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#Digital #Critique wanted

I'm looking for a place to get decent feedback on WIPs, red-lining if possible. My art is bad and I need help but as always I don't have the first clue where to get the help I need.

This for example. This falling anthro demon-pony needs a red-line treatment.
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File 137964104394.jpg - (271.06KB , 800x800 , I drew all over your picture.jpg )
Your character's right hand either has webbing or their fingers have been pulled about a centimeter out of their joints, her neck doesn't have an underbelly for the tongue to rest on, the tail is stapled on a few inches under the tailbone, the hips are kinda just messy with the legs connecting wherever they want and the groin retreating into the torso, and her breasts are just beach balls glued to her chest -but there's five hundred "how to draw boobies" tutorials out there so I won't really explain that one- and they seem to obey a different plane of perspective than the rest of her body.

That's everything in-short because I'm already late for something, but you've got a decent start. A lot of things I just pass over because I'm not even sure I can work with them.
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