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File 138086989772.jpg - (477.36KB , 978x890 , to the game.jpg )
126409 No. 126409
#Traditional #Critique wanted

I figured I'd start a thread dedicated to the whole gallery thing instead of just using an old one.
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>> No. 126808
File 138545009064.jpg - (82.11KB , 776x958 , Let's make a deal.jpg )
got too much sh** to upload
>> No. 126810
File 138552636892.jpg - (164.00KB , 968x954 , Sleepy Twi.jpg )
lots of sleeping ponies
>> No. 126825
These are all really nice! Since I'm no artist I don't really feel comfortable dishing out critique. I give you encouragement! Keep it up!

These are especially good....
Mane on her head could stick out a bit more.
Pretty good. I like! Also amusing.
Nice. Looks kind of like Will Treaty ponified.
Good Rarity. I think her left eye should connect with the muzzle line in the middle of her face.
Nice crossover. Looks like he broke his back leg a bit. :) It's good.
Sleeping ponies are always cute. (Twi, wha'cha do'in read'in Genesis?)
>> No. 126829
File 138570708826.jpg - (127.20KB , 954x1140 , Comedy.jpg )
don't feel bad. I'm not an artist either. lol
>> No. 126837
File 138584453102.jpg - (126.03KB , 902x1052 , Whacha Doin.jpg )
confound these ponies
>> No. 126848
File 138605602557.jpg - (132.50KB , 956x1194 , ooOOOoohh.jpg )
I found a thing!
>> No. 126854
File 138613015884.png - (1.72MB , 1098x850 , master cheif pony.png )
wanted to try something new for today.
>> No. 126869
File 138650248408.jpg - (653.67KB , 1100x850 , youtube_logo.jpg )
have I mentioned that I'm a youtuber yet? cuz I am.
>> No. 126871
File 138654934039.jpg - (1.15MB , 2679x1536 , MevoPoniesDemo2.jpg )
Give us the name/link to your channel and we'll see whether you're sub worthy or not.
>> No. 126872
File 138655205485.png - (769.65KB , 1098x850 , assassin.png )
it's probably not, but here it is
>> No. 126873
File 138655947096.png - (194.58KB , 652x400 , ACII.png )
If you look at the channel, feel free to critique it. I'm always looking to improve
>> No. 126878
File 138664000625.jpg - (75.39KB , 734x958 , Barbarian.jpg )
>> No. 126879
File 138664275948.png - (32.88KB , 125x125 , RD CantBeleive.png )
Spoiled just so it doesn't disrupt your gallery.
So I checked out your Ytube channel right, and I realized something really, REALLY cool. You are one of the first brony YouTuber I ever watched. I watched your let's play Adventure Ponies, because I heard about the game and wanted to download it but didn't get many results, but in my search, your vids came up. So I'm like ok, might as well see what it's like just to tide me over until I can play it myself. And that's where I remember you from. Damn that is cool! I only joined Ponychan like two months after I became a fan and /art/ just a few weeks ago. To think that one of my first brony Ytubers was on Ponychan all this time. Mind bomb seriously. CraigAA1028 has the claim to bringing me into the fandom, but you have the rights to the first pony video I ever watched besides the actual show and Craig. Thank you for being awesome. Your vids are fun and I will definitely subscribe. Keep on going! I also loved the Season 4 premiere.
>> No. 126880
That made me so happy. I'm glad you liked it at all, and it makes me so happy to hear that you even watched any of my videos! All I can say is thank you!
>> No. 126881
File 138667051549.gif - (393.45KB , 400x800 , Smile3xMoto.gif )
Always nice to make someone happy. :)
>> No. 126903
File 138714387545.jpg - (530.06KB , 1581x743 , WoH.jpg )
making a new let's play, WoH IV
>> No. 126904
File 138716542810.jpg - (1.46MB , 3507x2532 , PinkiePieDemo.jpg )
Hidden as to keep the gallery clean.
Watched the first one, will watch the rest soon. Amusing as usual. I like you're narrating. Don't stop talking (Do you prepare a script thing as a guide or just ad-lib the whole thing?). I only wish I could narrate vids. I stumble too much whenever I try, That's why I have no YTube channel + my voice sucks.

WHERE CAN I GET THIS GAME?! I love the low res bit games, and ponies just make it better.

I hope you continue to make pony vids, but it's true that a channel needs to be a bit diverse when it comes to material like "let's plays". And with all the guys out there that would turn away from a YTube channel just because it has a pony on it, it could help with subs too. But then again, I'm sure we would all like quality subs instead of a bunch of flank holes.

I like your vids. They may not be fancy or require days of prep and filming to make, but they make me laugh and introduce me to new games and a great brony bud. Brohoof /) Keep up the good work! :)
>> No. 126905
File 138716737385.jpg - (206.08KB , 1280x960 , pony fighter.jpg )
thank you, and I'm going to stick to my pony gamingness until they stop making them, I ad-lib everything, and the game can be downloaded here
>> No. 126906
File 138717002943.jpg - (94.43KB , 776x958 , ABSnow.jpg )
I need christmas ponies before December is out
>> No. 126944
File 138739519767.jpg - (137.46KB , 1280x960 , put that cookie down!.jpg )
finally got something right with my filly design
>> No. 126955
File 138750989682.jpg - (79.19KB , 828x796 , Ledgend of Acleus.jpg )
guess who finally got a partnership with TGN!
>> No. 126957
File 138756789058.png - (244.58KB , 900x900 , shy_moth_pony_by_zafyi-d5golbg.png )
You have some pretty great pictures in here!

