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File 137706925209.png - (382.62KB , 819x760 , Awkward OpenSmile RightSide DontFeelBad.png )
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#OCs #Critique wanted

I want to start learning to draw, and have already started doing so a little bit, but I also wanna make sure that my OC, Toolbox, is "ready". Have had him for quite some time now without anyone saying "that looks horrible", but I'm guessing that's just from a lack of wanting to make waves. So I'm asking outright: are the colors bad? Do they clash horribly?

I'll be keeping the coat and hat, though the "tools" on the hat (which are hardly distinguishable in this image) may be removed in order to make things a little simpler. The colors are the main things in the air. Would love to be able to keep the jacket green, but have checked a different color scheme that definitely doesn't look as good with it green as with other colors.

The current Cutie Mark is supposed to be a swiss army knife. I've got a leatherman tool "in reserve" for other color schemes. The talent is versatility, being a "jack of all trades", so those two Cutie Marks are the only ones I can really think of.
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>> No. 125719
Grey tends to be a neutral color and tends to go with lots of different colors so you will be surprised what you can get away with when using grey. Sometimes I tend to overlook color schemes depending if the OC has a well developed character/personality, but thats just me.

But regarding the look of this O.C... If there is one thing I hate more about some O.C.'s is recolors, and this seems to be essentially a Braeburn recolor especially with that hat, if there's anything I can suggest it would be a new haircut.
>> No. 125721
Yeah, I had to use some sort of base image due to being a terrible artist. XD I want to learn to draw so that I can stop using Braeburn images, and so that I can get more dynamic poses.

That said, I do still like the long hair, though with the way I'm drawing it currently, it's a bit straighter rather than the curvy hair Braeburn has. The hat will probably end up looking different when I start drawing it, too; more angular, with a kinda cobbled-together junkyard look.
>> No. 125727
File 137716642150.png - (203.68KB , 819x760 , changed7.png )
Here's the main color change that I've been looking at. The Cutie Mark is different, as well, to fit in better. Didn't draw it, just cobbled it together really quickly for concept's sake.

Also considering having the hat be red, shooting for a sorta American Flag appearance. X) Would just need to toss in some white somewhere.
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