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File 137911375454.png - (0.96MB , 1125x900 , friendshipismadness.png )
126014 No. 126014
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Critique wanted

So I've note done any proper poni art, I'm just strange and not prone to the useal kind of fanart usually.

But I figure why not.

I draw pretty fast and loose so I'll just start up a thread and take a few requests or receive critiques/discussion.

My style probably lends itself better to grimdark but whats life without challenges to push our boundaries.
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>> No. 126015
File 137911381829.png - (719.72KB , 1200x720 , beholdthedarkness.png )
My only other current MLP related art, shall we fix that?
>> No. 126016
Something very H.P. Lovecraft related is going on here...
>> No. 126046
File 137928897320.png - (336.80KB , 840x496 , 4thdoctor.png )
Well, if you're asking for requests....

Care to draw the Fourth Doctor & Ninth Doctor teaming up? MLP related as they'd be ponified... "Doctor Whooves" versions

ref for 9:
>> No. 126053

So it is Written

So It Shall Be Done
>> No. 126083
File 137953307566.png - (264.19KB , 1000x500 , PoniTimeWar.png )
I do love me some doctor who

Any other requests?

I'll probably get a lot better at doing clean/clear work with ponies I get familiar with the body design.
>> No. 126104
File 137962286571.png - (126.58KB , 504x504 , reference_sheet__sixth_doctor_by_lissy_strata-d50bovv.png )

OK, since you like Doctor Who here's a request for you.

The Sixth Doctor Whooves, with his coat of many colors.
>> No. 126110
File 137965150653.png - (266.42KB , 700x627 , 136228995593.png )
Ooh! Ooh! Do you do ocs? Would you like to do something with my pony here? I haven't been able to get any more serious/somber images with her yet XD
>> No. 126112
Mr. Nighzmarquls, I hope you dont mind me asking this in your thread but I have a question directed towards Ella.

Ella, do you have a deviant art account? If you do shoot me a private message on my DA account. The links in my concept art thread. I have a question about this OC.

Last edited at Fri, Sep 20th, 2013 02:09

>> No. 126114
Don't mind at all,

EGAD there are so many colors in that.

I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 126115
File 137973363094.png - (206.10KB , 900x1653 , applejack_hugs_vector_by_kitsuneymg-d41gbej.png )
Thanks Mr. Nighzmarquls! Much obliged!
>> No. 126170
File 137982201624.jpg - (61.24KB , 888x882 , 136288937278_png.jpg )
Oh, I actually don't I'm sorry! :(

But I don't mind any questions if you are comfortable just asking over the chan, I am not shy XD

Edit:Wait, yes I do silly me. I forgot all about that thing.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 21st, 2013 20:54

>> No. 126171
File 137982229128.jpg - (65.74KB , 563x800 , 195b382e124d9079d457e4eb9b2d6e19.jpg )
Thank you
>> No. 126172

If you cant send me a message with deviantart Ms. Ella, you can shoot me an email if you like, report to my concept art thread down below. (The one with the airplane)

btw sorry again Mr. Nighzmarquls
>> No. 126173
Up wait nvm
>> No. 126184
File 137990626693.png - (371.54KB , 1000x500 , PoniEndOfTimer.png )
Serious and Somber?

How about a trip to the end of time Equestria Style
>> No. 126186

Nice one. It's cool that you combined multiple requests.

>> No. 126187
File 137991174294.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella adorable face.png )
That so cool, thank you so much! I love the pose you did with her :D
>> No. 126191
I figured it was an appropriate expression of shock/awe/horror/wonder

Also I'm still taking requests... there should be moar poni.
>> No. 126194
File 137991441247.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , 135986672949.png )
I would ask for another, but I feel that would be a bit rude XD

So I'll just sit in the corner and quietly observe your thread
>> No. 126209

Alright... I've got a request for you. A bit more grimdark, but that doesn't seem like it'd be an issue.

I'm looking for a ponification of The Master from the Deadly Assassin.

I don't really have much in the way of references, save for the attached pic. In the serial he appeared as a corpse clothed in tattered black robes, and his TARDIS was in the shape of a grandfather clock.

