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File 139358828085.jpg - (4.45MB , 3600x3000 , TwiFallSSA.jpg )
127543 No. 127543
#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

Improved resolutions! No more squashed pictures! This is the art that you deserved from the start!

Other than that it's the same as my old one; I'll be re-posting all my old art as is, aside from the improved resolutions, so things that I drew wrong before (Sky Breaker's eyes as an example) will still be wrong in the transfer. I think I'll stress it more this time around, I really really want to improve and if you see something about my pictures that just isn't right, I can take pretty much any level of criticism, of course, I also like encouragement and not just long speeches about what I did wrong. A balance is good.

I'm thinking about taking a request like once a week, getting the requests and accepting one on Sunday and actually doing and posting it on Monday. It being a once a week thing I didn't see it necessary to tag this with "Taking Requests".

I'm hoping this new gallery will be pleasing to everyone and that I'll learn a lot from the /art/ community. Happy drawing all! :)
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>> No. 128886
File 141601841967.png - (3.29MB , 3800x3000 , RaceAndSaber.png )
Depiction of actual events at Bronycon 2014. I am a witness.

I also drew it for Race's Bday, which was a while back..
>> No. 128887
File 141601851420.png - (4.27MB , 3800x3000 , LeSpaGirls.png )
Das it about it. There might be a few that I haven't posted here.. eh
>> No. 128905
File 141619080317.jpg - (3.13MB , 3000x3800 , TropicalOctav3Fun.jpg )
Based on the song
>> No. 128938
File 141667340546.png - (192.91KB , 1228x1292 , NoveltyAvatar.png )
>> No. 128939
File 141667347617.png - (6.11MB , 3000x3800 , 30WatchCadenceSpecial.png )
DeviantArt thing
>> No. 128940
File 141667351073.png - (5.26MB , 3800x3000 , MilkyGetsHerCrown.png )
>> No. 128941
File 141667354125.png - (627.42KB , 3800x3000 , MilkyWayFirst.png )
>> No. 128942
File 141667357758.jpg - (3.93MB , 3000x3800 , TropicalOctav3FunCOLOR.jpg )
>> No. 128943
File 141669650682.png - (4.89MB , 3000x3800 , QueenOfMilk.png )
A follow-up pic of >>128940 being life after her crowning
>> No. 128946
I like the idea with this one. You have a good imagination. I saw the uncolored version and was thinking of what I would say, but damn you colored it fast.

I like the shine you put on Octavia's mane, and her legs look pretty damn good. The poses even come across as animated, I can just see them frolicking on the beach and having fun. I also like how you even put a pattern on Vinyl's swimwear, that is pretty cool, but the swimwear doesn't seem to really hug her body. Also, the figures' midriffs don't come across right. You should practice some figure drawing, it really helps a lot. This is a good site for it, and they update the model images every so often:
^Just try to draw what you see, but also measure proportions. I bet you will learn a lot about the curves of the body. And they say that if you get good at drawing that, you can draw anything. It is not easy, that is for sure.

This is just great, the pose really makes me grin. You did a really good job on the mane too. My only real nitpick would be the eyes, but oh man, do I know how hard those are. Specifically, I think the left eye comes in a bit too far perhaps? The two eyes don't seem quite vertically perpendicular. Spread the freckles out more, too.

On this one, I would say look a the trunk a bit. Make the neck look more like it curves into the head, she's too fat in the front and too skinny in the back, other than that it's very well pulled off. Also maybe make her tail a little bit bigger. Were you trying to go for forced perspective?

Nice expressions! Personally I don't like speech bubbles in art but it does help get the idea across so it works here.

Keep drawing my friend, you have potential and you are getting better.
>> No. 128950
File 141689032605.jpg - (2.27MB , 1694x1133 , TwiCoBuilding.jpg )
Oh wow, thanks for all the valuable feedback!

I'll definitely check out the figure drawing site, and hopfully learn something this time. I've dabbled in it before, because every person I've ever shown my stuff to said I should to figure drawing to improve, but I'm never really told why something should be drawn a certain way, I'm just told to draw what I see, which normally ends in a globular "has-heart-but-doesn't-look-quite-right" piece. Even my college art professor is more of the "just draw it" type :/

It gets frustrating. It's so bad that I've ended up trying to decipher how to do line art correctly on my own, which kinda makes it even more discouraging because that might be the way it's suppose to happen, but I don't really want that, I want to learn why I put line where I do, and why that particular placement adds to the illusion, but as of now, I'm doing it on my own, because anyone I ask for advice or online tutorials act like it's just natural to know, and it isn't, least not for me and even doing something over and over again won't help me understand why I do it that way.

