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#Digital #Vectors #Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

Dunno what happened with the first but can't access to it. Trying again.

What do you think of our WIP?
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File 138747995846.png - (681.81KB , 459x720 , 2-61.png )
There's a really sharp audio shift from "This is my jam" to "There is a place". If you could try blending those audio tracks together it would be a lot better.

Also, Spike's line in the intro is a bit too quiet compared to the rest of the video and the guy who did that voice clip was kind of bad. It just feels out of place.

Anyhoof, the animation's fantastic and Pinkie's VA actually had me fooled. You could have something really awesome here, so keep at it.

Oh, bubble Zecora was kind of weird and just came across as filler more than anything.
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Reply to me.
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