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#Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

I hope this goes here !

The musicians seem to like it, but I would like some feedback from non-musos. This isn't exactly my typical style and I would love some feedback!
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Sounds nice. And weird at the same time. I think its the repeated Japanese phrase.
>> No. 125655
With the glitch-breaks you should at least have something keep running in the background unless you're using them very sparingly for a climax (which you did during the later parts, mostly, but during the intro it is excessively distracting). Having the music grind to a halt every ten seconds made me worry my computer was breaking rather than thinking it was a clever piece of music.

Why the language shift, though? None of your other works are in Japanese and I'm not really sure if the introduction of a foreign language really added to your art unless you're substituting cryptic methods for meaning. Either way, I'm not entirely sure what the song is talking about simply because of it. Sure, you gave your translation at the bottom, but I took the phonetic text above it and pushed it into Google Translate and it asked me what I was drinking to think that was a language it could translate for me. So for all I know this could actually be a song about banana pudding being eaten by a seven year old Dutch boy visiting Angola for the first time.

I'm not terribly sure what the style is you're going for. You said it was different from what you usually do but I can't place what you were aiming for. It reminds me of glitch-pop -or what ever you consider groups like Of Porcine to be- except with less an emphasis on keeping a steady rhythm or on the low end at all. It makes me think of something more avant-garde like Eric Gunther (you'll have to search something like Eric Gunther - Default to find any of his stuff amidst the rubble of the internet), only it's more uptempo with no overarching melodies unless you include that looping arp in the background.

Not really sure how "Cyberpunk twincest beats" ties into the music. Granted it's hard to say music really stands for one thing explicit over another -which was the cause of a great deal of controversy in the Soviet Union if you care- but this has lyrics, and the lyrics don't really help either.

All in all; eh.

Find someone else's opinion if you don't like how well I elaborated on mine.

(Also, "cyberpunk" isn't a musical genre.)

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