K, I'm done xP
And btw, thx again for the feedback. Much appreciated.
>> No. 128951
My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it. 2D design concepts can be hard to learn, yeah. I only really got introduced to some of them when I took a class on it. You could probably always Google for terms like negative space etc and patch it together, but I would recommend taking a class at the community college or something if you are serious about learning quickly.

It's true that much of being good at drawing is just the ability to see shapes as they are and put that down on paper. A lot of difficulty comes from the fact that people have a sort of mental library when it comes to what things look like, and we are naturally inclined to draw from that rather than what we actually see. So we put down what we think we should see, instead of what we actually do.

As for "why" you draw a figure the way you do? Anatomy. This is why you see lots of artists practicing by drawing skeletons and/or muscles.
>> No. 128952
As for doing it over and over, here's a story I found on 4chan that I like:

An ancient Chinese leader heard of a man who was, supposedly, the best artist alive at the time. He decided to pay a visit to the artist's home. The artist was a very simple man and received the king well, but as if he was an ordinary man. They talked for some time and the leader decided to ask him for a picture, he wanted a picture of a rooster, the symbol of his kingdom. The artist gave his price, which was very expensive and to be paid in advance, and said that he would do it, but that it would take a whole year to complete it. The king was annoyed and suspicious of it, but after some time, he agreed with the comission (at least to see what the noise was about). The king left and waited. After a full year, he knocked on the artist's door one more time and to his surprise, the artist forgot who he was for a moment,"oh, you are the man who wanted the rooster picture, right?". The artist received the king and told him to wait in a room. The king was annoyed. Then the artist came back with a large white sheet of paper, a brush, an ink stone and right in front of the king he painted a beautiful rooster with just a few strokes, to an absolutely marvellous result. The king loved the picture, said it was much more than he would ever expect, and apologized for suspecting his talents. "But why did you make me wait a whole year for this picture?". The artist took the king through a hall and opened the door to his studio. On the floor, and hanging from the walls, and rolled up, and stuffing the drawers of the cabinets... Thousands and thousands of paintings of roosters.
>> No. 128953
File 141692585383.png - (159.89KB , 640x512 , ProjectOCTemp1.png )
I do go to a community college art class... I'm thinking I need a private art teacher or something, so I can ask questions without slowing down the class.

>A lot of difficulty comes from the fact that people have a sort of mental library when it comes to what things look like, and we are naturally inclined to draw from that rather than what we actually see. So we put down what we think we should see, instead of what we actually do.
That made some sense, and I wish my art teachers could have mentioned that. The question remains how to switch over.

>As for "why" you draw a figure the way you do? Anatomy
What I'm trying to understand is WHY in anatomy should I draw a graphite/paint stroke in this fasion, because looking at an object and drawing it on paper doesn't just come to me. I need some kind of system, like "variable A + variable B = C stroke" or "If A object surface then draw B stroke", aaaaand the more I look into it and hear from people, the more it sounds like that doesn't happen, which is sad, because I'll have to work my entire adult life to end up with mediocre drawings, because I don't possess a strong artistic mind, which I might add CAN be nurtured, but it's not equal to having the natural talent.

Encouraging, because it means I shouldn't be good at it first off, discouraging because It's gonna take forever, and even then there's no guarantee it'll be any good.

Long and short of it, I feel like I need a mentor to work with me, not a class, not tips from people, someone who I can meet with, chill with and learn to draw.
>> No. 128954
Is your art class a drawing class? I thought they would teach me 2D design concepts in that class, but they didn't. I had to take 2D design class for that! Drawing was just.... draw this still life.

It's all just practice, there isn't really such thing as natural talent. It's just learning to recognize and reproduce shapes. Coming up with good designs is just a matter of using your imagination, which is also something that gets better with practice. It's a lifelong process, the learning is in the doing it. But you get better faster than you may expect if you push yourself and try new things.

Strokes are just lines and surfaces are more texture. You usually won't be mixing materials. Sometimes you just have to follow a whim, or intuition, about which medium you choose for something.

As for mentors, I know what you mean, but really that's what classes are. They put you in an environment, with other people who are doing it. Other times you just take extra tips where you can, the internet is great for that, and the pony fandom is great for meeting other artists. But the thing you will find, and I'm sure already know, is that nobody can do it for you, and you shouldn't ever expect yours to look like someone else's either.

