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File 137631239645.jpg - (63.87KB , 480x851 , $T2eC16hHJF8FFp-JCgd7BS!+5Id6bQ~~60_57.jpg )
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Hello, I'm new to this ponychan thing, sorry if I am doing this wrong. Can someone tell me where I can buy this poster? Thanks alot
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>> No. 125589
not sure if like this is the correct place for this; However Enterplay was selling them, not sure if they still do.
>> No. 125590
File 137631620413.png - (16.47KB , 150x188 , lookup.png )
Hi there!

I tried looking around and I couldn't find anything. But I think you should try to ask in /merch/. I think they're pretty knowledgeable on this stuff.

If that fails you could try to find the picture online and have it printed somewhere like (Guessing you're German based on your mail address)

Also.. If you're German you should probably swing by /int/ and say hello in the Deutscher thread.
>> No. 125591
File 137631655644.jpg - (45.85KB , 330x247 , tumblr_inline_mq7z67WeDG1qz4rgp.jpg )

Yeah, Enterplay sells them but not ship them to Europe :(

I would like to get it printed but I dont have the picture itself, just this and some 100x100 thumbnails of this image. I will ask /merch/. Thanks anyway

Here is the other picture I have, but it's way too small and not usable for a poster in like 60x90 cm
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