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#Traditional #Critique wanted

Hey eveyone, I just recently got into My Little Pony and decided to start practicing drawing ponies. I don't usually draw animation type stuff but so far it's been way more fun and addicting than I thought it would be. Anyway, I decided to start my work by going off of Lauren Faust's early concept sketches for the show. If you google Faust's mlp sketches you'll find the reference material I used very quickly. I have a couple that I sketched out and was hoping you guys could offer some critique? These are done on printer paper with a mechanical pencil and, unfortunatley, I couldn't scan them at the time so I just took pictures with my phone so I apologize about the quality. What do you think?
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Here's Pinkie Pie. It's a little blurry.
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File 139597564048.jpg - (2.67MB , 3264x2448 , 20140327_201249.jpg )
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Last but not least, Rainbow Dash. I added a face closeup during a sonic rainboom for fun.
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Hai! Welcome to /art/ and the herd /)! :D

As for these pics...
They looks pretty nice to me. Question, it looks like you pretty much redrew the same concept art Faust had. Because I know when I did that I was all like "wow, I'm really good at drawing ponies!", then I started drawing them on my own and they didn't turn out as good. From what I saw it looks like you just redrew the original art. That's fine for a start, I know I started that way, but this is only a warm up; use this practice to draw your own scenes and practice visualizing pony anatomy. Here are a few of the tutorial vids I used when I started out:

Definitely use official pics for reference but no need to copy them completely. You seem to have a steady hand, so I'm sure you'll do fine with your pics. Good luck!

The only thing that I see weird in this are their sharp muzzles, but that is more than likely because the concept art looked that way; so it doesn't really count I guess.
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Thanks for the help! Earlier today I actually checked out the tutorial and referance thread and started working with some of the stuff there and it's amazingly helpful. I should have started there in the first place. I'll try to put a drawing or two up after I play around with that stuff some more.

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