If you could fit the Master's clock Tardis in the pic somewhere in the background that'd be nice too.
>> No. 126228

Sure no problem, one skeletal be-cloaked poni coming up.
>> No. 126259
File 138031649309.png - (72.87KB , 480x800 , PoniMaster.png )

How about something adorable for next suggestion?
>> No. 126261
How about your own personal take on crystal ponies? :D
>> No. 126262
File 138032262758.png - (252.15KB , 661x500 , ponicrystal.png )

Hmmm not quite happy with my poni anatomy yet but here ya go
>> No. 126264
File 138034416822.jpg - (152.48KB , 896x524 , Crown of Ages title.jpg )

thank you kindly.

Something adorable? How about Daring Do with a filly sidekick?
>> No. 126287
File 138052244638.png - (222.10KB , 1000x500 , ponidaringdo.png )

I present to you Daring Do and the Isles of Cancer
>> No. 126289
File 138053249815.png - (746.45KB , 1254x1000 , poni_changeling-twilight.png )
This is a random piece I'm working on for a fan fic I'm reading.

Not sure I'm happy with the forelimbs yet, and some minor clean up over all is needed.

Also I'm mildly curious, what people would consider fair price if I offered commissions for my more polished pieces (like this one?)
>> No. 126290
I kinda like the technique in this picture. Normally it'd come off as a bit lazy and undefined -namely around the wing membranes- but here it seems to have a small enough stroke size to effectively blend to the eye. Reminds me a lot of Van Gogh. Wouldn't be surprised if that's who you were after.

Also, charge whatever the hell you want. If there's one thing I know about the internet; talent never determines price.
>> No. 126293

I am indeed a fan of Van Gogh, as well as Wayne Douglas Barlowe, Dali and several others for various reasons regarding the mastery of their craft.

I don't often think about trying to emulate discrete artists as much as I try to think about what kind of impact I'm going to make with the piece.

Also thanks for the kind words regarding commissions.

If anyone is interested in commisioning pieces instead of just supplying suggestions/requests I have more details on my Deviant Art
>> No. 126355
File 138077949204.png - (1.05MB , 1254x1000 , poni_changeling-twilight.png )

After a bit of prodding I put a background in.

I'm open for another request if anyone wanted something.
>> No. 126367
File 138080338924.png - (145.03KB , 626x698 , Jokestand.png )

Lovely art~ ^^ May I snag that request slot? If so, may I have a picture of my Poison Joke pony eating a Joke plant? Perhaps in a large patch of the flowers, if it isn't too hard to do? Her tongue is blue, rather than pink, there.
>> No. 126401
Got it, might be a bit of a wait depending on stuff but should be fun, Monochromatic for the win!
>> No. 126458
File 138100590234.png - (305.49KB , 1000x600 , PoniPoisonJoke.png )

Hmmm Well I think it turned out pretty good
>> No. 126463
File 138102491971.png - (901.03KB , 4000x4000 , 137644987710.png )
I know I have already snagged a request from you, so I would totally understand if you don't want to do this one, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask and I think it would be fun to see this done in your art style, as you might be able to put a bit of a creepy vibe around it :D This is kinda copy paste, cause I asked another artist if they could do this as well.

If you could, I would love a customized version of a janus mask, and if you don't know what those are, it is the comedy masks often used in theatre, of one smiling and the other frowning or crying.

Why I wanted a request though, is I wish to customize one a bit more. I'm not sure how well you can pull off a front view, but let's give this a shot. Feel free to deny it if you do not feel up to it.

So, I would like the one mask, instead of the two face, just the one with the half and half expression. I would like the whole thing to be white, instead of the somewhat common black and white version. the split in the middle, instead of being a straight split, can you perhaps make it jagged and broken, like a large crack was put in the porcelain? And then instead of the a frowning half face, can you make that side of the face instead look very angry, like it is frozen in a scream of rage.

And then the last detail which is most important and why I have been failing to create it myself, is if you could make it in the form of a pony head or mask to fit a pony? I have been trying this myself in gimp for a while because I wanted to make it into a cutie mark, but I'm having a very hard time creating the form of the pony head XD

Thank you so much in advance if you do decide to do it, and no problem if you don't!
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