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File 137496121127.jpg - (142.53KB , 796x1194 , Thousand001.jpg )
125234 No. 125234
#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

or, you know, other things. I don't always draw ponies, but when I draw it's usually ponies.

I'm still pretty new at this, so if you want a comission, please post in this thread, email me [email protected] and we'll work out the details, including pricing.

I also take unpaid sketch requests on a first-come, first-served basis. These will be lower quality, and may be the subject of experimental techniques. I'm always learning, and admittedly things don't always work out. If you think I missed you, pester me in thread and/or through email.

And with both commissions and requests, I appreciate you linking or posting referance material, such as a verbal description or Ponycreator image.

- At the moment, I am only accepting comissions for traditional media work. I don't yet feel confident enough to sell my digital drawings.
- I reserve the right to refuse a request or commision if I don't like the content. I will not draw the sexual stuff.
- I accept Paypal only. Sorry, no Bitcoins.
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>> No. 125235
File 137496140746.jpg - (586.85KB , 1352x1463 , Surly Bird002.jpg )
>Geez, that OP is just riddled with typos...

I do griffons and hippogriffs too. Still figuring out wings, though.
>> No. 125236
File 137496160403.jpg - (553.68KB , 1272x1657 , Ponification002.jpg )
I also do ponifications. For these, I will need photo reference. If you have anything in mind for the character (color, species, cutie mark, etc) be sure to let me know.
>> No. 125237
File 137496191130.png - (1.26MB , 500x611 , QuickStar.png )
I did this one in-character as part of an RP. Somewhat different art style here; I'm willing to adapt to the customer's needs as far as I am able.
>> No. 125238
File 137496454121.jpg - (961.91KB , 1677x2021 , Avedon003.jpg )
Commission work: family portrait of Pinkamena, two OCs, a cat, and an infant eldritch horror.
>> No. 125240
File 137496663241.jpg - (75.35KB , 975x582 , Sqwee.jpg )
>I also take unpaid sketch requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hellooooooooooooo nurse!

Could I kindly request a face-up picture of my evil plush pony?
>> No. 125242
File 137496696849.png - (324.13KB , 464x548 , Haphazard_.png )
Ah, a victim customer! Give me a little bit of time, and I shall throw something at you.
>> No. 125243
File 137496748472.png - (1.51MB , 713x1588 , overviewww.png )
A non-paying customer of the worst kind, yes!
...err, yes. Allergic to pitchforks. Yes. Torches are a non-no too.

And yay!
>> No. 125244
File 137497253760.jpg - (226.17KB , 691x845 , Raggedy001.jpg )
Tried to combine elements from the plush and the drawings. Not sure it worked too well. Also, my usual pen broke and I had to improvise. Ah well. You're not paying me, so you can't complain!
>> No. 125245
File 137497340039.png - (174.83KB , 909x878 , happy_fluttershy_by_junkiesnewb-d4cnt4x.png )
So you're pretty new around here are ya hoss?
>> No. 125246
File 137497352540.jpg - (129.73KB , 728x795 , Thousand005.jpg )
Eh, kind of. I started on /oat/ and have been in and out of /rp/ for quite a while, but this is my first time on this particular board.
>> No. 125247
File 137497364821.png - (65.02KB , 1155x692 , pinkie_pie_wants_hugs_by_orschmann-d4ar4gu.png )
Well regardless. Welcome to /art/, keep it square and safe and of course, have fun! :D
>> No. 125248
File 137497374389.jpg - (189.99KB , 714x795 , Thousand004.jpg )
Thanks! And don't worry; I never do the NSFW stuff.
>> No. 125249
File 137497418022.png - (175.41KB , 1000x1000 , 136841217084.png )
Oh thats alright, we do have a few NSFW artists but they are careful to checkmark their posts.

Anyway, nice to meet you! My forum name is Sovereign. My real name is "Al" and in reality, I sell railroad and railroad acessories. :3 But I also art. :P
>> No. 125256
File 137502753941.png - (269.56KB , 1644x1294 , Autumn Dawn - Ref.png )
Hello, and welcome! Glad to see a new, friendly face around here.

As far as that request thingy goes, would you mind drawin' this pony here? Maybe doing something silly? The specifics don't matter much to me.

Also, do you have a general price range for commissions? I might come back for one if I can...
>> No. 125257
File 137502931511.png - (96.35KB , 868x704 , Oh that makes total sense.png )
>> No. 125258
File 137502984782.png - (40.54KB , 600x630 , Hmm.png )
But seriously, your art is amazing. I'd totally pay for a commission if I wasn't in the poor house at the moment. Sorry!
>> No. 125268
May I kindly request a human character?
>> No. 125273
File 137504566047.png - (1.26MB , 500x584 , blush.png )
Well, since people are starting to ask for set prices, I offer
The I-Have-No-Idea-What-I'm-Doing Introductory Sale!

Headshots / Reaction Pics: $2 ea or $10 for a set of 6
(Flat color or shaded grayscale)

Full character portrait: $10 ea, $5 for each additional character
(Watercolor or colored pencil, with shading)

Original drawing via snail-mail: add $2 (US only)

Prices good until August 10 as I try to figure out how little my stuff is worth.

I shall get it to you shortly!

Yes, I do the humans. Anything in particular, or just a human character in general?

I seem to be getting that response a lot...
But don't worry. My own diet is ramen and coffee, so I am well acquainted with the situation. Still, I appreciate the positive reinforcement!
>> No. 125274
File 137504650699.jpg - (104.56KB , 800x600 , 2013-07-21_00002.jpg )
If possible, I'd like a few face emotions of this guy.

