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This isn't an appropriate place to do this but there is nowhere else I would want to talk about it. I'm done with art, and I completely hate the constant harassment I've gotten from assholes on my art. Oh sure the only good comments should count but I don't care anymore. I've had it with everyone and the bullshit. I quit because there is nothing more I would do. I just hate the last few months of putting up with all the stupid shit, and the harassment.
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I won't harass you!
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You might as well not do anything in life, then, because you're always going to be met with criticism.

Who are you learning how to draw for? Yourself, or the people who tell you that you don't have a future in art? If its the latter, you should reprioritize yourself. Their criticism, if not constructive, is irrelevant.

You're not going to get out of your bed, paint the Mona Lisa and go "oh this was just a sketch". Art is not something that comes natural. Just like any other creative or attainable skill it requires dedication and persistence if you want to get good, and even then you're not going to be perfect and others won't let you forget that, especially on the internet. You shouldn't let any of the harassers win.

Your art looks fine. Yeah, theres room to improve. There always is. Just trudge through it and try not to take it all to heart.

P.S.: People harass to get a reaction out of you. Don't feed them a reaction. You'll notice that people will harass you a lot less if you don't.

P.P.S: Your art style looks familiar. Did you have a tumblr askblog? Blue Dawn, maybe?
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>I haven't drawn any reaction images for this

Don't give up, because people who give up nvr progruss!!
Here, this might encourage you:

Nah really, but for criticism, why do you care, don't you draw for fun, if you don't, why draw in the first place?
Drawing is having fun, is represent ideas with images, when you finish a drawing you get happy because you have accomplished something, not because you're trying to please someone else, it should never be because of that reason.

You must also realize that you can't please anyone, and that there will be probably someone who doesn't like what you do, but you should stop because of that one person or (lots of people?)
Well, you shouldn't stop because someone simply doesn't like what you do, you probably don't like what someone else do but they keep doing it, you should stop caring about what people think, that's what being insecure mainly means
>insert google query here

You must also have to be humble, being humble implies you've realized that you're not perfect, that you probably will never be, and that you make mistakes, you're human, when you've realized that you've to accept criticism.

Criticism can be wonderful, only if you know how to receive it, criticism can help you improve because you've realized that you don't draw "perfectly", criticism is basically telling you, "You're doing this wrong", so basically you stop doing it "wrong", and that means your drawings will probably look much better if you accept that criticism, but you don't have to accept all criticism, if you think your drawings will look better without accepting and changing your way of drawing you can do that too, accepting criticism can be hard but it should be a non-issue if you've learn to be humble.
You have to decide what criticism is correct, and which is wrong (that means whatever that person is saying is bullshit, and not useful, yes, people lie), and you have to decide if you want to act upon it.
Criticism is valuable, if you let it, imagine if you didn't get any, would you be happier? maybe, but you will probably won't improve, and if you don't like improving in your drawing, then what's the point? even if you do it "just for fun"?
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>> No. 127460
I'm typically not very good at comforting people, but from one artist to another, all I can say is this: Never give up.

Yes, this world is full of assholes who will do nothing but try to bring you down and push your face in the mud, But, you're still better than that. If you're not ready to deal with, or don't feel safe showing off your art on the internet, maybe for the time being while you work to get stronger, draw with just your friends. And I don't mean that in a bad way.

An artist pours their very being onto their canvas, so it's understandable why the feeling of your art being attacked is so painful for young artists. The dark truth is, if you are doing art for a future career, you will have to learn that "neigh-Sayers " will be a permanent part of your life, but, you just have to shield your emotions, don't show them your tears, and continue doing what you love. You guide the paintbrush, Not them.

Keep calm and pony on, kid. That's all you can do in this dreary world. I hope that helps you a bit.
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