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File 137981041896.png - (281.17KB , 1200x960 , Pon2345.png )
126119 No. 126119
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Hey there /art/!, It's been far too long since I've posted here, I've been doing absolutely nothing to get better lately, so I thought about doing some requests for the next days.

As always, just follow these:

>No OC - Canon Shipping
>Pony pony

Remember to give me as much directions as possible, don't be a jerk, I'll draw almost anything you want, and if you need anything else, just tell me, and bear with me, I'm honestly one of the slowest artists out there.
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>> No. 126130
File 137981133843.png - (170.54KB , 500x500 , Quickfix_S02E15.png )
Could you draw Quickfix admiring her vast collection of tools, bonus points for old hand tools.
>> No. 126168
File 137982168527.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , 134359710777.png )
126168 you do requests of ocs? And..might I perhaps bother you for a more serious/moody pic of mine here? If you want to of course.
>> No. 126174
File 137982491922.png - (225.05KB , 1443x935 , Pon65432.png )
Got this one.

I don't see any problem, ask away, and yes, I do OC's, it's actually what I get asked to do more often here.
>> No. 126175
Ah, well thank you! ^_^

My request is anything with that pony there in the picture in my last post, preferably with more of a serious tone to her expression, but whatever you feel like is just fine.
>> No. 126178
File 137989827592.png - (555.49KB , 1200x1696 , Pon634515.png )
Sorry for taking a while, hope you like it!

Still open for requests.
>> No. 126179
File 137989898357.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , 134196755179.png )
Omg that is beautiful, thank you so much! And you didn't take long at all! I'm used to waiting months on average XD

It's nice to have my own art though and not have to use re-colors all the time
>> No. 126181
File 137990475720.jpg - (152.07KB , 960x714 , Speck fruit god.jpg )
very nice, much appreciated

How about a bat pony sucking the juice out of a mango, and give it sorta a creepy vibe with mango blood everywhere.
>> No. 126189
File 137991221962.png - (90.68KB , 858x750 , blizzard.png )

Lovely art you have here. ^^ May I request my pegasus OC Blizzard Cloud? Maybe in flight, or just a simple standing pose? Her cutie mark has blue tinted snow in it, if you can't see it there, and her mane's long, wing's just blocking it a bit there.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 21:58

>> No. 126197
Alright, this might be tough to draw because of the charachter's u̶g̶l̶y̶ unique attire, but I'll make the request anyways. (I'm ok with waiting, as I see a bit of a queue is forming)

I'd like to see the 6th Doctor Whooves and his companion. The setting/background doesn't particularly matter much.

Here's some references.


the companion (Medley):
>> No. 126203
File 137997989004.png - (555.69KB , 1200x746 , Pon6666.png )
Tried my best.


I'll start them as soon as I have some free time, maybe the lab will grab most of my time this week, so I don't know If i'll keep the slow pace.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 16:50

>> No. 126204
Your work is fantastic. Would you consider letting me jump ahead in line for a pittance via Paypal?
>> No. 126206
File 137998206832.png - (613.24KB , 1240x794 , Pon246.png )
I'm lucky I caught this one before heading to work.

Ok, first, this may sound weird, but I don't accept payment of any type really, all my work is, and will be free, so no, payment is not needed, I can't accept money for my work, in short, I don't think it's deserving of such a thing, and I'm not ready for doing it without feeling uncomfortable.

IF you want to go first, just say it, I may have the chance to squeeze some time and do yours while I do the next one, so they are delivered as quick as I can.

Hope I didn't sound rude there :(
>> No. 126212
File 138003996943.png - (475.43KB , 1200x1419 , Pon6667.png )
Finished this one too.


These are next.
>> No. 126219

She looks absolutely fantastic, thank you very much for drawing her! ^^ Wonderful work!
>> No. 126235

Part of it is that it's weird, and probably difficult.

I wanted Rainbow Dash fighting against Garrus Vakarian.

For further instructions--no background, Garrus is wearing minimal clothing instead of his armor, and if you're not feeling it with some kind of high-action pose, they can just be squaring off in some way that makes it clear they're in a one on one fighting match.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 25th, 2013 15:23

>> No. 126239
File 138016211286.gif - (135.96KB , 400x334 , S13F.gif )
Sorry, but I couldn't work on any request today, been really busy around the clock, but I guess I'll start picking up tomorrow.

