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#Digital #Vectors

TLDR: How long does it take them to model out the all the flash poses and animation for a pony normally?
I started watching a youtube channel called Draw with Jazza,

I *highly* recommend. He is an excellent teacher. I picked up a old version of flash for cheap and updated it then started working while I listened to Jazza's video. It took me a day just to build my first character, then today to rebuild it because I didn't do it right the first time for animation.

I figured out how to do basic animation. This is only my second day using flash.. like ever.. so it's still ugly as sin but I am really enjoying flash. I'm just wondering how realistic animation in flash is for a potential career choice. (assuming I get better at it)

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The actual flash animation is the link at the bottom of the first post now. It wasn't working originally. I have all the animations running I did today in a loop to get a look at them. It's set to high speed but it's a test file more than an animation.

I'm not to upset with it as this is Day 2 of me learning flash. Youtube is awesome.
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I've heard of this guy. Ever since I saw his videos I've been wanting to buy a copy of flash.
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