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#Digital #OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

The ShootingStars are a professional team of pegasus ponies from a faraway land known as Trotssia.
They are both an aerobatic demonstration team and an elite military squadron that has had experience in dealing with very dangerous monsters that pop up on rare occasions throughout the vast territories of their homeland.
Not only are they very potential rivals for the WonderBolts, they are also the Official Pony Mascots of War Thunder.

Mikoyan – mare, Capitan (Капитан)
Sukhoi – stallion, Starshiy Leytenant (Старший Лейтенант)
Tupolev – stallion, Leytenant (Лейтенант)
Yakolev – stallion, Mladshiy Leytenant (Младший Лейтенант)
Illyushin – stallion, Mladshiy Leytenant (Младший Лейтенант)
Lavochkin – stallion, Starshina (Cтаршина́)
Petlyakov – stallion, Starshina (Cтаршина́)
Polikarpov – stallion, Starshina (Cтаршина́)
Yermolayev – stallion, Starshiy Serzhant (Старший Cержа́нт)
Myasishchev – stallion, Starshiy Serzhant (Старший Cержа́нт)
Beriev – stallion, Starshiy Serzhant (Старший Cержа́нт)
Antonov – stallion, Starshiy Serzhant (Старший Cержа́нт)
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