Whether you'll ever be any good or not? Good is a matter of opinion I guess. I'm sure if you spend enough time on it, you'll end up somewhere that you are satisfied with. It depends on your goals and how hard you are willing to work for them. Pretty much everyone struggles with self confidence along the road to it however.
>> No. 128957
File 141696743580.png - (67.74KB , 681x1173 , SweeiteScootThatLook.png )
>there isn't really such thing as natural talent. It's just learning to recognize and reproduce shapes
Sure there is, it comes easier for some people even without schooling/experiance; they can just pick up a pencil and understand 2d-3d concepts better. That part of their brain is better formed, aka natural talent; It's a sweet thought to think that anyone has equal ability to create great art, but no way is it true. I'm not saying that natural talent is the only way to get good art, but it definitely gives some people an edge. Still by no means to discourage people from continuing their artistic journey..

Very possible I'll need to take more specific classes for what I'm looking for.. It's an Art 104 class, and I am learning artistic concepts, but not the kinds I want, cept the shading chapter was useful.

I appreciate your input and I'll keep working on my artsy side. I'll get out of my lows and get back to loving my art ;) With a five day weekend I'll have plenty of time to work on it.
>> No. 128964
This natural talent thing that people speak of? It's a myth. It takes ten years to achieve mastery: the people who are masters by age fifteen started when they were five, the ones who become masters by age 40 started when they were thirty.

That part of your brain that understands 2d/3d shapes? It's like a muscle: drawing from observation is a workout for it.

(I learned how to do FiM style art by drawing studies from screenshots, using the exact same process as for life drawing... draw what you see. When I went to college, life drawing was a mandatory course for everyone, period: didn't matter if you were going into graphic design, textiles, sculpture, metal arts, or performance art... you took life drawing.
>> No. 128972
File 141706918448.png - (4.60MB , 3000x3800 , BMoE-FluerDisLeeCover.png )
Kinda hard to tell with no color or visable cutiemark, but it's Fluer.

Eh, my life observations beg to differ. YES, practice seals the deal, even with people who have natural talent, (meaning a person with natural talent could still suck at art if they didn't work on it, but they'd take less time to learn and get good at it faster than others without) No one is saying natural talent just makes a great artist, but it DOES give them an edge and makes the learning process easier.

Last edited at Wed, Nov 26th, 2014 23:23

>> No. 128974
File 141713387152.png - (7.57MB , 3000x3800 , AmethystShadowPrincessTake2.png )
Anime girl! I know I know, I suck, but this is only my second anime drawing. Give me pointers all you anime artists
>> No. 128977
Well... I'm probably the last person to go to for advice on anime, but, let's see.

The cheeks seem relatively shallow: anime characters tend to have heart shaped faces with rounded, chubby cheeks.

Aside from that: from her facial expression and posture suggest that she's a total softie, possibly a woobie, but her hairstyle, outfit, glasses, and facial expression imply a stern, logical personality... anime characters always have to fit into narrowly defined categories, so this is simply unacceptable... rookie mistake, don't worry about it too much. X3

At any rate: hope this helps some, looking forward to more. bein a vous, -WF
>> No. 128978
File 141720506596.png - (5.31MB , 3000x3800 , SillyTwilightHop.png )
Simple TwiTwi sketch-up. All these complicated pics have spent up all my energy..

It's nice to take a break, and hopefully, even tho a bit simpler, it's up to par quality.
>> No. 128983
File 141728342294.png - (7.03MB , 3000x3100 , ScaredTwiSketch.png )
>> No. 128984
File 141728354671.png - (4.08MB , 3400x2200 , TailWavingTwiTwiSketch.png )
>> No. 128985
File 141731704700.png - (5.00MB , 3000x3800 , SillyTwiHoofstandSketch.png )
What a silly ^3^
>> No. 128990
File 141752257351.png - (6.01MB , 3000x3800 , TwilyWinkingInTheAir.png )
>> No. 128995
I can't help but notice that she only has one ear... there's all kinds of possible reasons why the far ear wouldn't be visible, but the absence was kinda conspicuous once I noticed it. (99% of viewers don't notice things like that, tho)

Her tail is rather long, but that only really matters if you care about show accuracy.

The pose and expression are quite effective: nice body language. Very dynamic.

The line for her eyebrow aligns with her ear, which makes her brow sort of transitions into her ear seamlessly.

(I can't remember if ponies in the show have bellybuttons... do real horses have bellybuttons? I should know these things, durnit!)

At any rate: hope this helps some, looking forward to the next one. X3
>> No. 129000
File 141774389492.png - (6.99MB , 3800x3000 , BlissfulMorning.png )
This pic was done for a request, cause... normally I wouldn't ship BigM and Flutters together, but oh well, still had fun drawing cuddling ponies. I should do it again...

Thx for the feedback! They don't have navels in the show, real horses do (tho they don't look like human ones all that much) and I just add them because they're cute and sometimes beautiful. ^_^
>> No. 129023
File 141867216827.png - (7.70MB , 3000x3800 , BMoE-FluttershyWinterCover.png )
Christmas poni
>> No. 129024
File 141867230643.png - (7.01MB , 3000x3800 , SunnyChristmas.png )
A sunny Christmas.

