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File 137689208576.png - (684.78KB , 1800x1500 , Two best sisters.png )
125686 No. 125686
#Digital #Canon #Critique wanted

Was this is bit much for trying to be creative?

I wanted to take a shot making something surreal
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>> No. 125687
It makes me want to die a little.
>> No. 125688
File 137689311433.png - (105.76KB , 782x823 , thumbs up.png )
I like it
I think it looks pretty cool.
fuck the world draw weird shit.
>> No. 125691
File 137689692914.gif - (71.58KB , 300x300 , if-you-end-things-with-a-smiley-people-aren't-offended.gif )
Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

-aside, you've got the whole "be different" thing down, but there's a good and a bad kind of different; one with purpose and one without. So, A for effort -probably- but a bit more elaboration and focus on a theme or a general concept would do wonders to your compositional constitution.
>> No. 125724
Oddly enough, this is just the sort of shit I'm in need of as of recently. Let's talk more
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