Nothing to oserious, just basic emotions (Happy, sad, angry, etc.)
>> No. 125275
File 137504688803.png - (1.76MB , 881x924 , What.png )
Eeeeh, "a few face emotions" is really encroaching on commission territory. Tell you what, I'll do one for free for now, and you can ask again for another after three days.
>> No. 125276
Sounds good to me.

I'll load my card soon, so I Maaaay be able to commission a full set if I like what I see.
>> No. 125279
File 137505601655.png - (66.29KB , 446x590 , 9th 4.png )
If you don't mind a request, I'd like to ask for 9th Doctor Whooves. Pretty much a ponification of Chris Eccleston
>> No. 125283
File 137506202057.jpg - (573.18KB , 1739x1250 , Requests001.jpg )
Done and done!

Sure thing. Do you want me to draw the ponification you have there, or would you rather I take my own stab at the character?
>> No. 125287
Ask for silly pony, get silly pony. I love it! Thank you very much!
>> No. 125315
I like it. Not what I had in mind, but it's good nethertheless and beggers can't be choosers.

I'll see when can I have moneys in my account.
>> No. 125316
File 137510971130.gif - (272.18KB , 504x530 , wink wink.gif )
You know, Thousand, I'm really curious as of how you'd see my dear Billyfish in your style.

As a side note, I love it. It's so expressive!
>> No. 125317
File 137511015755.jpg - (51.45KB , 474x667 , 25253535.jpg )
It's awesome! Thank you!
>Hugs the artist and runs away! with your kidney
>> No. 125319

I'm looking for the general look of the pic: Earth Pony, blue coat w/ a leather jacket and the jumper.

You've got a cool style. If you've got ideas for embellishments that's not a problem (this is only a humble request after all)
>> No. 125333
File 137515797632.jpg - (957.15KB , 2135x1695 , Calvin and Who.jpg )
You are quite welcome!

Sorry it wasn't what you had in mind, but glad you liked it anyway. If you do order any commission work, we can discuss the level of realism and art style you'd rather see.

Thanks for the compliments, and I shall get these to you as soon as I am able!

Return that to my person this instant, Jimmy! I have need of it!
>> No. 125385
File 137530778251.jpg - (614.11KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20130731_165145.jpg )
Sorry for the wait; my life had a bit of an upheaval the other day. Quick sketches, photo by phone
>> No. 125386
File 137530787860.jpg - (719.34KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20130731_165132.jpg )
>> No. 125388




This is so awesome!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu~!!!
>> No. 125391
It's...not even a completed drawing...

But I'm glad you like it.
>> No. 125399
Wow, that's pretty good!

>> No. 125418
File 137550118109.jpg - (701.35KB , 1631x1638 , Derpy001.jpg )
By the way, if any of you are going to be at Board Game Bash in Austin on Sunday, I plan to be selling my drawings there. Drop on by and say hi!
>> No. 125503
Well, I seem to have some time to kill. Anybody have any sketch requests?
>> No. 125504
File 137592710550.png - (68.14KB , 562x496 , 4th season 18.png )

Well, seeing as you did such a good job drawing Doctor Whooves #9.... could I ask for a version of 4?
>> No. 125507
File 137600386667.png - (72.11KB , 600x772 , thegoddamnbatman 1_png.png )
Not expecting anything from this, buuuutt, if you get bored, you could always experiment with my crazy, batshit insane little pony oc here.


(he thinks he's the goddam batman)
>> No. 125516
File 137605782780.png - (623.91KB , 3600x3600 , fick dich.png )
If you're not busy could I request a drawing of my oc?
doesn't have a cutie mark
or a name.
but whatever.
attached is a pic.
>> No. 125519
oh yes and i don't really have any restrictions as to how to draw it. just do whatever your heart desires.
>> No. 125520
should you accept of course
>> No. 125570
File 137625737624.jpg - (521.79KB , 2098x1181 , Requests003.jpg )
Sorry about the delay and sketchy quality. My life has been a bit hectic lately.
>> No. 125571
File 137625740403.jpg - (122.07KB , 1068x1251 , Requests002.jpg )
>> No. 125576
Omg that is amazing! Your awesome dude, thank you so much!

Going to be using that pic sooo much you don't even know how well that fits him.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 21:28

>> No. 125580
File 137628718108.jpg - (7.48KB , 224x225 , pinkie pinkie hug.jpg )
haha that's perfect thanks bro!
>> No. 125583
also I'll add that I really enjoy your style man your characters are very expressive but everything is still very fluid, hah and I dunno it's just a very nice feeling in my eyes.
>> No. 125609
File 137635326631.jpg - (714.03KB , 1643x1331 , Applejack001.jpg )
Well, thank you. I'm not quite at the place I'd like to be with my art yet, but I've been working to improve. I'm actually taking lessons under a veteran animator. (You know those celebrity caricatures that would show up on Pinky and the Brain? He designed those.)
>> No. 125703
File 137701169699.jpg - (718.34KB , 1586x2176 , 8pider8itch001.jpg )
While at the mall the other day, I swear I saw a girl in a simple Vriska cosplay. It wasn't elaborate; just the glasses. The left lens was blacked out with a pattern of seven red dots drawn on it. I didn't say anything (you know, just in case it had nothing to do with the sticking of homes and I was just reading too much into her choice of eyewear), but I thought it was pretty cool how the fandom has penetrated all walks of life.
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