, you have been busy haven't you? Give it time and I'm sure folks will report in.
>> No. 125920
I know for a fact that Data Stream and CC&HS are busy with their course of study and Baggie Pack is wrapped up in computer problems. All this is understandable. But some more continuous feedback with the others would be nice.

You see the problem Leo is that I have so many ideas going on at the same time. I have tons of new characters to bring in. One such distinguished air marshall named "Lazarev" for the bad guys. Along with a whole back log of renderings I have to finish. One of which is Twilight and Serj locking horns in an iron foundry.

And many more. And I'm just trying to determine what everypony would like to see more of.....

Also.... The beign of hatred and rage will arise. I have been working on finalizing the primary antagonist... You guys wanna see?

Last edited at Thu, Sep 5th, 2013 22:21

>> No. 125922
Go on my good sir
>> No. 125927
I'll see if I can get something out around 10PM PST. tomorrow evening Leo. Hopefully I wont be too tired from work...
>> No. 125941
File 137862343198.jpg - (14.08KB , 378x400 , IMG_201309078581-1.jpg )
Development sketches for Lazarev. Another secondary villain.
>> No. 125951
I Lazarev a play on Lazarus? Just curious due to the bionics and the like.... also *yay* more development
>> No. 125953
File 137871352489.jpg - (21.69KB , 358x533 , IMG_201309090236-1.jpg )
Yes and no Mr. Leo, it is a Slavic surname but at the same time he was critically injured and these bionics saved his life and his career. I'll explain more later, but for now more development sketches:
>> No. 125965
Photography class is tougher than I thought it'd be. I have to do a lot of traveling to get a good shot, especially with a $40 quite off brand camera. Anything with even the slightest shade is a shot I have to throw out.

And of course English always has it own massive pile of work. Still, I really should check in more, even if I don't always feel up to it after working my way through the pile. I still need to discuss with you sometime some ideas for Data Stream, though I suppose it'd help if I got a DA account first.

Oh, and Lazarev looks exceptionally badass. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about him.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 22:01

>> No. 125967
File 137879275605.jpg - (83.30KB , 1066x800 , IMG_2013090929961.jpg )
Photography is tricky, I took a course back in high school and I have to tell you Data that lighting is everything, just by getting the wrong angle can turn a potentially great shot into a bad one. Make sure the amount of light allowed into your lense is optimal and not too bright as well. Make sure to learn the proper shutter settings for your camera. As for english the hardest part I found was utilizing and citing reliable sources for research papers in MLA format. That alone can break a paper easily.

If you require any assistance or if you would like to discuss Data Stream you can email me at [email protected]

As for Lazarev, I dont know if you could tell but despite his second chance at life he does enjoy his 3-pack a day regiment of cigs. It helps keep him balanced, he has a much more passive attitude for a villain as well. He doesn't fly off the handle because of what happened to him. He started smoking after his "accident".

Also Data... Do you want to see what the PRIMARY antagonist looks like as well?...

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 23:11

>> No. 125971
Well, even with proper settings, there is only so much an off brand camera without optical zoom can do. But it's good for getting the basics down. I might be able to get a decent camera when my college money comes in. At the very least to get a camera that uses double a's instead of triple, as only have a single hour to take photos whether the camera is on or off bugs me.

As for Mr. final boss guy, maybe reveal a little about him, but not too much.

I might try and get an email sent your way sometime.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 10th, 2013 10:45

>> No. 125972
Well... I can reveal one small thing. This may seem odd but the primary anagonists life is based off a loose interpretation of "Schism" by Tool. A lot of things and story ideas are inspired by a lot of things here and there especially music. But more-so by the Lateralus album.


And even the new character M.S. gets "Parabola" by Tool, which is almost a spot-on interpretation of his life too:

And "One" from Metallica

Last edited at Tue, Sep 10th, 2013 12:23

>> No. 125989
File 137897195501.jpg - (87.72KB , 1066x800 , IMG_201309128409.jpg )
I should have done this a long time ago, make an organized "binder bible" of my stuff.

Btw hai Leo. Oh noes! There you are sealed up in a plastic sheet! :0

In regards to all that, the Lyrics "I know the pieces fit" in Schism are super important, It has to do with how the primary antagonist learns how elements of harmony combined can be used for "alternative purposes".

