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#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Taking commissions

Hello everyone, so I'm aware that sometimes people don't entirely know how to put their ideas onto paper, or sometimes they just can't for reasons, or sometimes they really like their OC, and can't get enough of it, so I am here to help.

I will be taking commissions to design your OC, in pencil on plain paper, complete with 4 facial expressions of your choice and different angles of viewing, for only $3, and for an extra $3, I will mail you the drawing along with an extra drawing of your choice. There will be no color. Or, for 18$, you can get your pony designed and painted in watercolor and mailed to you, with free shipping. You can also get canon ponies drawn/painted as well, for $3 drawn and $15 painted.
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meep. Commissions are still open...

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