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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Discussion #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hey hey! My name is Brass Knuckles, and I, for the life of me, can't draw ponies.

Since last year, I had been an extensive pony artist on tumblr. I even had my own ask blog and such! But since this year's bronycon, I had realized that my art was pretty much nothing compared to the work of other pony artists out there. It just killed all of my talent and thoughts that I could actually draw well. But instead of moping about, I have decided to stop updating my blog and go all out: Working on making my art as amazing as I possibly can!

This thread will be where I update my work and show what I am doing. I'll be doing notes, doodles, and overall just showing progress. My ultimate goal is to make art so good, that people would be willing to buy prints of it at next years Bronycon. Wish me luck!
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File 138279258520.jpg - (56.48KB , 888x885 , twilightsparkles.jpg )
Well let's begin with my first post.

One major problem I have with ponies is keeping their bodies looking, well, like a pony body. It's fairly easy with simple standing and walking positions, but it gets insanely difficult when you start wanting them to get into poses that are more human.

For this picture of Twilight, I decided to play it safe and get used to their proportions. (The pony heads are a nightmare for me right now, but I think I will eventually figure them out in time.)

I will do lineart and coloring next. But for now, sleep beckons.

Do tell if there is anything I should change before moving on to lines.
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I like the OP. can't find much wrong with it. at that point it's mostly about the hooves anyway. For the clearly Twilight pic I'd say you should slide her hips a bit farther back, and check that the stomach line isn't too high. About elbow height.

I'd be interested in seeing more finished versions of your work, so that I can gauge whether or not I'd like to commission something. I'll have need of a few coming up, and my budget allows for some spending right now.

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File 138287625414.jpg - (68.60KB , 1055x863 , twi2.jpg )
Hey there! Yeah I got some more finished work I would be glad to show as well in the future. Lemme go see if I can find some.

Til then, here is the picture so far. I wanted to go ahead and experiment with the lineart tools Sai had. They are pretty interesting, but I wish I knew how to use the, better.
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File 138287899522.png - (262.87KB , 2144x2112 , commish3.png )
Here is one of my older, more completed pictures.
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If you can draw this, you cannot bullshit me enough, you can draw ponies
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