Last edited at Thu, Sep 12th, 2013 01:08

>> No. 126026
Good news, I might be able to get a new computer soon.
>> No. 126027
And I have good and bad news... They cut my hours at work (hopefully just for now) so I have more time to work on the project... But now I have less money... Yay....

Last edited at Sat, Sep 14th, 2013 15:46

>> No. 126030
Ouch, sorry to hear that :(

The job market seems to be on the verge of collapse anymore.
>> No. 126033
Yeah I talked to my boss about it. Apparently I am doing nothing wrong (Infact he said I have been doing great) its just I'm "The lowest man on the totem pole", the last to be hired.

Retail sucks Baggie Pack, even if you are selling Railroad and Railroad accessories.

I'll see about getting something released tonight project wise. No promises though. Kinda depressed...
>> No. 126034
Anyway its good to see you Baggie Pack and I hope you get that new computer soon.
>> No. 126051
I need to do some technical illustrations. What equipment will I need that aren't par for the course in pencil-and-paper illustration? I know I'll need a compass, but I can get away with just that and a ruler to make perfectly accurate angles.
>> No. 126052
File 137931364029.jpg - (76.25KB , 1066x800 , IMG_2013091527773.jpg )
You came to the right place at the right time.

One thing that you will need for sure is a rectangular drawing surface like a desk or a table.

Then you will need a "T" square, its that wooden stick thats shaped like a pickaxe. The black end hugs the edge of your drawing surface and I guarentee other than your pencil this will be your most used tool out of all of them. You can pick one up at office depot.

For pencils I like to use the Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils. You may not know this but pencils vary in hardness and softness. The harder the pencil the lighter line, the softer the darker line when you draw with them. Typically I use 4H pencils the most then I go back to darken my lines with HB (#2) or B and B2.

You will need a Staedtler Mars plastic eraser. Magic rubs are shit tier erasers. You will also need an eraser shield. Its an inexpensive stainless steel template used to only erase areas you fit in the template cutouts. A drafting brush will come in handy when disposing of eraser particles. But you can get away with using a new UNUSED 6" paint brush.

Also you will want a set of drafting triangles. They come in a set of 2, one 60° angle and one 45° and surprisingly these will be used for making straight 90° angles and can be mix and matched to make other angles.

An engineers scale would be useful if you are doing mechanical drawings but if not you can get away with using a ruler for measuring. Dont use measuring equipment for drawing straight lines, thats what your t-square and triangles are for.

For misc. stuff a piece of sandpaper to taper your pencil lead will be useful and Blue Scotch Painters tape (3M BRAND ONLY) for taping down the corners of your drawing paper will be useful. And you might want a set of "French Curves" to draw irregular round and/or organic shapes. For example that airplane on the thread starting pic, the "Fortunate Son" was done using french curves. Also get circle templates, Typically you only use a compass for circles that are 3" in diameter or more.

If you like I can build you a list of this stuff on Amazon or something.
>> No. 126054
Nah, I got this. Thank you!
>> No. 126058
File 137935867882.jpg - (13.07KB , 200x266 , 7d4b19f9994511e090c812313b10052d_small.jpg )
Yer Velcome.
>> No. 126069
I knew it! I'm surrounded by Flankholes!
>> No. 126071
File 137944430227.png - (88.77KB , 663x776 , 136970299654.png )
He he he... Baggie Pack. You're the best.
>> No. 126076
Hello hello! Been a tad unwell, but I'm the up and up cannot wait to see the amount you have progressed and here's hoping you gain more hours and monies at your work
>> No. 126079
Oh no Leo you're sick again? Oh no... I hope you feel better Leo. I'll have to make you a "get well soon" card.

Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on Lazarev, I wish I could get him done right now but I have a staff meeting in the morning and a dentist appointment. Hopefully when I get home by the afternoon I can finish him up. Then get back to work on some moar steampunk, just for you!

Speaking of Steam I met a really awesome Kiwi who visited my shop during that convention I told you about and he OWNS a steam engine, and is part of this organization:, We'll have to check that out when I get a chance to come down there.

