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File 138182681153.png - (452.50KB , 1000x781 , Trixie1.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Hello hello!

Since I'm getting into art, I figured it couldn't hurt to spread myself out a little and show my works around for feedback. I'm always aiming to improve my skills, and I know there's still a long way to go until I can safely offer my services for money (getting good enough for people to say "Yes, I would pay for something like this, where do I sign?"), is much appreciated.

Tumblr: http://mooniearts[dot] (NSFW - I draw the naughty stuff as well, so be warned.)
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>> No. 126548
File 138182695793.png - (730.73KB , 1323x1833 , Cross Stitch1.png )
Pencil drawing of a good friend's OC.
>> No. 126549
File 138182703138.png - (1.12MB , 1202x1500 , Vivo3.png )
Same here.
>> No. 126550
File 138182727750.png - (373.54KB , 1061x1500 , Perilla_finished.png )
This is what it looks like if I put actual effort into using my tablet. Full body pictures are still a bit hard and look awkward to me when I draw I try to cheat my way around it as much as I can :p
>> No. 126551
File 138182744024.png - (199.13KB , 1243x1698 , Tristan.png )
The most comfortable thing for me to draw still, be it on paper or digitally, are faces and such. I know I'll have to expand eventually's not easy. Though I do have good anatomy guides to help me with proportions it still comes out somewhat wonky...which can be disheartening.
>> No. 126552
File 138182790922.png - (2.74MB , 2252x1595 , naptime_by_kersey25.png )
This is what is doable for me with colored pencils at the moment. It's technically a full body picture, but as I said...I love to cheat my way out of having to draw the whole body.
>> No. 126553
File 138184294575.png - (86.11KB , 393x246 , Twilight - And then they all fucked.png )
I have seen a lot worse things up for commission than these, a bit more practice and you should be golden.

Her(?) arms look like really sleeves and the eyes are too out of proportion, if you were going for the "crazy" look i'd make her left (our right) eye about half again smaller than it is now.

As for the sleeve look, i think it's the pointed hoof coupled with the colour gradient that's doing it, the pose probably doesn't help, maybe round out the hoof a bit and either extend the colour change up her arms so that her main body is an extremely pale shade of green which gets stronger toward the hooves, or just remove it entirely.
>> No. 126563
File 138200804298.png - (1.00MB , 2000x2000 , A stallion.png )
I see what you mean with the eyes and pointy hooves, yes...thanks for the feedback. Can't do much about the color - I mean I could, but it's not my own OC, and I use the original colors whenever I can.

Here I tried something new with the mane...make it look more like actual hair than one solid blob of color.
>> No. 126573
File 138209540761.png - (214.28KB , 1000x781 , Trixie_safe.png )
I decided to ink and color the OP picture. and fixed some details in the process that were bugging me...mainly the pointy hooves. I really think it looks better if they're smooth and rounded. It one or two extra work steps, but the result is worth it, I think.
>> No. 126599
File 138249662826.png - (208.20KB , 993x1243 , Raritouch.png )
And something a bit more saucy...without going into too much detail. I've been told with this one that my line art is getting better.

Drawing Rarity's mane was easier than I thought it would be, at least if you have a reference.
>> No. 126636
File 138294454013.png - (212.96KB , 2252x1595 , naptime_safe.png )
And the inked and colored version of the same picture, no shading. I did shade a less safe for work version of the same picture with soft brushes that can be found on my Tumblr.
>> No. 127250
File 139047041647.png - (1.58MB , 2000x1369 , lolshipping.png )
I’m having trouble deciding who Dashie’s special somepony should be. The way I set it up here, it would have to be a Unicorn or Alicorn, but I can easily make alterations to the rose being presented so it would fit a Pegasus or earth pony too, by say, tying the rose to a baloon, stick it in a small heart-shaped cloud, etc.

So I had the idea of kind of opening commissions…as a test run to see if people would even want to give actual money for my work. For the, I believe, reasonably low price of $5 and a character reference I’ll turn that vague silhouette into your OC, fully colored and shaded…so even if you don’t want the spunky rainbow mare to be your special somepony, you’d still get…well, a picture of your OC drawn by me for a bargain price~ Of course it’s also possible to put any pony in Dash’s place…which would be $8 to $10 in total depending on how complex the character’s design is, unless it’s a canon pony I have drawn for this already in which case you’d still only have to pay for the pony I have to draw from scratch.

Just send me a message on my Tumblr or post in here if you’re interested. If not, and you do have a Tumblr, please reblog so people who might follow you but not me can see it too. Thank you!

Even if no one responds, I’ll still finish the picture, of course, using a canon character of my choosing.
>> No. 127381
File 139167975553.png - (1.35MB , 1066x1500 , Twixie1.png )
Well, no one so far wanted a part in THAT particular thing, but as soon as word got out that I take commissions a few very nice people trusted me with their hard-earned money anyway. This one, so far, is the picture I am most proud of. I think I'll leave the outlines black from now on...less work, and I like the sharp and defined feel it gives things.

>nsfw'd just in case, but it's actually pretty tame
>> No. 127436
File 139227182444.png - (626.20KB , 1483x1561 , special feeling.png )
So this is what it looks like when I do a quick (though still cleaned) colored sketch.

>I have no idea what I'm doing.
>> No. 127437
Haven't seen you around in a while.
>> No. 127439
File 139232906102.png - (516.84KB , 1500x1402 , applebutt1.png )
I'm always around, but work demands the lion share of my time.

>This is the latest thing I just finished. Have some apples!
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