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File 137767093721.jpg - (357.26KB , 3264x1836 , 1st.jpg )
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#Traditional #Critique wanted

Literally the first pony anything I've ever drawn. I did three, so roll with it I guess. Please tell me where it can go better, because I really don't quite know

First try pictured, Personally, I think the body/legs are a little off, but I can't quite place it.
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>> No. 125826
File 137767100113.jpg - (195.67KB , 3264x1836 , 2nd.jpg )
2nd attempt here. Got the neck looking a bit more right, but it still looks fat. Nose is off, but I think I just fucked that
>> No. 125827
File 137767105884.jpg - (189.67KB , 3264x1836 , The fuck is this shit.jpg )
Latest one is here. I tried a different pose after looking at how legs work. It's kind of close? I think the back one looks out of place.
I wasn't going for Angryshy, but that's kind of what it turned into

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File 137767522663.jpg - (282.01KB , 1683x2485 , I don't know.jpg )
And some Dali inspired nightmare pony for the hell of it
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Bump for critiques
>> No. 125942
For your first one, the neck is a little thick I think that might be why your legs look a bit off, also the front right leg in the back is kind of off perspective wise in relation to the hind leg on the same side.
the second one the legs are a bit short, especially the lower hind legs, you'll probably want to shorten the curve from it's butt to it's leg to get more room if that makes sense. still good progress, for the third one the left front leg, where it connects with the body is a bit off, it should curve more towards the front. the ear looks a bit off too. Keep practicing man, and you might want to look into anatomy, it's super helpful with proportions and placement.
oh yea and i rather enjoyed the last one Looks legit!
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