EDIT: Regarding the above^ after doing some research... Maybe...

Last edited at Wed, Sep 18th, 2013 00:38

>> No. 126102
File 137958584959.jpg - (38.88KB , 591x510 , 544582_283533415113403_1911803857_n.jpg )
>> No. 126108
File 137964463767.jpg - (91.62KB , 994x768 , Lazarev1_1.jpg )
Lazarev in his youth started off as a hot-headed gunship pilot in the Drakovian Air Force but sustained heavy injuries after being shot down in combat against Contingency forces. His left leg and left wing were replaced with bionic prosthetics so that he may maintain his career in the Air Force. Now 52, he has advanced to the rank of Air Marshal and has since lived a quiet life and enjoys his daily regiment of 6 packs of Manitoba brand cigarettes and a glass of scotch in the evening. He didn't start smoking until after his combat injuries.

Sov's notes: It's about time I finished something, the weather has been getting cooler thus allowing me to work in my office.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 19th, 2013 19:38

>> No. 126116
File 137975120420.jpg - (81.77KB , 1066x800 , IMG_201309213778.jpg )
Im going to make more vehicles for the contingency starting with some anti-grav tanks.

And Leo, you might wanna check your deviantart profile.
>> No. 126188
File 137991193983.png - (241.89KB , 600x818 , ella yawn.png )
Sent you that thing on Devient art
>> No. 126190
Acknowledged, a response has been sent.
>> No. 126192
May I perhaps inquire you for a skype account if you have one? It may be a bit easier to communicate, and for reasons I am unable to acquire a steam account.

My skype is ella.blarg, or ella banella, I'm not sure which because I can't ever see my actual user name on mine XD. i think it's ella.blarg though

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 22:16

>> No. 126193
I have one, let me just re-download the software. I cleansed my HDD recently.
>> No. 126195
Contact request is away.
>> No. 126199

After I get off work I would like to go over a few things with that proposal I suggested. I'll be home around 7 so maybe 8 because I have a drawing I made that you might like. ^^

>> No. 126200
I'll try to be on, but I might have some prior engagements. Just go ahead and leave me a message and I'll answer back in between chores and whenever I can XD
>> No. 126201
Ella, I am assuming thats you. XP If thats to early I can go online sometime later which could work for me because I'm not quite done with that drawing.

Leo, if you are reading this I am glad you are feeling better and if you have a skype account let me know via PM on deviantart and I can give you that information. I would have responded directly on DA but I am on a mobile device at work (at lunch) as of right now.
>> No. 126205
Yesh, sorry, I hop around with names a lot. Ya gotta look for my tripcode. And whatever time is fine, I came down with a migraine so I won't be doing many chores today...
>> No. 126207
I know I was just teasin'. Lol. You got a migraine? Sorry to hear about that sugarcube. Drink lots of water and take some asprin.

I'm off the clock as of right now and I will be heading home soon.
>> No. 126211
I had a looksie at DA also almost at 100%
>> No. 126214
File 138006256010.jpg - (41.11KB , 994x768 , spoiler.jpg )
Its possible that Lusha may have found a new friend:

Still hammering details.
>> No. 126215
File 138006484982.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , 135986672949.png )
Hey, so I was looking through your old thread trying to get a better idea of this story/comic of yours. Do you have all the art you've made so far on a deviant account, or someplace where I could get caught up on exactly what's happened up to this point? Not sure if you've even released it yet though, and I'm going back right now to read over those notes you sent me in deviant art.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the setting and canon of this story
>> No. 126216
Sadly things are a bit disorganized. Theres stuff in the old thread that arent in this one but stuff on DA has things from both. I really should clean things up. As of right this minute my consultant is here at my house and later on tonight I can try to explain things.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 24th, 2013 16:49

>> No. 126283
*Chases thread from the first page*
Hey! Get back here!

How be things here? All signs are pointing to a strong likelyhood of a new computer next week for me.
>> No. 126285
Things havn't been going as smoothly art wise, but I'm still doing a lot of things behind the scenes.

