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#Digital #OCs #Critique wanted

Es Linebacker
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Dark colors (gray, black) contrasted with glaringly over-saturated (yellow, red) ones? Not usually (read: ever!) a good idea.

Also, Ponycreator? Really? On /art/? Standards are low enough in this fandom that just about anyone's hand-drawing is acceptable because at least they put time and effort into it.

What about the team he plays for? Do his colors reflect that at all? With fate basically reflected in both their names and colors at birth, most ponies would probably resemble their fate in some way.

Gonna need more than a ponycreator pic with the phrase "Es Linebacker" to actually give a good bit of advice on this. Did you put any thought into it beyond pick colors, gender, and profession, like, say, A NAME?!

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>> No. 125650
Es Linebacker?

I've no idea what the Es part is. What is an Es? How do you pronounce it?

Google Search shows nothing particularly useful. But apparently Es is the symbol for Einsteinium. A synthetic element on the periodic table. But I don't think you're going for that. A foreign name maybe? It's not a typical pony name, thats for sure.

Also what Anon said. You should heavily consider drawing the character out and refrain from Ponycreator.
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