Go figure
>> No. 129025
File 141867288656.png - (6.09MB , 3000x3300 , BMoE-Rarity.png )
Very overdue BMoE Rarity cover
>> No. 129069
File 142021596212.jpg - (3.64MB , 3000x3800 , ChocolateChipRain.jpg )
>> No. 129070
File 142021601201.jpg - (3.63MB , 3000x3800 , HappyPonyChristmas.jpg )
It was posted on time elsewhere..
>> No. 129071
File 142021617476.jpg - (5.04MB , 3800x3000 , Chibi-ishCadence.jpg )
Can you say kawaii? ^3^
>> No. 129150
File 142163989702.jpg - (4.57MB , 3000x3800 , BMoE-CelestiaPonyExclusive.jpg )
>> No. 129151
File 142164035515.jpg - (4.30MB , 3000x3800 , TwiJackBeachies.jpg )
>> No. 129250
File 142245777771.jpg - (2.69MB , 3800x3000 , CutieCadence.jpg )
>> No. 129267
File 142308924922.jpg - (2.33MB , 3000x3800 , DerpyMuffinTrap.jpg )
It's a trap!
>> No. 129296
File 142367941136.jpg - (2.55MB , 3800x3000 , Twilight'sGardenNap.jpg )
Somewhat of a Twilight Kud blend
>> No. 129307
This would be a nice one for Valentine's day. Makes me think "Cherub" more than "chibi".

Real cool pose, I think the eye should be angled a bit more vertically though.

Twi's hips are a little bit more narrow than her chest, neither of them seem to have a neck, and the clothing doesn't quite hug their bodies right; AJ's top and Twi's bottom to be specific. Other than that this is looking quite good! Maybe add a few more clouds in the sky since that single one seems a bit lonely? The background is simple but effective.

This one looks pretty nice too, though I wonder whether she is floating/flying or laying on the ground. I think her wing meets her body a little too far forward, that should be connecting straight into her back but it's kind of going into her side. The chest fluff may be a little too large but that could be a matter of taste. Also maybe the eye on our right would look better if you rounded off that lower edge instead of having it be pointy? The shape/position isn't quite right, but it's very close.

I giggled at this one. My nitpicks would be that there is something weird going on with the eye on our right where it meets the snout, and the wings are angled outward when they probably should be angled downward.

Your proportions are getting better but still not quite there. I think her upper torso came out a little too bulky here, or maybe the head is too small? I'm not really sure what's going on there but the background does give a sense of where she is, all the little grass and flowers are effective for that. It's good that you are thinking about backgrounds, they are more important than some artists realize!

Don't get discouraged that I am pointing out mistakes, you're definitely improving!

Last edited at Sun, Feb 15th, 2015 05:57

>> No. 129492
File 142826878154.jpg - (3.02MB , 3800x3000 , SistersAtNight.jpg )
Thank you very much for the critique ^^ Very much appreciated

Boy has it been too long, lemme get some of my nicer pieces up..
>> No. 129493
File 142826889327.jpg - (3.66MB , 3800x3000 , TheTimeForFeedingHasCome.jpg )
For ChrysalisLover on DA, depicting a fanfic-ish idea of his
>> No. 129494
File 142826903896.jpg - (3.42MB , 3800x3000 , PonyAtHome.jpg )
Warm weather made me think of baseball, and since I'm always thinking about poni, why not combine them!
>> No. 129495
File 142826915867.jpg - (5.48MB , 3000x3800 , CutieJumpingKud.jpg )
Kud, Little Busters
>> No. 129496
File 142826928520.png - (6.73MB , 3800x3000 , OCMoonlightSong.png )
Not mine
>> No. 129497
File 142826939597.png - (4.96MB , 3000x3800 , TheBetrayedContract.png )
There's no denying it. Novelty is a thief and Celestia isn't going to have anything of it
>> No. 129498
File 142826947789.jpg - (2.81MB , 3000x3800 , KidLuna.jpg )
It was just gonna be Luna, but then she looked like a fillie...
>> No. 129499
File 142826960425.jpg - (4.69MB , 3000x3800 , EquineDuet.jpg )
>> No. 129500
File 142826975608.jpg - (3.80MB , 3000x3800 , Aria-HottestPieceInEqG.jpg )
Seriously?! I never put this one up here?
>> No. 129501
File 142827010866.jpg - (2.30MB , 3000x3800 , PonyPalsL&BB.jpg )
>> No. 129502
File 142827227187.jpg - (3.54MB , 3000x3800 , NightmareBurningPassionOC.jpg )
From DA, same name, nightmare version of their OC
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