Kudos on getting that new compy Baggie Pack!
>> No. 126296
File 138058990186.jpg - (12.68KB , 259x233 , 4KnDLkv.jpg )
So um...Florid here. Was I actually still apart of this? >.>
>> No. 126297
Yes because that would be dickish of me to go back on my word. Everypony I selected is still in. Welcome back!
>> No. 126299
Btw I wanted to give Florid a nickel plated m11911, is that ok with you?
>> No. 126302
File 138059517202.jpg - (12.68KB , 259x233 , 4KnDLkv.jpg )
Oh that'd be 'awesome'! Sorry havn't been for a while, busy with life, school, building puters and such.
>> No. 126309
I think about the whole project has been having those same problems.
>> No. 126310
It is just a large workload from what I've seen done it is quite impressive. Though Al does need some help with finalizing stuff
>> No. 126311
In addition to weather throughout July, August, and a good chunk of September, There's no air conditioning in my office now "Train Room". xP

I'm still not ready to hire on assistants, not until I get the video trailer and the concept art done. (Concept art almost done btw) And what Leo means is he has been given special access to some "special" material in case something went horribly wrong and I cant continue the project, (A "Contingency" Plan if you will) as well as my friend Edskie who has been helping out behind the scenes along with some other very helpful folks on this forum.

Today's my day off and the weather is cool now so there's no excuse for me to get some shit done today, we'll see what happens.

Last edited at Tue, Oct 1st, 2013 17:39

>> No. 126341
Well, I was meaning more for the individual members as opposed to just Sovereign.

It's all one thing or the other, like for me it's college. Baggie Pack is apparently on the "building puters" side along with Knight/Florid for another example.
>> No. 126357
Data Stream, we have gone this far so you might as well call me Al ^_^

Yeah I know what you mean, college can be tough but perseverance is key!
>> No. 126372
File 138081209717.png - (2.51MB , 1680x1020 , Stillfamily.png )
I couldn't decide which of these sets the mood best so pick either one:

Dearly Beloved:

The Unforgotten:

Twilight: "Have you been up here all day? We missed you at Applejacks family reunion.

M.S. "Hm..."

Twilight: "Her family really wanted to meet you in person. Especially after hearing about how you helped avert the foreclosure crisis about a month ago."

M.S.: "I just couldn't do it, the whole thing just brings back too many painful memories..."

Twilight: "You never really saw eye-to-eye with your family did you?"

M.S.: "They were very cold and uncaring, the only one who truly loved me was my sister... Until she got sick..."

Twilight: "And that was when you decided to leave home?"

M.S.: "I never looked back, I couldn't stand the sight of them..."

Twilight: "You couldn't stand the sight of your own parents? But they raised you, and fed you. All they wanted was your unconditional love in return."

M.S.: "Thats the problem Twilight, they are supposed to love you as well but they never showed it or expressed it. To them I might as well have never been born."

Twilight: "That's a terrible thing to say. You should be lucky you had parents period, I don't think you know this but Applejack's parents are...

M.S.: "Yes I heard about what happened to them and it is most unfortunate. It is just the way life works sometimes and you have to accept the hand you're dealt with. Either way she doesn't need them."

Twilight: "Now why would you say something so cruel? How could she NOT need her own mother and father?"

M.S.: "She doesn't need them because she has you. And Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, her wonderful family to love and support her when she is in need, its more than I've ever had..."

Twilight: "I understand..."

M.S.: "...Now if you dont mind Twilight I would like to be left alone..."

Twilight: "Alright... Sorry if I disturbed you..."

M.S.: "Twilight, theres a lot more to family than just flesh and blood. And its unfortunate when they cant always be there for you. Sometimes having good friends whom you can count on to love you is the only family one can ever need."

Twilight: "Hm... Before I go, what you said earlier about myself, and the others being there for Applejack. Does that include you?"

M.S.: "Yes..."
>> No. 126476
File 138114301842.png - (794.78KB , 500x743 , downwithcanterlot.png )
Changeling invasion? That's cute:
(based off an infamous Anti-American North Korean propaganda poster:
>> No. 126501
File 138139962684.jpg - (51.12KB , 768x994 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 126504
File 138145368845.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella adorable face.png )
>> No. 126505
File 138145373260.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , 135986672949.png )
Woops, forgot to change my name lol
>> No. 126506
I recognize the tripcode xP
>> No. 126507
Doesn't matter when you put one of your five total roleplay pictures up next to your non-roleplay post.
>> No. 126509
Bro again, that was unnecessary and as I said, I recognized the tripcode and her O.C. There's no need to be abrasive and frankly I find your conduct to be inappropriate on this board. So at this point I'm not interested in communicating with you any further.

