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How do you blend colors in SAI?
I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how to color. would anyone know?
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You could use the blur tool.
Scroll down on the little grid of tools and click "blur"
I find that it looks really nice.
>> No. 125709
Same way you blend in any other program; have a pressure sensitive brush, color, sample the fringes and color again.
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File 137705568025.png - (822.18KB , 1190x714 , ponies killing a snake detail.png )
Like he says.

My typical setup is to set the density kinda low, like in the thirties. Then in the Advanced Settings for the brush set pressure to control density (and density alone; size and blend stay unchecked). It kinda feels more like paint to me that way.

Once you do that you can slap down two colors, kinda streak one across the other, then use the clicky button on the stylus to choose the new shade of color you just created, and repeat ad infinitum.

(There is an actual setting called "blending" that is a slider from 0 to 100. 100 means you pick up a lot of whatever color is under you, 0 is pretty much MS Paint. You can play with that setting, and even tie it in to the stylus pressure, but for me that path leads only to madness. 50 works fine for me.)
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