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I'm looking for anyone who is willing to make an OC for me, I need it to be a red Pegasus, with a white fedora, Hannibal lecter face mask, and skull cutie mark
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The sticky at the top of the board should explain how to go about requesting art, as some of the artists will have a tag that says 'taking requests'. Look for these artists, scroll through there thread a bit to their recent posts and make sure they are not full, and then try requesting something. It is generally frowned upon to make a whole thread asking for a request, as this clogs up the board.

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Nobody reads past the first two sentences on any internet-based legal agreement.
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File 137779305301.png - (229.36KB , 555x555 , MagicalMysteryTour.png )
I took some liberties with the eyes and hair. The hair I made black because the overall colourscheme complimented it. The eyes were my personal artistic interpretation.
Hope you like shoddy doodles!

...Can I claim this thread now?
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File 137785923885.jpg - (70.75KB , 335x373 , best oc NA.jpg )
This one's still better
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Why can't you use Generalzoi's pony creator?
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File 137817015601.jpg - (3.01KB , 112x105 , 137490382686.jpg )

My idea for a general request thread is quickly proving itself to be a decent idea.
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