Also I greatly appreciate your assistance outside of this board but unfortunately it will no longer be needed. Thank you very much and good day.

Last edited at Thu, Oct 10th, 2013 19:41

>> No. 126510
File 138147692447.jpg - (89.10KB , 614x960 , no really though, grow a pair.jpg )
>> No. 126511
Bro, cant you take a hint? I no longer wish to communicate with you. I'm asking you nicely, please stay off this thread.

If I have to, I will ask the mods to lock this thread and/or delete it so I don't have to see any of your crap. You have shit on the last thread on this board.
>> No. 126512
File 138147787457.jpg - (24.87KB , 422x428 , spoiler.jpg )
What if I told you that you were over reacting just a tiny bit and that you need to chill out?
>> No. 126513
This isn't the first time you have shat on other peoples threads and pissed my friends off. Again, get off my thread.

Last edited at Fri, Oct 11th, 2013 00:53

>> No. 126526
Holy f*ck! I was away for a week, and I totally forgot about this thread!

I'm sorry D:

Are there any important updates I should check out, or anything I should know? Right now, I don't have time to read the million posts posted throughout my inactivity.

Oh also, how are you all doing?! I- I... dammit...
>> No. 126528
Well, aside from incursions we all were talking about how much we miss you. :3

Also Leo had a brilliant idea of making a skype chatroom so we can have a place to properly communicate and swap ideas.

Last edited at Sat, Oct 12th, 2013 19:19

>> No. 126529
File 138164771557.png - (119.07KB , 817x910 , baggie_pack_.png )
Oh hey, that might be neat! I've had my new computer for more than a week now, and I still haven't stopped by. I feel bad now.
>> No. 126531
File 138165096874.png - (657.42KB , 1280x720 , Cutie_Mark_Crusaders_angels_S1E17.png )
Hey Baggie Pack where U been? I missed you too!

I have been doing a lot of collaborating behind the scenes with Miss Ella and Miss Equine Palette with character development. By the way, Miss Equine Palette is absolutely the sweetest person ever and I just adore her. ^^ Plus Miss Ella is pretty awesome too! Her O.C. "Ella" and Mr. Lusha might have a unique and special relationship within the story!

Also, I elected Leo as my understudy, he has been granted access to special tactical information regarding this project. Should a sudden and tragic event take hold and I am no longer able to continue my duties, he will take charge. As well as my friend "Edskie" who will take over this thread in conjunction with Leo. You guys dont see much of Edskie but I know him IRL and he is very trustworthy.
>> No. 126539
>> No. 126556
I feel like I'm missing all the good stuff :<
>> No. 126575
File 138215906806.jpg - (124.35KB , 994x768 , Chrystaline Pass1_1.jpg )
More potential stuff:
>> No. 126668
File 138320143927.jpg - (350.17KB , 1181x1536 , baggie_pack_by_phycopancake-d6r3eea.jpg )
You know what sucks? Not having time for anything.
>> No. 126674
Baggeh, Good to see youz again!
>> No. 126744
I really should post in here instead of chatting on skype! Though it would be a great idea to get the group chat going again
>> No. 126760
File 138450908782.jpg - (79.38KB , 994x768 , heavycruiser1_1.jpg )

The Drakovians are not well known for partaking in naval warfare due to the nature of their military structure and tactics. However high command decided if an Equestrian invasion was imminent, they needed a stable weapons platform to subdue Equestrian naval forces at sea. Therefore the Krait class heavy cruiser was devised to fulfill that role. It comes equipped with guided missiles and a particle cannon turret mounted on its bow. The Krait also features six directional fins on the port and starboard side to provide additional thrust in addition to its standard propulsion systems.

