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Yes, this is a "please draw this for me thread".

You see, I rememberd reading a while back about a little girl with an imagnery friend. One day she drew it next to herself. It was huge. It had holes for eyes. It had a ton of arms. When she was asked about these features, she said "it has no eyes cause its scared of the sun and has lots of arms cause it takes them from people who dont need them".

YeaH, call the Ghostbusters. So I decided to draw my own artistic interpritation of it. Sadly, im not so good at drawing. Thats why im requesting that someone could draw it for me.

As you can see from my interpritation, I made it like a rotting, decaying skeleton tree, with rotton flesh haning, arms of humans of various ages and races hanging of it (which should be smaller since this thing is like 9/10ft tall). It has a dead tree branch as one arm, a black decayed rose as another. It also has an bloodshot human eye as a hand- Which I drew inspiration from that thing from Pans labrynth.

So yeah, could someone please draw their version of this? It would be pretty cool. And if you read this far- Thank you.
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>> No. 125131
Sounds like Slenderman was her friend...
>> No. 125136
That is disturbing looking. To be honest, I wonder how it would look in mlp style.
>> No. 125157

So much this. Could someone pllllease draw this? I will reward you will reward you with timestamp thanks :-P
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