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File 138081064453.jpg - (66.64KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
126368 No. 126368
#Traditional #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Hello, I'm PinkSaphires, I am an pony and anthro pony traditional and vector artist, I have been around da for a while and am looking to expand interest in my artwork. Hopefully. I focus mainly on having my work be cute, but also on details. I hope you enjoy my artwork. I do commissions, small requests and possibly art trades as well.

The piece in my subject line is a rework of an older piece featuring Princess Luna fighting a nightmare, titled 'Recurring Dreams'.
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>> No. 126369
File 138081083343.jpg - (440.02KB , 1728x2304 , image.jpg )

My anthro Zecora picture that made draw friend daily!
>> No. 126370
File 138081085796.jpg - (440.02KB , 1728x2304 , image.jpg )

My anthro Zecora picture that made draw friend daily!
>> No. 126373
File 138081211579.jpg - (1.09MB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )
Sorry for the double post I am using my phone right now and it tends to mess up sometimes. I'll be adding a password so I ca delete now.
>> No. 126375
You draw anthro only?
>> No. 126376
File 138081257483.jpg - (835.33KB , 1608x2046 , image.jpg )
Some sketches, AJ can eat all them apples.
>> No. 126377
I'm hoping you aren't serious, as I have uploaded several non- anthro sketches here.

If it was an honest mistake, I'm sorry.
>> No. 126378
File 138081479986.jpg - (71.21KB , 894x894 , image.jpg )
I can't claim to own this character, just the art. I designed him for the Yin Yang studios fan episode project 'A Penny in Your Daddy's Eye' which I have had the honor of working on.
>> No. 126379
File 138081500582.jpg - (70.74KB , 774x1032 , image.jpg )
I decided to good off and draw power armor one day, and ponies. This isn't really connected to Fallout:Equestria.
>> No. 126380
File 138081603438.jpg - (65.95KB , 1024x384 , image.jpg )
My oc, I originally named after my online handle, Pink Saphires, and an Evee.
>> No. 126381
File 138081661984.jpg - (60.55KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
Dr Whooves, based strongly on David Tennant's doctor.
>> No. 126382
well if you don't mind a request, I'm interested in some 9th and 6th Doctor Whooves.

here are some refs:
>> No. 126384
File 138081722196.jpg - (879.89KB , 1572x2046 , image.jpg )
More information than you might ever want to know about how to give me money art, if you really like me!


Sure! Just realise I want to requests a bit simple, something that can be made in about two to three hours tops. Are you wanting anthro or non anthro?
>> No. 126385
File 138081766906.jpg - (334.90KB , 762x1048 , image.jpg )
Traditional marker work. This took a long time. Pinkie Pie as the courier from Fallout: New Vegas.

Once again, it's not really FO:E fan art.
>> No. 126386
File 138081816010.jpg - (203.89KB , 1024x1408 , image.jpg )
I love this image, even though it is so simple.
>> No. 126387
File 138081853814.jpg - (170.05KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )

Anthro CMC being adorable. We'll except Sweetie Belle, she is kind of being a meanie. Of course, in the story that I have in my head for this picture, that fabric they are painting on was 'borrowed' from Rarity, because she wasn't using it. So I think Sweetie karma might get Sweetie back for playing tricks on her friends.
>> No. 126388
File 138081887712.jpg - (90.20KB , 774x1032 , image.jpg )
I have always really enjoyed the lighting in this piece.
>> No. 126389
File 138081904337.jpg - (177.10KB , 1024x1365 , image.jpg )
Really, really silly nonsense.
>> No. 126393
Would you mind to draw Princess Celestia kissing or snuggling with Twilight Sparkle? As ponies.
>> No. 126394
Sure, on my way home now is I can get that done tonight.
>> No. 126396
File 138083362046.jpg - (732.57KB , 2046x1644 , image.jpg )
Would this be cuddly enough ? Wanted to check before I vectorized it.
>> No. 126434

Non-anthro please.

And I don't mind. After all, this is a free request after all
>> No. 126439
File 138092568610.png - (127.81KB , 2304x1728 , 9th-dr-whooves.png )
9TH Dr Whooves, any errors on the TARDIS are probably due to me doing a lot from memory.

Can't ever claim to have loved the 9th doctor, 6 however, was bizarre and fun, in a sort of violent mood swings kind of way. I'll have him done soon too.
>> No. 126440
i like it

this one's also very clean, i like the idea.
>> No. 126441
File 138092636106.png - (146.24KB , 2304x1728 , bad-wolf.png )
Mad a version with bad wolf on the TARDIS, just cause why not.
>> No. 126442
Thank you so much!
>> No. 126444
File 138093124711.png - (228.79KB , 1728x2304 , 6th-doctor-whooves.png )
Here you are, 6th doctor whooves. That coat is a pain, never really tried drawing it before now.
>> No. 126460

Thank you very much!
>> No. 126462
File 138102448558.png - (150.58KB , 930x990 , 137774393228.png )
I was wondering if I might be able to trouble you for a request my dear?

If you could, I would love a customized version of a janus mask, and if you don't know what those are, it is the comedy masks often used in theatre, of one smiling and the other frowning or crying.

Why I wanted a request though, is I wish to customize one a bit more. I'm not sure how well you can pull off a front view, but let's give this a shot. Feel free to deny it if you do not feel up to it.

So, I would like the one mask, instead of the two face, just the one with the half and half expression. I would like the whole thing to be white, instead of the somewhat common black and white version. the split in the middle, instead of being a straight split, can you perhaps make it jagged and broken, like a large crack was put in the porcelain? And then instead of the a frowning half face, can you make that side of the face instead look very angry, like it is frozen in a scream of rage.

And then the last detail which is most important and why I have been failing to create it myself, is if you could make it in the form of a pony head or mask to fit a pony? I have been trying this myself in gimp for a while because I wanted to make it into a cutie mark, but I'm having a very hard time creating the form of the pony head XD

Thank you so much in advance if you do decide to do it, and no problem if you don't!
>> No. 126464
This seems challenging. To make sure that I understand, you want a jaged split pony mask, with the traditional smile on one side and the other side a scream or radge. I think I nay just try this.
>> No. 126465
like a mad expression, or an expression of someone screaming in rage, like angry but with the mouth open. Does that make sense? And please, only if you feel like it. You're doing this for free, so please don't feel obligated or anything!
>> No. 126475
Yes, but I think Celestia's head and neck are broken.
>> No. 126481
We'll I can't say that I see the major anatomy issues you do, but it is a rough sketch that I mainly did for the pose, it's not really going to be used for the final vector.

I'll work on it tomorrow.
>> No. 126488
File 138125322784.jpg - (594.44KB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )
Celestia's anatomy work, I think I am getting past the problems.
>> No. 126496
Please do Big Mac is a Giant (Big as a Barn) as a result of Poison Joke consumption
>> No. 126516
File 138150748831.jpg - (349.19KB , 1600x1164 , image.jpg )
Sorry if I have been quiet here, was working on this monster for three days.

Luna got a little too into nightmare night, and the idea of scary being fun, so dressed as the scariest thing she knows.
>> No. 126517

A da link, because the file is really, really big. I think it lost some resolution upon being uploaded to ponychan.
>> No. 128080
File 139933812930.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Your art is amazing, Pink.
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