Sov's notes - Things have been getting stagnant lately due to a lot of internal and personal problems that have been ravaging my imagination and drive and finishing the concept art before November 23rd is quickly becoming a piped dream. I still hope I havn't lost the attention of my good friends due to this stagnation.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 15th, 2013 02:54

>> No. 126763
File 138465703737.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella adorable face.png )
You got can do it man, you've got this far!
>> No. 126766
Glad to know you're still part of the team Miss Ella and thanks for that note of encouragement.

But things havn't been the same... Essentially I had my heart broken and it feels bad. I'll tell you about it offsite simetime...
>> No. 126770
File 138473986653.png - (371.54KB , 1000x500 , ella trip to end of time.png )
>That feel

Ouch..I'm sorry to hear that man, I know that, but it's just another lesson of life. Only time and support will make it better, but hopefully you can learn something from it. Might not realise it for a few years though..
>> No. 126774
Looks damn good
>> No. 126775
No it wasnt anything to that extreme as to taking a year to get over. I suppose a broken heart was a bit much to describe it. Lets just say I was very very dissappointed.

Why thanks! The Fortunate Son is some of my best work ^__^
>> No. 127177
File 138950758771.jpg - (64.37KB , 768x994 , Serjlightning1_1.jpg )
I'm back
>> No. 127178
>> No. 127180
(Why team fabulous?)

Good to see you again Knight, I have developed excellent ideas for Florid that range from Racketeering, smuggling, drug trafficking and possibly casino skimming. He's going to be the newest crime lord of ponyville.
>> No. 127234
File 139026361211.jpg - (11.06KB , 256x212 , rty5vMM.jpg )
(I thought it was funny)

Oh my dear, that sounds like a fun time!
>> No. 127366
If I could say fu*** I would.... Oh wait, I can!
Fudge! I once again, completely forgot this thread. I just... forget.

But I've seen your updates, and it looks good. Though I've got to ask; how far are you? Like... From the idea to the finished project?

I'll try to remember checking this thread more often. Best of luck! :)
>> No. 127368
Where... Have... You... Been?

I took a break cause of the mess with the holidays and several personal problems with family and distractions with new friends but I'm ok almost done with concept art.

I have been wondering where you have been because I wanted to send you a gift!
>> No. 127383
Sorry D:
I've been staying at a boarding school, and there's close to none connection. So all my internet habbits kinda disappeared, so I forgot about this thread. But I'll write a note to check this thread once in a while :)

A gift?! Uhhh, thank you x3
Let me seee :D
>> No. 127385
It's something very cool and very Danish that isn't made out of Lego bricks or some sort of pastry. I have to order it now to make it :D

Check back in once a week or so because I'm still trying to get things done.
>> No. 127393
File 139179601864.jpg - (41.49KB , 960x663 , 1723715_10151867838030723_936650464_n.jpg )
Sounds interesting x3
I'll be sure to check the thread every now and then. Thank you and best of luck with it all! :)
>> No. 128162
File 140089337359.jpg - (92.92KB , 994x768 , ms1_3_1.jpg )
>> No. 128180
File 140151638803.jpg - (193.55KB , 994x768 , FatherDaughtertime2.jpg )
>> No. 128196
File 140176862711.jpg - (255.72KB , 768x994 , image.jpg )
>> No. 128207
File 140196984067.jpg - (112.46KB , 994x768 , ServitorDrone1_1.jpg )
>> No. 128217
That... is awesome.

Nice update. Keep it up!
>> No. 128218
I'm back, again, I had to put my foot down again to make sure this thing gets done.

Also its good to be back ;)
>> No. 128229
File 140286797103.png - (169.70KB , 300x300 , FloridAvatar300x300.png )
Dont mind me, just here on my month check up of the thread.
>> No. 128259
File 140340490753.jpg - (271.05KB , 994x768 , image.jpg )
>> No. 128281

Half Life 3: Pony Confirmed!
>> No. 128302
File 140429285919.jpg - (97.74KB , 994x768 , Rene-sergei1_1.jpg )
>> No. 128315
File 140477872928.png - (351.44KB , 1280x941 , didney worl.png )
Dude, it's awesome that you're still working on this!
>high fives

You are getting hella good man! :D glad to see you haven't lost hope
>> No. 128573
Sometimes I just go... "Oh.. OH RIGHT! That ponychan thread. Wonder how it's going"
And here I am...
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