I especially like >>126781
‬‬it makes me smile every time i see that arm, in a good way.
especially with that comment to go with it.
>> No. 126958
File 138758011876.jpg - (74.09KB , 616x956 , orange frog.jpg )
thank you!!! I'm glad you like any of them! :D
>> No. 126973
File 138773940425.jpg - (89.65KB , 686x956 , the DM.jpg )
>> No. 126992
Damn that face is adorable! <3
Great job on the other pics too!

AJ the cookie thief! Love it.
>> No. 126997
File 138787345732.jpg - (129.23KB , 880x1118 , Presense.jpg )
I do have one more christmas photo
>> No. 126998
File 138787348870.jpg - (129.23KB , 880x1118 , Presense.jpg )
I do have one more christmas photo
>> No. 127005
File 138804775113.jpg - (947.26KB , 1104x850 , pastel fluttershy.jpg )
okay, I definitely need tips on how to use my new pastels, and I wasn't able to use the giudeline I usually do.
>> No. 127007
File 138812888871.jpg - (827.62KB , 1102x850 , pastelity.jpg )
still workin' on it
>> No. 127008
These look nice to me! There is something about your pictures that I can't place my finger on that makes them nice despite some obvious "issue". I guess it's the new Acleus Art Form. Keep up the good work here as well as your Ytube!
>> No. 127010
File 138817949122.jpg - (0.97MB , 1102x850 , pasteljack.jpg )
maybe, I doubt it though
>> No. 127016
File 138825424250.jpg - (0.97MB , 1101x850 , pastel pie.jpg )
Still working on it!
>> No. 127020
File 138829491909.jpg - (901.53KB , 1100x850 , battershy.jpg )
geeze, the artists here are fast as shit with their battershy drawings. Also, I figured out that I should just use the pastels for my backgrounds.
>> No. 127029
File 138835722813.jpg - (698.05KB , 1100x850 , winter rainbow.jpg )
looks I had one more winter pony in me before December was out.
>> No. 127030
File 138835723676.jpg - (698.05KB , 1100x850 , winter rainbow.jpg )
looks I had one more winter pony in me before December was out.
>> No. 127040
File 138845114553.jpg - (904.88KB , 1101x850 , luna.jpg )
>> No. 127042
File 138846770182.jpg - (575.09KB , 1100x850 , engine.jpg )
I made this guy a while ago with the jetpack already made, so I thought I'd give him a prequel type drawing.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 30th, 2013 22:29

>> No. 127051
File 138855663184.png - (1.53MB , 1101x850 , AcleusArtCritique.png )
More beautiful Acleus pastels.

This is pretty good! Perhaps the joints could be a bit Of course, being Vampireshy it might be good to make her look a bit more lanky.

Adorable penguin! RD is pretty good too. Like the folded wing.

Yahoo! Best pony pic! She's good! (I think I found something about your drawings that I can give some actual critique on. (Check pic)
The back legs. I notice very consistently that there is a very sharp turn when you transition from the rump and the actual leg. I'm no real artist but I don't think it should be that sharp of a turn. And the thighs on the back legs that connect to the body could be just bit thicker.)

Keep at it! I like your pics!

Last edited at Tue, Dec 31st, 2013 23:12

>> No. 127052
File 138855759302.jpg - (169.17KB , 828x956 , Nightmare luna.jpg )
thanks for all the feedback, I'll be sure to keep that in mind, especially the ears thing, when I draw later.
>> No. 127053
File 138856298508.jpg - (938.42KB , 1101x850 , Shaolin pony.jpg )
pastels. definitely better on backgrounds than on the main character.
>> No. 127093
File 138886759603.jpg - (0.97MB , 1101x850 , designity.jpg )
never been one to draw the mannequins in much detail
>> No. 127095
File 138889086645.png - (75.19KB , 269x269 , RarityApproves.png )
That's fine, the mannequins shouldn't be drawn in too much detail. :P
Her back legs are looking good ;)
Oh Rarity, that outfit is so 9 decades ago. :D

Looking good there Acleus! Only thing I can see that might need slight improvement is Rarity's proportions; but just a little bit. Other than that, it's great! I especially love the jewels. Keep it up!
>> No. 127107
File 138905315036.jpg - (929.46KB , 1100x850 , pinkiepie.jpg )
here, have a pinkie pie.
>> No. 127124
File 138924566294.jpg - (897.38KB , 1101x850 , honorable pony.jpg )
new eastern pony, maybe I'll hit Taiwan, or Korea next.
>> No. 127156
That is very nice. I got nothing negative to say, Just a question: is that magic aura digital?
>> No. 127163
yeah, I did that with GIMP
>> No. 127174
File 138947710676.jpg - (1.01MB , 1117x850 , apple pie.jpg )
ha, not shipping anymore, they're just cousins XP
>> No. 127190
File 138976555401.jpg - (914.87KB , 1101x850 , JUST DIE!!!.jpg )
This was one of those characters you love to hate...I think.
>> No. 127191
File 138976555676.jpg - (914.87KB , 1101x850 , JUST DIE!!!.jpg )
This was one of those characters you love to hate...I think.
>> No. 127207
File 138994046788.jpg - (911.14KB , 1101x850 , Titanis.jpg )
the mlp earth bender
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