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File 138384096134.png - (1.63MB , 2500x1600 , Sky Ribbon - C'mon, Move! - shade.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

So, I'm finally up to doing this art thing again, after a long period of 'Oh why bother I suck at this.' I'd like to thank college for proving there's something more stressful than worrying about how good or bad you are at making lines into ponies. I might as well start a thread here again, though to prevent a huge dump of everything I'll only post up a few recent drawings (Traditional) and the any finished products from them I have (Digital).

For example, this is a recent 'finished product' with my character Sky Ribbon struggling to push a storm cloud. Had some fun with backgrounds on this'n, as well as some experience in re-doing the lines for her wing from scratch because the sketch's wings, in retrospect, looked absolutely atrocious. I'll upload the page I got this from in a post or two so you can see.

I'll be taking requests on an "if I feel like it" basis.

I'll be taking commissions, on the off chance anyone wants one, just to kinda test the waters on pricing. Basically, if you want one, give me your idea (either in email or a post here), and I'll tell you how much I'd charge for it (or if I'd have to respectfully decline because I don't think I can do it). Hope that sounds fair ~
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File 138384140436.jpg - (2.88MB , 2448x3264 , Page 2.jpg )
And this is where I started, traditionally. I honestly prefer drawing with pencil and paper if I can help it. But here you can see the really weird looking almost hand-wings. Pegasus wings disagree with me. I've been trying to work on that.

Also, pegasausages. Sort of an inside joke between me and a few friends, I suppose...
>> No. 126715
File 138384148895.png - (135.13KB , 1000x1375 , Sky Ribbon - Pegasausage.png )
>> No. 126716
File 138384158174.jpg - (3.15MB , 2448x3264 , Page 1.jpg )
Another page of sketches, all trying to work out a more solid mental image of the character.
>> No. 126717
File 138384166412.png - (256.18KB , 1328x1500 , Sky Ribbon - Ooo.png )
>> No. 126718
File 138384174945.gif - (74.10KB , 450x450 , spoiler.gif )
I was told it would be a crime if I didn't make this.
>> No. 126719
File 138384189567.png - (157.66KB , 500x727 , Sky Ribbon - Say What Now - bg small.png )
An attempt to make the front view of her hair make a little more (or less) sense... basically to make it look like most ponies' hair does in the show. Previous versions had me drawing her hair a little more symmetrically, but I never really liked how that looked.
>> No. 126720
File 138384412636.png - (193.00KB , 939x851 , What_____ Have you done____.png )
>The three stages of "Sky is 9084% done with this shit"

ALSO I would like to commission a thing.
Would you draw Pinkie Pie walking AJ through the snow on a leash and collar? Maybe at Sweet Apple Acres but I can leave the background up to you.

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>> No. 126721
File 138385788032.png - (386.32KB , 747x534 , Doctors 6 and 9.png )
might I request something with these two?
>> No. 126723
File 138385817409.jpg - (3.73MB , 2944x2448 , Page 3.jpg )
Another page, this time an actual scene of sorts. 5 characters (Sky and her family') including a baby pony and a batpony, plus furniture. I'd fix things, but I'm afraid I might tear the page if I erase/draw any more.

Sounds doable. Want 'em dressed up any particular way? And how do you want Pinkie to hold her end of the leash?

Between the background and multiple characters, I'd say... $15? Does that sound reasonable?
>> No. 126724
Heyyy I remember you!
>> No. 126725
File 138388236004.png - (106.39KB , 596x504 , Teehee.png )
Pinkie can be wearing a generic cartoony earflap hat, some kinda saddle and snow boots? Holding the leash in her teeth, probably.

And yeah, that sounds reasonable to me.
>> No. 126731
File 138394439258.jpg - (4.84MB , 3056x2328 , Page 6.jpg )
How's this so far? I didn't give a hat to Pinkie (yet?) because I wasn't sure exactly what kind of hat you meant, and I'm not sure exactly how one would go on a pony's head regardless. I also left out Applejack's hat because it felt like it'd look better that way. And just so you know, the stuff in the foreground is like snow-covered bushes; basically everything about the location is based on references from Winter Wrap Up.

If there's anything you want me to change, please let me know. If not, or if you're comfortable to just let me go on with it, you can go ahead and shoot me an email (hover over my name and all that) so we can talk payment info.

Possibly, but you might have to get more specific and/or give me some help making heads or tails of the one on the right's clothes. I'm sure if I ever got around to watching Doctor Who it'd make more sense to me.

Yes! And I remember you! How's that project of yours going? I think I've still been seeing progress here and there.
>> No. 126732
File 138395616789.png - (212.89KB , 900x1004 , Wink.png )
I'm really diggin the style and expressions.
Also, dayum you got to work on that fast

A hat might be difficult for Pinkie, maybe some earmuffs?
You're probably right about AJ's hat, though. She does seem a tad naked, but I guess that'd be part of the point, ammirite?

My e-mail's in this post too so's ya know
I'll shoot ya a message right now
>> No. 126736
File 138403926085.png - (2.11MB , 2868x2328 , Commission - Applepie Out For a Walk.png )
Annnd done. Assuming I didn't miss/forget anything.
>> No. 126767
File 138470891186.png - (4.81MB , 2600x3600 , Sky Ribbon - Fancy Portrait FIX.png )
I probably won't be doing anything else like this for a loooong time, but...

Here, have something all fancy with shading and stuff.
I prefer my usual show-vectory style so much more than working like this it's not even funny.
>> No. 126769
File 138472683674.png - (4.82MB , 2600x3600 , Sky Ribbon - Fancy Portrait FIX.png )
I never forgot her wings. I have no idea what you're talking about.
>> No. 126827
Please do Celestia, Luna and Cadence in this situation: parasprituna-d4dk7b4.png

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>> No. 126836
Page does not exist, apparently...
>> No. 126838
I think that's the situation they meant
>> No. 126844
THIS situation:
>> No. 127679
File 139535303598.png - (201.05KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream.png )
Hey, um. I have a humble request to make. I've forgotten how long ago, I asked you for art of Rainstream. Except, well, she had a different design then. Judging by the cutie mark on the image I have, her name was Bleeding Rain back then. I've since changed the name to Rainstream, added an original cutie mark, and changed her eye color as well.
I wonder, could I ask you to make a few edits to your original work to fit her new design?

Last edited at Thu, Mar 20th, 2014 15:04

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