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Do you think you're dressed for rave success? I'm the leader of TrotMania, a StepMania mix dedicated mostly to MLP-related music which had been gaining some popularity lately (being featured in game rooms at a few cons is always fun); right now I'm working on the third edition, which is, in words that are less over-the-top and not so super-hyper, going to be EDM/rave-themed, with a side of Luna/Nightmare Moon on the side.

So we're having an OC art contest known as the "Rave-Off"; you just need to draw an OC pony either as a DJ, raver, etc. Something around those lines. Submissions will be featured in various locations of TrotMania 3's theme (particularly, on menu screens, and as part of the randomized cycle of backdrops you see on the results screen). You'll also get to be in the credits as well (yay!). But the best part? If you win, we will personally let you pick songs to be in the pack (there will be conditions to that, obviously, but still). Our tentative deadline is basically the final minute of March, so you have loads of time.

The details are at

Pic somewhat related (
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