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File 137573479118.png - (45.59KB , 400x320 , Rarity Awesome Sketch 1.png )
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Am I doing this right?
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>> No. 125476
File 137575535289.png - (156.98KB , 1024x901 , surprise_2.png )
Your anatomy looks good if that's what your asking. If i can give you some advice, try to avoid using scratchy lines like that, work towards a more smooth flowing line it gives your drawing more definition.
>> No. 125500
Oh yeah, those lines were just used as a guide. It's rather difficult to keep the lines smooth though.
>> No. 125501
File 137588954102.jpg - (106.84KB , 600x600 , Pretty_Pretty_P---Queen.jpg )
use a lower density pen, and don't save a sketch as a transparent png (it looks awful with a dark background)

>try to avoid using scratchy lines like that
There's nothing wrong with scratchy sketches...
>> No. 125506
File 137600377534.jpg - (15.90KB , 400x316 , FlameLine.jpg )
It isn't that bad to use sketchy lines, and yes i do understand that it makes quick drawing easier, but i feel it teaches you bad habits. If you plan your drawing out and do as much work in one smooth stroke as possible your drawings will look better, plus it gives you more practice for when you do your finial line work. Though that's just some advice a guy gave to me once and it works well for me, best to do what feels comfortable to you in the end though.

Anything else op?
>> No. 125511
File 137602425526.jpg - (97.06KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )
this was before that sketch. not sure if I like it or not.
>> No. 125512
File 137602821503.png - (161.86KB , 691x1156 , surprise_in_perplexity.png )
That drawing looks good, especially the proportions, both these drawings look good proportion wise. you're not tracing these are you But again your line work suffers, i can see where you reworked your lines 2 or 3 times in some places, which makes your drawing look really rough. Like I was saying before you should strive for a smooth flowing line, mostly because it will make your drawings look cleaner and more appealing to look at. But with that said everything else looks pretty good as far as I can see. Was there something else that was bugging you about it?
>> No. 125514
File 137603081522.jpg - (82.60KB , 1024x768 , IMG_2013080848922.jpg )
Alright I didn't want to step in but I felt I had to. There is nothing wrong with choppy sketching lines especially if you are doing DEVELOPMENT SKETCHES. As in a drawing that will not be the final product. I sample my latest work that I did just for you, shrouded propellor shafts (Because I'm a fucking genius when it comes to machines) for my upcoming submarine and the rest of the stern directional planes. It started out with craggy construction lines but eventually I went back, cleaned them up, and then the times right finalize this drawing by doing it over again with those smooth lines everyone was talking about.

But when you want to do more finalized sketches you should use smooth straight lines once your ideas are set corrently to your standards. In other words, do plenty of rough sketches first, then take what you want from those sketches and finalize them.

Edit: And since this is a development sketch, I already see a couple things Im going to change, one of which will be the topside directional rudder and I will probably just pair it with the other down below...

Last edited at Thu, Aug 8th, 2013 23:56

>> No. 125517
Just some parts It's because I'm trying to understand the proportions, until I can get used to the tablet. Proportions isn't a strong thing for me.
>> No. 125518
That looks neat, and it looks like it takes a while. But it sounds like a good way to do things, making numerous sketches and then drawing final lines over it. Then erasing the sketch.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 9th, 2013 07:38

>> No. 125521
File 137606158133.jpg - (22.49KB , 300x264 , dn17405-1_300.jpg )
You kids and your fancy tablets... Back in my day when someone mentioned writing or drawing on a tablet it was one of these! (Pic related) Naa seriously, one of the besy ways in my opinion to learn control would be with a set of Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils from 4H to B6 and a plastic eraser. Learning by hand is an excellent way to learn proper control and I think will help with your proportion problem because after practicing by hand after a while, those proportions will come natural. HOWEVER, you must check out some of the resouces we have on pony proportions as well
compiled in our tutorial thread, the are helpful for both traditional and digital artisits.

Actually I'm probably going to re-do this entire sketch, something about it is mechanically incorrect, hence the importance of making numerous sketches before you have a good idea of what you want. In this case, a prototypical idea of what you NEED. :
>> No. 125522
I tried re-doing the sketch without reference, and the proportions came out odd and disfigured. After a few tries of trying to get it right, I just lost my patience. So I'll probably start over again later. I don't have the patience for it.
>> No. 125530
File 137611908076.gif - (209.78KB , 449x319 , Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-we-got-a-badass-over-here-animated.gif )
Woah there hoss, I never said anything about going commando with no references. Use them as often as you can, especially if you are developing "show standard" ponies.

I use references all the time. Even when I come up with these crazy contraptions.
>> No. 125538
File 137616242941.gif - (493.45KB , 320x240 , pic unrelated.gif )
I dunno. I grew up drawing completely without references. It probably wasn't the best way to approach drawing and might have really curb stomped my learning, but I like to think it's valid. Now the only times I really bring in reference is when I'm doing something that has a lot of mechanical details or for color sampling. It was most likely just a consequence of the way I drew; that is to say when I drew, because I was always drawing in class and getting average grades instead of A's. Exposition aside, drawing without reference is more likely than not the long "scenic route" to learning anatomy and technique and it's probably not in your best interests unless you have a few years to kill.

Apart from all that, I've always seen it as understanding leading to rendering. When you fully understand the shape and the rules of the shapes you are drawing then you'll better know how to draw its form. I could be completely wrong, but nobody tells me I'm wrong so I've never found out.

Have an unrelated gif.
>> No. 125548
The tablet somehow messed up my computer and made it behave strangely. The odd thing though, the computer works fine without the tablet plugged in. Is this a common problem?
>> No. 125554
File 137623284033.jpg - (138.84KB , 426x282 , i googled 'tech support stock photo'.jpg )
Can't say I've ever had something like that happen to me. Did you reboot your computer 50 times and give it a ham sandwich?

You might want to check out your drivers, though. See if you've got the right version for them. Unless this isn't a new tablet and you've used it before, in which case I'd recommend rolling back your computer in case some recent installation or a virus messed with your PC.
>> No. 125581
It's running fine now. Turns out it's a common problem, the driver is usually incompatible and there are various versions for the same tablet model. I'm trying a different one now and it's working so far.
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