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File 139629897239.jpg - (850.38KB , 1432x853 , derpy-space-core-final.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #Critique wanted

Just critique my art. That's all.
Even if you simply say it's shit, if it is honest, it is still helpful. Full res
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Space Core
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File 141635719041.gif - (86.11KB , 250x240 , 1412028537357.gif )
>posting on ponychan
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I love you
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Well, the figure is fairly well formed, by which I mean the proportions and features look fairly solid all around.

The feathers could be more neatly arranged: their size and spacing varies a fair bit, the upward pointing ones seem particularly uneven.

The hair seems fairly lax: I know this is the vaccume of space, so there's no air to blow her mane around, but the way the forelock comes forward contradicts the figures overall sense of forward movement.

An incredibly minor nitpick is the alignment of the corner of the mouth and the lower eyelid. While there's no reason the mouth couldn't push up the cheek like that, the corner of the mouth seems visually off center from the arc of the lower eyelid.

Another minor nitpick: for FiM Pegasus wings and real birds, feathers closer to the body lay underneath those toward the wingtips.

I do have to compliment the overall finish of the image: a backdrop, clean lineart, a touch of shading, and a comfortable level of detail (not too overdrawn, not too blank).

At any rate: hope this helps some, sorry this took so long to get around to, looking forward to more.
bein a vous, WF X3

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