Alright, I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, but I don't think I have a lot of skill for turians, but I'll try my best, this one IS going to take a while, as I want to at least make it look like I didn't do it with my butt.
>> No. 126243
File 138016959428.jpg - (1.10MB , 2592x1936 , 2013-08-21_20-58-08_2.jpg )
Could you draw my OC standing behind Derpy Hooves. Give my OC a really angry expression and a sword in his mouth. Derpy has a patch over one of her eyes and is looking down, in sadness, at the charred remains of a CMQ vest. I leave the background up to you. If possible could you make it rainy.

I love your art! Its beautiful and your a beautiful person for sharing it with us! And you make me jelly. I've been trying my hand at art and i can only draw that one position. It took me 2 days just to do that!

Any who thank you and keep up the good work.
>> No. 126244
File 138017176359.jpg - (410.34KB , 881x686 , mass effect reaper sovereign.jpg )

>Huge Mass Effect fan

Hey how ya doin'?
I recognize those two OC's anywhere, CC&HS! xD
>> No. 126246
Forgot to tell you, his cutie mark is a bronze short sword with a brown hilt
>> No. 126248

I found an artist's conception of an unclothed Turian and it's pretty freaky. That big collar part of the armor covers a similarly shaped bone structure. Weird.

And before you start I should say that this is for the cover of a short fanfic I'm writing that *ahem* doesn't have the most wholesome of content.
>> No. 126251
File 138024659212.png - (598.58KB , 1200x1291 , Pon6668.png )
Had time today for doing lots of things, managed to finish this one.

I sketched this one, still not comfortable with it, but at least I did something, not the easiest thing I've done I have to say.

I've drawn so many OC's I lose track of them, those two I have drawn them twice, once here, and they asked a question on my ask blog, which I answered like that, other than that, it feels weird sometimes, seeing new people here each time I return, I still remember the first time I was here, I think it was almost three years ago, can't remember well, only remember I used to draw like ass (I still do though).

Ok, seems intricate, but I think I can manage, and thank you, but I'm not really anything special, I haven't gone a long way since I started drawing.
>> No. 126252

Ho. Ly. Crap.

I've made a lot of requests (pretty much on any thread that'll take 'em) but this is by far the best I've seen so far.

MAJOR props to you, and thanks!!!
>> No. 126255
File 138026523583.png - (90.65KB , 770x930 , dashie.png )

I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for taking on the challenge :)
>> No. 126270
File 138038465041.png - (507.90KB , 1200x2000 , BC104.png )
Sorry for not posting anything again, I've been wrestling with a paper that wasn't accepted for publishing, and I need to review it before we send it again on Monday, not to mention the cultures at the lab need some close watch or the acid treatment will roast them.

Why am I babbling this?

Anyway, I hope to have something tomorrow.
>> No. 126281
File 138043184236.png - (96.47KB , 1000x750 , FANMADE_Confused_Rainbow_Dash.png )
Slow down there Robert Koch, your an artist and scientist? Modern day Aristotle. What you growing?
>> No. 126286
File 138051092043.png - (0.97MB , 1200x968 , Pon6669.png )
I apologize for the slow responses, I'm really trying hard to free some of my time for this.

Got yours quickly.

Colouring this one.

I'm a biologist, I'm growing a lot of things on the lab, but mainly I'm incubating some Salmonella typhimurium and E. coli for testing some treatments, I'm also harvesting some seeds from Prosopis laevigata (weird tree) for a karyotype study, as we have limited info on it right now, and I'm doing the master's too, if that wasn't enough... *sigh...
Sometimes it really gets tiring.

Thank you, it's nothing really.
>> No. 126288
I think its interesting how mostly everyone I have interacted with on this board isn't an artist by profession.

Now I know who to go to when I need biologic warheads for ballistic missiles *joking, NSA plz dont flag meh*
>> No. 126295
File 138058969690.jpg - (12.68KB , 259x233 , 4KnDLkv.jpg )
Was wondering that if you're still taking request if you could draw this pone as a jap schoolgirl
>> No. 126300
File 138059260484.png - (5.25MB , 4000x2000 , Brainsp.png )

Alright Knight, I'll do it after I post this one >>126235

Pic not even tangentially related
>> No. 126301
File 138059297964.png - (37.40KB , 300x300 , cheerilee-square-300.png )
Amazing! Beautiful! Its exactly what i was hoping for. How do you color these? And is there a place i can go to see more of your work? I see you mentioned an "Ask Blog".
I would imagine so, sounds like you got a lot on your plate. At least you have an interesting career. My job is so boring that my title puts people to sleep "Fiber optic maintenance technician".
When you have the time i would like to make one last request.
>> No. 126304
File 138059813713.gif - (89.57KB , 500x404 , S11F.gif )
Thank you, it was nothing out of the ordinary really.

