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What tablets do most digital artists work with? The tablets with no screens seem quite awkward
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My bare hands, a drafting table, and a T-square work fine for me.
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File 137443839261.jpg - (6.14KB , 244x206 , zoe trent.jpg )
That aint digital
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>> No. 125042
I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun. It's about four years old and still works fine. And it doesn't have a screen. It only takes a day or so to get used to, at this point it feels totally natural to me.
>> No. 125051
I would use a Wacom Cintiq, it has a screen.
But $2K is a long way away from a Bamboo or Intuos.

Cintiq []
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File 137446791192.jpg - (61.84KB , 300x300 , advice bro.jpg )
I know some people that use a touchscreen computer. Damned if I can recall the exact name of them, but I remember boiler3 on Tumblr uses one. He also has a normal pen tablet too, but he uses that little handheld touchscreen PC a fair bit too. Said he picked it up for pretty cheap off this quasi-resale shop. I'd have to ask him again what the URL was, but apparently a lot of nurses will get them then realize they don't /really/ need one and sell it like that, or something.

Personally, I use an Intuos 4. There's certainly a relativistic hand-eye skill you have to develop to even draw a smiley face in MS Paint using a tablet without a screen on it, but you get over it eventually. Took me at least a month, I remember dustbin-ing my tablet for a while just out of frustration but I got over it after a while.

Little tip I'd offer up would be to find a tablet with the same aspect ratio as your computer monitor. I'm sure you can figure out why that would be a problem. Don't be afraid to get last year's model with tablets, though. Shiny new bells and whistles may be pretty, but chances are they contribute little to nothing when the chips are down. If you can find the drivers for it, you should be fine.

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