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#Digital #Comics #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests

Remember when I used to do a whole buncha requests, and tried a Tumblr? Well, the Tumblr's become a success and so has my art, so I'm opening a thread for both publicity, and possibly for free arts for anyone who asks. Though, I can't promise that I'll get to it very quickly, as I'm a slow artist. But if demand rises, maybe I'll be quicker. Who knows, eh? Anyways, glad to be back, and I hope some of you recognize me from a while ago.

Especially you, Snarkle.

Tumblr is:
(Don't mind the kissing decapitated heads.)
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>> No. 125340
I don't have too much arts as examples though, so uh, you'll have to be patient with that.
>> No. 125341
File 137520004361.png - (233.01KB , 650x546 , fantastic!.png )
I'd like to request 9th Doctor Whooves

....gotta ask everyone this, dontcha know.
>> No. 125342
Added to the To-Do list. Thank you, sir.
>> No. 125416
File 137548611244.jpg - (117.05KB , 582x678 , I see what you did there.jpg )
Hello! Could I pretty please request a scary evil VooDeeDoo plush pony?
>> No. 127593
File 139408213213.png - (30.02KB , 200x200 , light_bloom_by_tawverni-d4v87da.png )
Whoooops, I've been neglecting this hardcore. Sorry about that everyone! Bumping so I can find this again sometime.

Old art to bring back memories!
>> No. 127612
File 139448070267.png - (271.42KB , 500x500 , brioasdfhap.png )
Birthday gift art for Daxalog (sparkdax on tumblr).
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