>How do you color these?

I have paint tool SAI and a Wacom Bamboo Connect tablet, I follow a really boring process for doing it.

In the remote case you do want to see it, I have a livestream channel with some old videos there, one of them must show how I colour.

>And is there a place i can go to see more of your work?

I have some places, yes. (Normal blog, not updated really often, use filter for art only) (DeviantART account, updated once in a bluemoon) (Main ask blog, really silly, read at your own risk)

>When you have the time i would like to make one last request.

Fire whenever you want.

Don't be fooled, my job is really boring too, it comes down to: wake up at 4am, arrive at lab, check samples, cut samples, fix samples, dye samples, watch samples on microscope, repeat at least 45 times, take lunch, go with advisor, process more samples, get home at 7-10pm, attempt to draw, fail, sleep 3 or less hours, repeat from monday to saturday.

But really, a technician job would be better, just for the schedule.
>> No. 126321
Ok brace yourself, because if you thought the first request was intricate this one is going to be absurd.
Draw Doctor Whooves standing in front, sonic screwdriver in his mouth, make him look fierce and fearless. Behind him stands a cowering foal, Dinky, she hides behind the Dr, he is protecting her. The scene is dark, pitch black, the only light comes from Dinky's horn. All around them, in the darkness, you can see the glowing eyes of changlings.
Sorry if i sound like a mad man, i cant just picture one pone standing there. I always have to put them in action with emotion and what not.
Loved SSShatesyou, hilarious! And your deviantArt was awesome. Something seems oddly familiar about "Those Ponies", like there from a game or something.
>> No. 126323
File 138069092696.png - (107.61KB , 900x812 , luna_facehoof_by_3luk-d4sqhwm.png )
I always forget to mention something! Put Dinky in a CMC cape please. Thank you.
>> No. 126399
File 138084840040.png - (310.30KB , 1000x945 , Pon6670.png )
I haven't posted in a while, got myself served some with more delightful work this week at the lab.

Only a question, which doctor are we talking about?, don't want to draw the wrong one.

I haven't come near finishing the colour so here, have the sketch.
>> No. 126400
File 138085070258.png - (155.40KB , 1836x2377 , Dr_Whooves_Vector_by_Zork-787.png )
10th please
>> No. 126406
File 138086719663.png - (213.50KB , 900x1139 , fluttershy_hugging_a_squirt_by_supermatt314-d54cvtt.png )

Not gonna lie I've been stalking /art/ every day hoping to see this.

It looks fantastic. Looking forward to the finished product.
>> No. 126447
File 138094388912.png - (0.98MB , 1200x1134 , Pon6670.png )
Here it is, hope I didn't mess up the colours too much, I tried.

These are next.
>> No. 126448

Ha! I love it. Thanks for your good work.

Also I'm impressed that you managed to work that weirdo Turian anatomy into an action pose.
>> No. 126456
File 138098605431.png - (371.38KB , 1200x974 , Pon6671.png )
Here you go Knight.

Wasn't easy, spent two days straight just watching refs.

I'll start this one as soon as I have some free time.
>> No. 126459
File 138100872702.jpg - (11.06KB , 256x212 , rty5vMM.jpg )
Thank you <3
And the friend this was a gift for says thank you as well!
>> No. 126466

I definitely appreciate it! You're amazing at what you do <3
>> No. 126483
File 138119928873.png - (1.12MB , 1500x1945 , Pon6672.png )
It's done, took me a little while.

Thank you, it's no problem.
>> No. 126485
File 138120774963.jpg - (86.31KB , 1031x681 , pinkyrainbow.jpg )
I have goosebumps! This is truly amazing. Thank you once again for turning my thoughts into art.
>> No. 126494
File 138133881644.png - (581.91KB , 1500x2497 , RadiantBD2.png )
I think it goes without saying, but requests are closed, so you can all let this thread die, no other requests will be taken.

Thank you all for requesting, I appreciate each and everyone who gave me the opportunity of taking their ideas.

Until next time!

PS: Mods please lock this thread.
>> No. 126495
File 138133914573.png - (144.71KB , 786x1017 , this is ma new hat!.png )
No problemo, apple-deeo.
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